In the late 20’s Early 30’s there was a class at the Art Institute of Chicago that had its students come to the Field Museum to study and draw inspiration from our collections. This is one of many pieces featured in a book of their drawings. Today we have a similar program with artist in residence Peggy Macnamara who is also a teacher at the Art Institute. You will often see students in chairs sketching away.

© The Field Museum, GN90798d_RDN139.

Black and white drawings of butterflies and beetles with decorative borders. Research Design in Nature plate.

Original Print


The Art Institue of NYC has lied to students from 2008-2012 regarding their non-accredited college classes and credits. Furthermore, they accept students that do not have the required talent to even pursue a career in their field because they use them for their federal student loans and/or federal grant money.

I’m calling together all former and current Art Institute students to sign this petition and let’s get back what we deserve the most, our financial freedom!