So made a colour reference for my errorink kid Copic Marker
Just some flat colouring with no shade.

Some random info about him:
- He is more like Ink then Error, so he likes au’s and doesn’t want them gone
- He has a great sence of time and a good memory, he really is proud of that
- He really is bad at board games and hates to lose
- He has strings like error, but he can’t control them
- Because he can’t control his magic well, he throws art supplies as weapons

He is still a work in progress so this is all I have ^^“

some unlucky kiddos :’)


Evil Stan’s memories of Before are a bit of a mess – Bill surely had a hand in this. He needed Stan to hate Ford to the last atom of his being, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he inserted false memories or simply suppressed what good ones he had to twist Stan’s innate loyalty to his side.

Now, Evil Stan is not stupid. He knows Bill has messed with him, so sometimes he can’t help the intrusive thought: What was his original Ford like? He’s seen so many of them die that he can’t remember what was unique about his own.

He is, essentially, an unreliable narrator, even to himself.