In the late 20’s Early 30’s there was a class at the Art Institute of Chicago that had its students come to the Field Museum to study and draw inspiration from our collections. This is one of many pieces featured in a book of their drawings. Today we have a similar program with artist in residence Peggy Macnamara who is also a teacher at the Art Institute. You will often see students in chairs sketching away.

© The Field Museum, GN90798d_RDN139.

Black and white drawings of butterflies and beetles with decorative borders. Research Design in Nature plate.

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The Art Institutes Shutting Down 15 Locations, Loan Forgiveness Available

Education Management Corp runs 51 Art Institutes campuses in 25 states and Canada. The Art Institutes is a for-profit college that offers associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in fields such as graphic design, film-making, fashion design and culinary arts. The Art Institutes has experienced declining enrollment in the last few years.

The 15 campuses slated to shut down are Atlanta (Decatur), Fort Worth, Houston (North), Jacksonville, Kansas City, Michigan (Troy), New England, New York City, Cincinnati, Salt Lake City, Silicon Valley, Tinley Park, Washington (Dulles), Wisconsin and York. 36 locations will remain operational.