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Did u ever think Craig of the dead would become this popular and stem off such amazing fan art


I thought it was just gonna be a fun little thing I did for me, myself, and I? Like ffs, it was born out of this:

like i had no real plans for it except a few little headcanons maybe and now it’s exploded and people are so HUNGRY for more details that i’m holding onto with my grubby little paws just so i can deliver a fuller and more compelling story. and the FANSTUFF god that people would take time out of their day?? and their effort???? to contribute cool stuff to my idea is 

Looking for a unique Holiday/Christmas gift for friends or family?

How about a portrait of their child, pet, significant other, favorite celebrity, or fandom character? You may be surprised by my prices! I’m dropping them a bit for special holiday rates. Here are some examples of sizing and pricing options:

3x3 inch or 4x4 inch: 10.00

6x6 inch portrait with one face: 15.00 (normal price is 20)

8x10 inch portrait with one face: 20.00 (normal price is 35)

I can do small ones more quickly than larger size but I may accept commissions for larger sizes as well - contact me and we can talk. It’s getting close to the holidays though and I will need to make sure I can complete the size you’d like with enough time to get it shipped to you for the holidays! 

Even though some of these options are very tiny I can still get a lot of detail in. You will not be cheated in quality!

Here is an example of a tiny painting I’ve done in the past:

(This one was a 5x7)

Send me a message if you’re interested! A tiny painting might make a neat stocking stuffer. If you are shipping your gift to a friend or relative I can even cut out your shipping cost by shipping it directly to the recipient of the gift, instead of shipping it to you first, and then you have to ship it. (But I will send you a photo of the painting before hand to make sure it is what you want and that you are satisfied with my work.) 

If you’re not interested, please consider a signal boost!

Happy holidays. :)

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Your wavouge art gives me life my crops? Flourishing. My skin? Clear. My depression? Gone.

IM SO GLAD… i starting brain blasting about them suddenly and now i CANNOT stop thinking about them. i love this lanky mechanic and her suave jewel thief gf and their combined lawbreaking tendencies

Honey, it’s in the stars
And you’re my everything from here to Mars
And every word I say I truly mean
Dear darling, I hope I’m being clear
‘Cause there’s no one like you on earth
That can be my universe

- Here to Mars by Coheed and Cambria

Look, don’t repost and / or redistribute it anywhere else. This is my first fan art ever. JUST DON’T DO IT!

made a levi-eren only version ‘cause this official art powers my feels so much. feel free to use for other edits! :D love u kenny i’m sorry

on a kinda unrelated note, this is to compensate for not posting any art in my blog recently, life has been keeping me real busy so blerghsjdhs :( sorry!