Based off THIS tweet I saw the other day and just kinda had the need to re-draw it lolol!! He straight up walked backwards off a cliff LOLOL

UPDATE::: I forget to post the first panel with the writing :-:

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I am laughing cause me being late to this ask makes your post about the FANDOM and maids more relevant now ahaha

But here you go friendo~ lololololol

This is kinda for the outfit meme…. But also because of chat shenanigans so I guess it’s a little more special too. ;D 

Kitty Kuro just wants to go home.

Thanks to

-Fanfiction writers
-Voice Actors
-People who share other people’s content on their blog
-Reposters who ask for permission and share artwork from other sites
-Heck, also the people who create just simple funny text posts
-Mods running blogs

…of the fandom!
I probably sound cheesy as heck but I seriously want to thank people for creating content and also spreading content by reblogging or liking things and showing your appreciation.
It’s all valuable!

~ HEYA ♥ Nooo I’m not dead ! Almost dead, but not yet ! HAhahamljfgmf //OUT// No, more seriously, maybe have you noticed my lack of activity since this weekend, and, yeah, I’m on a very hard rush at work, still waking up at 5.30AM, coming back home at 9.PM because of a lot of things to do at work, and long ways back home with the train, and everything. WELL I’m exhausted. More than ever. And I’m damn sick haha, I was just unable to draw anything until this little sketch for y’all. SO, THAT’S ALL ! I just wanted to say that reading your Tags means a lot to me, the sweet gifts I receive gives me life, and I’m so happy to see that you like my Art, especially my Human Tamatoa , seriously, It means SO MUCH. Like, really.

Thanks so much for your support ♥

I’ll be back veeery soon with new Tama Art ♥ ( Maybe tonight if I can ? Oooo It would be great, yeah, if I find the energy ! ) Still have a lot of ideas and also Asks to answer ;’3 SEE YA ! STAY SHINY ! ♥


I don’t want to fight anymore,
What I mean is, I give up.

I don’t see this natural disaster getting any better.
Every day is a storm,
I can predict the weather.

Anxiety with a 70% chance of depression.
A downpour of mistakes that fall with aggression.

Hale to the overthinking mind!
Kneel to the crippling realities!

How dare you try to be an individual?
We do not allow Snowflakes here!

The Prosen One

Things you miss when you miss my stream: the best thing I’ve ever drawn. Anyways this is just a quick(ish) thing of Caliborn as Killer Croc from the au Arkhamstuck that me, @raviolidoodles, and our other pals have been talking about. To get the full effect you gotta imagine Caliborn one day growing into LE and gaining that extra Killer Croc muscle mass. The design is based on the Killer Croc design from the series The Batman (which is on Netflix. I suggest you watch it.)

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hi i love your art!! but id like to ask you to please tag your spoilers!! bee chloe and fox alya are spoilers for season 2 that some dont want to see. you can use the tag ml spoilers!!

Hi! Thanks for being cool and letting me know, anon!! :-3 Sorry if anyone got spoiled by it :-(

 I’ll be tagging anything related to the next season as >>MLB S2<<!!
Feel free to blacklist it or w/e!!!