The Practical Man Branding by Garbett

“The Practical Man is a new destination for men’s sports style and fitness. They offer a curated selection of some of the worlds leading activewear, equipment and editorial content. Working with The Practical Man we developed the identity and visual language that expresses their unique perspective on men’s performance style.”

Garbett is a Sydney-based design studio specialising in brand identity, art direction and image-making. Their focus is on creating enduring and effective outcomes for our clients. They value long-term, trusting relationships with their clients and collaborators as they are the key to creating better work. They are driven by a desire to make the world better, easier and more delightful through design and thinking. The scale of the projects they work on varies from one-off image making and illustration projects to complex identity programs

Pathetic Boys / Part 3 ➖
Twins @megmurie & @alisemure photographed by @vivast for @patheticboys 2016 ➖ art direction/styling by @jleestyle, hair/makeup by @chrisarai

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I did a strict “Instagram diet” for Allure where I was only allowed to eat foods worthy of posting on Instagram. (Everything art-directed; no soup because it looks like barf, no normcore apples, MANY macarons, TOO much matcha, RIVERS of acai). It was expensive and I was in a bad mood the whole time. Read all about it in the September issue!! On newsstands now.

Really enjoying the new VOLTRON animated series on Netflix. Love the writing, designs, storyboard work and art direction. Amazing talent on this show. Rekindles my love for this medium I used to work in.

After binging on several episodes, I was inspired to quick sketch one of the main heroes, Shiro.

The Loud House Fan Art - User Submission

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Pathetic Boys / Part 3
Twins @megmurie & @alisemure photographed by @vivast for @patheticboys 2016 ❤️ art direction/styling by @jleestyle, hair/makeup by @chrisarai

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anonymous asked:

Do you have a patreon? I'd love to support the comic more! It's my favorite!

Thank you for wanting to support us more!

A Patreon has been in the works for well over a year, but we’ve never figured out the kinks and now we’re busy setting up important future stuff which also includes new and better merch you can buy and support us that way too. Maybe hopefully the Patreon will finally go up along with all these other upcoming changes.

So for now the best you can do is read our comic on Tapastic if you want to support us, and help us broaden our readership by e.g. reblogging our posts. Believe us you’re supporting us plenty by reading the comic on Tapastic because the ad revenue there is no joke, we wouldn’t continue ushering you all to read the comic on Tapastic if the cash we earn through them was insignificant. You can also commission Erli for art for some direct support if you so wish.