Based on the bossiest, victory dance from the Rec Room when Jack won a match against Donfale!

(I’m self-taught and have no complete idea how to animate at all, so I’m sorry  it looks weird ><. I don’t even know why it looked like he jumped or something >< Anyways, I wanted to practise animating, and well, this was one of my favourite parts throughout the video XD)


Star Wars Puns

In the words of the artist Joe Stone:

Hey, I’m Joe – a designer and illustrator based in London. I currently work at 27, a little studio in Shoreditch offering design and creative direction to a bunch of great clients across a wide range of sectors.

Raised on a steady diet of comic books, video games and movies, pop culture has always played a pretty big role in my life and has inevitably inspired much of my work. The most obvious place this influence can be seen is in the various self-initiated side projects I’ve worked on, a few of which have been featured on design and entertainment blogs around the world, printed in art journals and magazines in Europe and Asia, exhibited in New York and once even published in a book.

I also occasionally take on additional freelance work, so if you have a project in mind, want to collaborate on something or just have a question then get in touch.

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Suppressed uses a strange mix of platforming and point and click adventure-style gameplay to relay a powerful, shocking and very emotional story modelled on the plight of citizens of North Korea.  

WARNING: Suppressed does not shy away from depicting the crimes against humanity found in a North Korean-style dictatorship. The graphic imagery in the opening sequences may genuinely shock players.

Play The Full Game, Free (Win, Mac & Linux)