Documentary about my work released today. <3

“The Self Practice” is a short documentary, looking at the process behind Jen Mann’s artworks; colorful and vibrant oil paintings which delve into the deep questions of life as she explores the idea of self and identity. Watch Mann’s process, and hear her thoughts, as she prepares for, and completes her series “Q&A”, a solo show at Toronto’s Neubacher Shor Contemporary.

“the artist is always asking for someone to love them…they are saying, look at my work and you will know me, like… the true me.”- Mann

You can find out more about Mann here:
Director/ Cinematographer Cameron Bryson :
Music courtesy of Joanne Pollock (


Video: Sol LeWitt, a new documentary film by Chris Teerink, produced by Icarus Films, addresses the rich philosophy behind the artist’s work. To see times and locations for Sol LeWitt screenings, click here.  

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BBC Documentary, ‘What Makes Art Valuable?

The question “What is The Value of Art?” is a valid one and many people ask it. In this BBC documentary, journalist Alastair Sooke wants to find out more about this infamously secret art world and the multi millionaires who populate it.


Filmed in late 2012, Maya Lin discusses her marble sculpture series, “Disappearing Bodies of Water,” at her Manhattan studio with Art21.  As a young woman growing up in Athens, Ohio, Lin staged protests against environmental crimes and cruelties. She continues to be an activist today, using her art to encourage closer examination of the natural world.


How Art Is Crucial To Understanding The Human Mind

Calle 19, Bogotá, Colombia, Aug. 19, 2016