Knight of Cups

Upright: Romance, charm, ‘Knight in shining armour’, imagination

Reversed: Unrealistic, jealousy, moodiness

So, I love Tarot, and I love Voltron, and as I was studying Tarot yesterday, my brain, this little shit, said “WHAT IF”

And here we are.

EDIT: I wasn’t satisfied with the composition of the laser thing, so I changed it. Now it feels much better to look at, and fits way better with the aesthetic!

Cards of Voltron

Knight of Swords (Keith)

oh man oh man oh man

@malcolm6 here’s a thing for you


Day two of @pjosapphicweeks’ femslash week, louranda modern fantasy au! This one’s gonna be a little hard to completely explain in one post since it’s a small part of one of my much bigger aus, but I’ll do my best. The basics are that Lou is a modern witch and Miranda works in Persephone’s flower shop and does a bit of low key potion brewing.

  • Miranda works in her technically older half sister’s flower shop as a summer job and has since she was ten. She prefers the company of her cousins (technically step nieces and nephew) to the kind of crowded house her mother owns. That she often gets to see real magic at work is just a bonus.
  • despite living a third of the year with a very magical family, Miranda herself can’t use magic. She is, however, learning potion making and alchemy whenever someone has free time to teach her. That someone is usually her summer roommate, Hazel. In return Miranda will cover one of Hazel’s shifts a week so that Hazel can practice her magic.
  • it’s on one of these shifts (mid morning, so it’s just her working) that she first meets Lou. She’d been stocking the shop and didn’t notice the other girl came in until she spoke up
  • “flower for the pretty lady?” she asked in a spokesperson voice. Miranda let out a curse and turned around to see Lou holding one of the shop’s flowers out to her
  • “you gonna buy that?” she asked, unimpressed
  • Lou nodded and put money for it on the counter, then offered the flower again. Miranda sighed in exasperation, but put down the flowerpot she was holding to deal with the money
  • “you do realize this is a flower shop right? you’re literally buying a flower just to give it right back to me.” she asked, figuring she might as well make small talk with the pretty girl of questionable intelligence
  • Lou nodded, mischievous grin growing. “yes but you see, this is a special flower.”
  • “oh really?” Miranda asked, expecting the girl to say something along the lines of “yes because I’m giving it to you.” instead she nodded again before waving her other hand over the flower and snapping her fingers
  • the flower turned the same brilliant shade of blue as her shirt before beginning to slowly cycle through the rainbow. The now identified witch offered the flower again, “flower for the pretty lady?”
  • Miranda took the flower, already planning on getting a vase and some water for it once the girl left. “you must be looking for one of my half sister’s brood, I’m sorry but none of them are in right now.” she said, trying to guess which of her cousins the witch was here to see. Hazel was the most obvious choice as she was the only one who properly socialized, but Nico was known to occasionally hang around darker witches and this girl certainly seemed edgy enough. Bianca was ruled out because she was on a weekend trip with her girlfriend and Miranda doubted she was here to see Hades or Persephone. “I’ll let Hazel know you were here?” she offered
  • “nah that’s okay, I’m a little early.” the witch said, checking the clock on the back wall, “my errand didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I’m Lou Ellen by the way, but you can call me Lou” she added a wink to the last part for good measure
  • Miranda rolled her eyes, going to get a vase for the flower now since she knew Lou wouldn’t be leaving any time soon. “Miranda. So you are here for Hazel then?”
  • “that’s a nice name.” the witch complimented, trotting a few steps behind her. “and yeah I came for Hazel, but I stayed for you.”
  • Miranda groaned.

I’m cutting this off here since I need sleep, but just imagine a bunch more super obvious flirting for like the next three times they meet before Lou works up the courage to ask if they can hang out.

Voltron Week Day 6: Aliens/Food

Some sketches for crow mom my alien OC Ambika! Plus a tiny cuddly alien :D Still not quite sure when these two meet (I’m leaning towards…after Shiro gets his metal arm and he’s recovering from the surgery? It’s up for change) but I have lots of fun drawing them :’’) As for COLORING. I…tried, but I don’t think I have the patience tonight’’’

Felt like posting these so I can just focus on my comic for the final day Owo’’’’

Ambika cannot talk very well but she’s taken to calling Shiro “Little Champion”! Just…thought I should share that :’’’D


Moses Sumney performs Everlasting Sigh (by artdontsleep)

Moses opened for Local Natives and I was actually mesmerized the entire time because it’s just him and a loop pedal and asdlkfjalskdfj it’s gorgeous. He’s tall and beautiful and has a voice like a Macy Grey-James Blake-tUnE-yArDs love child. So, so worth watching rather than just listening.

@maxmiz Damn girl i couldnt tag youuu x(( 

Annnyyyyyyyywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays again happy sweet birthday my friend ! <i hope you will like my little gift ^v^’ thank you for being a good friend for me and for many people , you are sweet , you are kind and you are a hard worker , i wish you all the best in your life ^^ 



rp doodle dump pt. 1 because i had a sudden burst of motivation in the midst of my wallowing (well… some of them are rp based anyway) (also captions explain stuff if u’re confused)

Just saw a repost of one of my Undertale art on another site and there were some nasty comments on it. (Not by the one who posted it, they also credits me and didn’t mean any harm)
The comments weren’t all completely negative and I should have expected something like that soon or later from the internet but it was still a hard hit for my already low self esteem :/


SO. Guess who was on a Lord Huron kick last night (thanks @howtotrainyournana for introducing me to that group!) and got it mixed up a little with the Puppet AU? THIS WRITER.

The only good thing Iโ€™ve learned from this is that itโ€™s actually a LOT easier for me to draw people larger than I normally do. And my Ford turned out a lot better than Iโ€™d been expecting him toโ€ฆ

I may have to come back later and color these things in properly, but Iโ€™ll leave that up to whether or not Iโ€™ll actually WANT to.

As for the drawings themselves (put under the cut because this is getting long)โ€ฆ.

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i have been working on school stuff for HOURS. i was a little worried initially. but i’m gonna make this semester MY BITCH. i may not get out of the house much, and i may never see my friends again, but BY THE POWER OF GREY SKULL I’M GONNA WALK AWAY WITH AT LEAST TWO A’S AND TWO B’S.