so i’ve mentioned them before but there’s this new system in the new demo that i call ‘storage decks’ and they’re completely behind the scenes; they’re essentially the world’s inventories, that you can interact with when you talk to certain characters or examine certain things in the world like shinies and chests and under people’s beds

or in the case of my extremely early debug adventures, under casie’s dumbass pokemon chair-stools

development on them went about as well as you could expect them to. especially in the early versions they had some weird quirks- mostly things like save bugs, where if you take an item from a deck and close the deck it wouldn’t remember that you took that item so when you reload it the item is mysteriously back

or, worse, you could take the item and the game would remember that you took something but not remember what so it would remove the wrong item from the deck

or, worse, the item would be removed from the deck but because of some goofy data structure problems (i’m using a list to store all the relevant variables) when the deck takes inventory of all the items still in it and then saves itself it would accidentally save a bunch of random variables from wherever the fuck and then when you reload the game it would either

• instantly crash the game

• load a janky busted item with the wrong hitbox and the wrong item description and the wrong name

• load that same janky busted item but when you try to click on it, it instantly crashes the game

i guess if i had to give you a star trek simplified explanation it’s like someone who knows english as a second language accidentally lapsing back into like, spanish or something while typing a transcript of a court case, and then when they read it back to the judge the phrase ‘estoy poopin’ triggers a manchurian agent switch in the transcriptor and they kill everyone in the room

but that was no problem! that was just a matter of sorting out some bad references to data structures. it actually went much more smooth then i expected

this didn’t.

what’s happening here- and i’m struggling to recall exactly what happened because i’m not sure how i fixed it- is that whenever the deck is loaded and unloaded all the items budge exactly one inventory space down and to the right.

i think the problem was that, when the deck was cleared when you closed it, all the items would save their relative x / y locations not to the top left corner of the deck, but to the top of the screen, so every time you load the deck back up again that same miscalculation would happen over and over again and the items would ‘fall’ into your inventory (at which point it crashed the game) (inconsistently.)

the reason why i’m not exactly sure how i fixed it is because the math is just befuddling; like at some point i just started to move around, add or subtract numbers from random relevant situations and this isn’t even the craziest part per se because usually that technique works for me and this time it did too, so i think it was just some sort of order-of-operations miscalculation that i dont understand because i passed high school math basically by accident

as a footnote right around this time i had another especially goofy bug. do you see the problem? the book at the bottom right doesn’t have a price attached to it, but the guns on the left do

but wait

oh no

what’s that

it’s not broken, it’s hiding

i spent like a fuckin day on this problem tearing my hair out because i thought i was, again, running into some sort of horrible gm limitation but no it’s just breaking my line of sight

anyway after fixing all that bullshit it was smooth sailing for a little while. got decks to work perfectly in the overworld, so the next step was to make sure inventory transfers between the field and overworld worked (by, again, saving everything to a data structure and then just keeping the data structure while wiping all the field gameplay variables to make way for the overworld gameplay variables)

and it’s the same fuckin bug again


Back in February David J. Peterson dropped by SOAS to talk about constructed languages, how he conlangs and some of the features of his favourite languages (spoiler: they’re all his favourite).

He kindly agreed to us recording and sharing the talk. That disembodied voice introducing David at the start is myself. Apologies if you can’t quite make out what questions people are asking, let me know and I’ll try and remember!

Thanks again @dedalvs for visiting!