voidnerdd  asked:

The way you draw everyone and especially Katelyn is juust so nice! It has a realistic look to it but it's also so soft! Your art style is just so nice to look at and we're all blessed. Nothing else to say,just making sure you know this.


DAMN SABRINA THANK U!! i honestly donot know my art direction anymore, do i wanna weeb it up , realistic it up i just dont know but its good to know its at least pleasing to look at so thank you for the sweet words! <3

“Notice how rose is really off-model throughout this ep until a little towards the end. It’s because (long and thought out reasoning)”

Listen bud….I dunno how to tell you this but….it’s bad art direction

Glassbook Magazine

Editorial Flashbacks

Photographer: Maxim Baev
Art Direction / Styling: Ekaterina Belaya
Makeup: Akari Sugino (MAC)
Hair: Olga Armand
Model: Jessie

Latex Stockings (left): House Of Harlot