@theemperorsfeather replied to your post “Came for the aesthetic, stayed for the religious discussions and the…”

lots of blue and pink in those neon tones. also robotic sorts of people. that’s the aesthetic. well. that and “death” themed things. yeah.

You forgot the cosmic horrors from the Void. Maybe on purpose, but considering I suspect that’s actually going to be the thing that makes this whole last year of research and weirdness coalesce into a workable practice I guess we shouldn’t leave it out. (insert Lone Stoner ‘I accept it’ panel here)

But anyway, kind of my point, I guess- like the aforementioned things, Norse/Greek influence, classical/occult art, and a fair share of philosophy/poetry. I dunno if it has a name, or if it should. These are just the kind of things I realize and stare at myself in the mirror over sometimes.