Beautiful Unusual Tattoos by Cheyenne

Tattoo artist and illustrator Cheyenne composes stunning illustrations on paper, which are translated into whimsical tattoos. Saturated in black ink, Cheyenne’s subjects are mainly dainty and adorable creatures, which are adorned with roses, geometric lines and other surreal aspects. 


From my last Life Drawing Session at the Stephen Silver Academy , Great models, music and artists! there were cleaned up on Photoshop as well.

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i wanted to kiss her again;  — “i’ve never been so happy to see chloe in my life”

listen hereart by torifalls

i. miracle - paramore | ii. i know places - taylor swift | iii. girls like girls - hayley kiyoko | iv. come home - tonight alive | v. photograph - ed sheeran | vi. peace sign - lights | vii. kiss me again - we are the in crowd (feat. alex gaskarth) | viii. i will follow you into the dark - daniela andrade (death cab for cutie cover) | ix. girlfriend - icona pop | x. sweater weather - kina grannis (the neighbourhood cover)


Artist Captures Life’s Little Moments Through Tender Illustrations

Japanese artist Aeppol captures the tender and ethereal moments in everyday life through stunning and heart-warming illustrations. To provide his admirers with access to his project, Aeppol created a Kickstarter campaign, which gives his audience an art book in exchange for a donation. 

Overall the illustrations give one a sensation of comfort, happiness and inspiration, which is what the artist aims to accomplish. 

An Artist’s Self-Portraits Depict the Effects of LSD in 9 Hours

Reddit user whatafinethrowaway asked a friend to compose a series of self-portraits in coloring pencils, which reveal the effect of drugs on her work. Modeled after the 1950s “Nine Drawings” experiment, where researchers of the U.S. government gave an artist drawing materials and a dose of LSD 25, the young artist transformed the experiment to suit her.

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here it is revealed. i am a huge fucking grahamscott shipper. warren catches nathan writing “nathan graham” on his notes cause nathan wants to marry that dork and take his last name its a known fact