@ourinquisitorialness Beep boop guess who. I do hope it looks like him anyway. I TRIED AHAHAHAHA *sad violin music*

Okay, I realize this is totally random, but there’s actually a reason for me making this. Before I get to that though, yeah that’s Thalon Lavellan (in case that wasn’t clear yet, duurrrr) and because I’m still hopelessly addicted to drawing Taerel I tossed him in there as well. Lets just pretend he’s visiting Skyhold or something.

Thalon was supposed to look like he’s running his fingers through his hair, instead it looks like he’s face palming, lol (probably in response to whatever silly thing Tae is telling him, makes sense).

Two red headed elves are better than one anyway. I am weak.

I wasn’t quite sure what to make Thalon wear, but he was wearing that outfit in one of the screenshots I found while I was searching for reference, so… was gonna do the thighlon armor at first, but that would require dealing with metal parts and I do so loathe shading metal. So no.

Also whoever at Bioware designed that particular vallaslin didn’t do it with the well being of an artist’s sanity in mind. (and I thought Zev’s vallaslin was bad lol).

And now onto why I drew this. I apologize in advance for the long text but I promise it’s all relevant.

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Of all the prompts I was given for these two, I’m writing the naughtiest. So forgive me if I spam u with the nerds, it’s just the wave of insp that comes to me


Moses Sumney performs Everlasting Sigh (by artdontsleep)

Moses opened for Local Natives and I was actually mesmerized the entire time because it’s just him and a loop pedal and asdlkfjalskdfj it’s gorgeous. He’s tall and beautiful and has a voice like a Macy Grey-James Blake-tUnE-yArDs love child. So, so worth watching rather than just listening.

I wanted to post the sketch before I do anything else… Cause I don’t like the Kaiju I made up. But I finally watched Pacific Rim and all I could think of was an AU of Miraculous Ladybug and Pacific Rim where Marinette/Ladybug and Adrien/Chat Noir are Drift compatible. So I took the opportunity to draw them in action. (Their Jaeger is based off of their fused Video Game droid in Le Gamer).
@imagine-miraculousladybug ummm maybe you’ll like this? I mean, it is imagining XD

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EPIC night at The Regent for Kamasi Washington & The Next Step. @KamasiW #TheEpic

I attended the Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble’s “That 70s Soul” show last night and it was absolutely amazing! I’m a huge fan of his and I make it a point to support anything he’s doing. The biggest surprise of the night was seeing Sly Stone join his daughter Novena Carmel for a rendition of “If You Want Me To Stay” while George Clinton played hypeman. Props to Andrew Lojero, Art Don’t Sleep & KCRW for putting this incredible event on. This was most definitely one of the best concerts of the year! I’m looking forward to more in 2013!


The Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble - Walk on By feat. Zap Mama (2012)