The Largest Art Festival in the World: The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale

Every three years in Japan an exciting event kicks off; one that invites visitors to enjoy the great outdoors while simultaneously visiting the largest art gallery in the world. For 50 days, visitors to the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale traverse 200 villages across roughly 190,000 acres of mountainous terrain located in Niigata, Japan. The entire land is dotted with site-specific artworks created by 160 artists from all over the world, making it the largest, most ambitious art festival in the world. And each piece is united by a single theme: humans are part of nature.

Han Walor’s art moves effortlessly between the bold and the simple, between stark structure and fluid motion inviting viewers to move beyond their ordinary reality. His paintings invoke both action and reaction; coaxing the viewer into a multi-dimensional dialogue that speaks from and to the heart. His work has a layered style based on fluidity, structure and color theory. He frequently sites musical compositions, consciousness and Zen amidst urban life chaos. Hans’ most recent art, as well as his live painting, reflect his travels and entice us to open our eyes to the liminal interplay between fragility and strength.

Hans will be live painting all weekend inside the Branches Mobile Gallery and also near both stages! Come see him at Lucidity Festivals by buying your tickets here!


We’re kicking off the weekend with a photo collection from last week’s Burning Man event in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert – the largest Leave No Trace event in the world, authorized under the most complex special recreation permit issued by the BLM.  All photos were taken by BLM employees assisting with event safety, logistics and more.

And if you like the Burning Man photos, you’ll want to see the Burning Man videos by Jayson Barangan from BLM Arizona. Check them out on the BLM Nevada’s YouTube – Embrace: Art on Nevada’s Public Lands; 12:00 on the Playa; and Embracing the Moment

Learn more about Burning Man here>> .


BERLIN 13-17 JUNE 2016


Michael Heltebrake‘s inspirations in his current pieces have existed consciously in his mind for years, waiting to be externalized on the canvas. Michael’s aesthetic style is yet undefined, but is strongly influenced by his technical skills as a builder and his love affair with the line.

Check out his website here, then come see him in the flesh at this year’s Lucidity Festival by buying tickets here!


The Urban Conga // Giving us a new way to PLAY

The Urban Conga invites spectators at the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts in Tampa, FL to participate in an Interactive Urban Installation for the PODS Competition held at the festival this past weekend.

The question of “What is art?” or “What is Architecture?” always seems to stand on a blurred line, but The Urban Conga works less towards defining the “genre” of design and focuses more on the user experience within their creations.

This PODS Container (seen above) was designed into an all white living room setting. The intention was to give people an opportunity to break from their normal routine and be expressive through the act of “play”. As people began drawing all over the container, it took on a life and character of its own. The project then became a digital sensation as each new “artist” would post their “masterpiece” on social media sites, tagging #play #interactive #tacticalurbanism #pods #theurbanconga etc.

By the end of the Art Festival, the final product was an accumulation of thousands of people communicating through the act of PLAY. Memories were created, pre-conceived notions were changed, and most of all, people came together in the physical world to make something beautiful together. 

To learn more about The Urban Conga visit their website @, and you can view more photos from the event on their Facebook Page.