Documentary about my work released today. <3

“The Self Practice” is a short documentary, looking at the process behind Jen Mann’s artworks; colorful and vibrant oil paintings which delve into the deep questions of life as she explores the idea of self and identity. Watch Mann’s process, and hear her thoughts, as she prepares for, and completes her series “Q&A”, a solo show at Toronto’s Neubacher Shor Contemporary.

“the artist is always asking for someone to love them…they are saying, look at my work and you will know me, like… the true me.”- Mann

You can find out more about Mann here:
Director/ Cinematographer Cameron Bryson :
Music courtesy of Joanne Pollock (

If you think about why any story moves us, it’s because of a quaking moment of recognition. It’s never the shock of the new, it’s the shock of the familiar.
—  Joshua Oppenheimer, the director of the Oscar-nominated film The Look of Silence (2014), speaks about his practice as a documentary filmmaker. 


aries ~ high impact activity and sports… the more thrill the better… wake boarding, driving fast, contact sport, martial arts… also hiking and paintball, sex

taurus ~ playing instruments… crafts and designing, baking and culinary, makeup and beauty blogging, horticulture, floristry,  harvesting, spending, yoga, massage, pampering

gemini ~ reading, studying (self directed or courses), blogging, puzzles, slicking around the city, journal writing, learning, swimming, literature, comedy nights

cancer ~ baking and culinary, harvesting, music, creating scents, scrapbooking, photo editing, journal writing, antiques, embroidery, decorating, interior designing, real estate, animals

leo ~ arts, makeup design, high velocity/impact sports, equestrian, rollerskating, fashion design, sun salutation, animals, coaching, animals, pampering, spa and salon  

virgo ~ yoga, nutrition, puzzles, embroidery, poker, chess, sudoku, precision activities like darts, calligraphy, pool, or repair work. technology, mental challenges, nail art, hairdressing

libra ~ design, dance, legal studies, massage, painting, interior decorating, literature, psychology, crime and justice study, fashion, social justice issues, social media

scorpio ~ competitive challenges with others or with self, research, psychoanalysis, criminology, martial arts, pilates, conspiracies, documentaries, reading

sagittarius ~ anything outdoors and active - beach, disneyland, wild forest hiking, surfing, skiing, learning, comedy, archery, animals, theology, overseas travel, cultural events, gambling, guitar, festivals

capricorn ~ strategic games, rock climbing, hiking, massage, biographies, politics, social issues, poker, history, sculpture, museums, developing skills, music

aquarius ~ thinking, space, conspiracies, technology, aliens, politics, bike riding, swimming, astrology, science, aviation, sailing, learning, chemistry, lsd, festivals

pisces ~ books, theatre and plays, music, spiritual indulgence, daydreaming, meditation, sailing and beach, shopping, creative expression, embroidery, interior design, furniture collection, visiting grandparents


We dangerous ones

Aaah, the Lethifold! One of my favourite creatures from reading the book as a child. Thanks to @zinfandelli for suggesting it as a creature, I was psyched to draw Credence with one. 
(And of course I saw the official design on the bluray just as I was about to start colouring, and had to change up a bunch of stuff from my sketch haha)
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A Study of Negro Artists (1936) - Silent Documentary

An important film for those interested in art history and African American history, this silent film from the 1930s covers some important visual artists during the Harlem Renaissance. It starts with an appropriately arty montage of many African American artists made their living during the day, mostly working blue collar jobs, while working on their art in their off hours. Then we see a series of artists at work: Richmond Barthe, noted sculptor (in particular, large outdoor work); James Latimer Allen, noted portrait photographer (known particularly for documenting the Harlem Renaissance); Aaron Douglas, one the major painters of the era; Palmer Hayden, another prolific painter; and Augusta Savage, the leading female sculptor of the movement. While this film doesn’t tell much about them, we them in their studios and examples of their work. The Harlem Renaissance was one of the transformative times of American art history, and this film serves as an important document of that time.

preparing spreads for a Paris is Burning Risograph Zine

Olivia M Healy 


This year’s N.O.W. Special Screenings at Tribeca 2017 feature AWAKE, A Dream From Standing Rock, executive produced by Shailene Woodley.

The film captures the story of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s peaceful resistance against the North Dakota Pipeline that captured the world’s attention and changed the fight for clean water and the future of the planet.

A live discussion with filmmakers Josh Fox and James Spione (both Tribeca alums and Oscar nominees), along with their co-director Myron Dewey, follows the screening.

Be there. (And learn more about Tribeca N.O.W.)


Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Game Creator

Last episode of the season from tocotocotv profiles developer responsible for many music-related video games, most famously recognized for Rez.

Remember to Click on “CC” to activate English subtitles:

Our last episode of the season features Tetsuya Mizuguchi, game creator and founder of the Enhance Games studio. Mizuguchi is the creator behind the iconic Rez, recently remastered as Rez Infinite, he also created Lumines, Child of Eden or Space Channel 5, which are all gaming experiences strongly influenced by music.

Always ahead of his time, Mizuguchi will tell us more about his motivations behind Rez Infinite, and his pursuit of new forms of perception, supported by new technologies such as virtual reality, or through original concepts such as the Synesthesia Suit.

Our day with Mizuguchi will take us to the heights of Mori Tower, then to the intimacy of the Restaurant Bohemian, where we will learn more about his philosophy and his work. 



ARTE Documentary on Cheek by Jowl’s Cymbeline PART2

A documentary by ZADIG productions made for French TV station ARTE. The documentary features interviews with Declan Donnellan, Nick Ormerod and members of the Cymbeline cast including Gwendoline Christie, Ryan Ellsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Jodie McNee

Tom Hiddleston talking about his characters, singing and dancing like he’s in a boy band. This stuff is golden!

Part 1


Gorden Matta Clark - Conical Intersect