7th Dragon 3 “First Impression Movie” ⊟ 

Pretty good first impression! This video is light on in-game footage, displaying it only in a series of simultaneous tiny windows, but everything looks great so far. Nice art direction, beautiful use of color, and a very cool look for the cutscenes. Maybe this will be the one that introduces this Sega RPG series to the west?

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IN WATERMELON SUGAR – Richard Brautigan

Publishing in September is Vintage Classics new cover for Richard Brautigan‘s  In Watermelon Sugar. Purely typographical to engage with the magical oddity of the writing. A perfect project to work on!


Bindi (the doll with her arms up) loves writing mysteries and here she is acting out one of her stories with her friends. Bindi is our Tree Change Dolls Charity Doll for July! She is currently up for auction in support of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. You can find out more about little Bindi, or to make a bid at

You can see my daughter likes helping me out with art direction for the photo shoot. It was about to start raining and she wanted them all to have leaf umbrellas!

“The Walking Dead”, “American Horror Story” and “Bates Motel” are all part of a new ‘Golden Age of Grand Guignol’ on TV. And “Hannibal” may be the most exquisite frightener ever to appear on the small screen, enhancing the genre and its network with superb acting, incredible production values, taut storytelling and discreet violence.

From its impeccable premiere on April 4 “Hannibal” not only built a narrative with strong ties to its movie predecessors “Manhunter” and “The Silence of the Lambs”, but it also established itself as its own unique dish, one prepared with A+ cinematography, art direction, production design and editing that would be the envy of any big budget theatrical release.

art and nice review from 2013 by Jeff York (x)