little teaser for my thesis film ‘Necromancer’

There were a bunch of things that I wish I could have fixed/done, but this was a really great learning experience!! 

Will be screening at the Dusty’s on May 7th!!!

she is listening to Hayley Kiyoko and thinking about the girl u ship her with


all the cute little animated badges i did for the wavecrest raffle this year! + a special guardian badge for IF people who worked as an attendant/helped out in some way

these were all fairly simple and fun to do. :D really glad people liked them!


✨COME TO MY ART&CHILL EVENT AT ATTITUDEFEST!✨ Yep, that’s right! I’m doing a workshop/event kinda thingy at Attitudefest in Enschede at May 27, a day after my 25th birthday! 🌱Because I’m hella busy with graduating, I won’t have time to celebrate my birthday apart from that, so it’d be super duper cool if you could come celebrate it, eat some pizza, and just relax and create art! 🌚 Go to and sign up for the event, and come chill with me! 🖤

Animation made by me, @psychara_art !

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Postcards from The Scorpio Races

For the moment, the island seems so utterly peaceful, unmarked by trouble and horses and weather. I think we’d have entirely different tourists if this were the face Thisby wore all the time.

Only I know this isn’t the real Thisby.