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Can’t afford the game? Draw fanart! 
I’d actually like to draw more dads/dadsonas!

Dream Daddy © Game Grumps
Brian Harding & Mat Sella © Game Grumps 

Mack Malavé belongs to @kawaiijohn


Well I’m going ahead and making an Amanda doll and I had intended to mimic the games art style (mostly with a couple of added eyelashes and faded brows lol, the iris was the main thing), but I’m really not sure how the yellow pupils look on a doll so I tried a more traditional eye with the yellow shifted to a highlight to keep the colour in her eyes.

Thoughts? I have a pretty good outfit lined up for her until I make an accurate one lmao, but I really want some feedback on the face…

LID: sweet revenge

——done before daybreak, after pulling an all-nighter, a down time doodle was all i produced. :X

“Hey, how’s it going, Duchess?”

Sid was the last person Louis – Louisse – wanted to see that day. After accidentally drinking a potion he thought was a new kind of tea, the unpleasant changes happened overnight.

And seeing him now, this irritatingly handsome man, oh how Louisse wanted to wipe that smirk off of his face.

“I see the potion has a very nice effect on yah,” he said, eyeing her from head to toe with a wolfish grin.

Louisse felt a twitch in her temples. “That was you?”

Sid gave a hearty laugh in reply, oblivious of the murderous aura emanating from her and the icy death glare she was giving him. She felt like reaching up to his neck and strangling him, but she stopped. There was a better way to  extract revenge…after all the inconvenience it has caused.

A week later.

“How’s it going, Grand Duchess?”

Louis wore a menacing smile at the sight of Sid, relishing in the obvious misery that was written all over his – her face. Sid has turned into a woman, and from the look Louis was giving her, she already has an idea of what happened. It must have been the wine she had last night. And why on earth does she find that uncharacteristically rougish smile in Louis’s face dangerously alluring?

She knew that her childhood friend was pretty, but she never knew he had this kind of effect on women. At that moment, female Sid understood his charm, and it made her tingly all over, even as he looked at her degradingly. She wanted to pounce on him and sully that beautiful face.

“Ah, I forgot to mention,” Louis looked at her with a devilish glint in his eyes, betraying the way his hair shone in the sunlight and made him look like he has a halo around his head. “When your body undergoes this change, so does your way of thinking and your emotions. Good luck dealing with all of that, Sid. And do something about your clothes. It’s very unlady-like.”

And with that, Louis emerged out of the rooom, victorious.

Ah, sweet revenge indeed.

Please DO NOT repost anywhere. Sid and Louis belong to Cybird.



Greybox to Beta

This week’s progress so far has featured mainly on the creating and texturing models, an earlier error of not unwrapping left me with a lot of work this week along with 3 iterations of texturing. 
The next few days are going to be spent diving into my first attempt at a script for the AI companion on the ship, ADA.

More to come…