p-aurisan  asked:

Are you looking forward to play the SP mobile game soon? c:

YES! YES! A million times YES! My diet for the past week has been a steady intake of Pastor Craig x Imp Tweek art & AU headcanons (╹◡╹✿) I had an angel!Craig devil!Tweek AU for a fanfic I was thinking about, so I’m happy something like this came to fruition~

Now, I just need some Sexy Nun Randy art in my life ^^

mastermindaddass  asked:

Thanks for the Six for I found your blog with full of fluff IgNoct arts. My life is finally full of hearthwarming chocobro loves. Please draw more of them, they really need more love!! Have a good day! ❤❤

I was gonna draw something sad for a change but your ask changed my mind tbh i will continue with ignoct fluff (’:

Im rly glad to help and i shall~💙

// update: i kno w i promised to finally answer asks again BUT i somehow became my mom’s personal slave and im stuck helping her paint walls and doing various other thingss (and i can’t just go “hey, i have an ask blog on tumblr with +1k followers that i need to update, leave me alone”) soooo idk when i’ll update. maybe later today? ?? maybe later this week?? no one knows

the duality of man
  • Me: I love homestuck so much, it is so good, it is a wonderful thing, I'm so glad I decided to read it, I'm so glad it's 4/13, I'm so happy that this beautiful work of art is in my life.
  • Also Me: Ah, yes. One year since Andrew "fucking" Hussie came into my house and personally kicked me in the nads.

Life’s been a bit messy. But we’ll get better <3 

I Found Love - Lance for you :) I got inspired to draw for our fic today.
Don’t worry, it will be continued, it just might take a little while longer :) Please give @seabreezy all the love. They did an amazing job with this story (and all their other stories) I might draw the art for IFL but all the writing is their work and I am very thankful to be able to work with them on this incredibly sweet fan fiction. 

Be patient with this story :) It will be worth it <3