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Question! You've introduced Lance, Keith and Pidge (or at least...a look-alike of Pidge) in your Sim AU, so what I was wondering was where is the rest of Team Voltron? And where is the original team (this being regular human Lance and the rest)?

That is a very good question!

I’ll try to explain it as best as I can without giving too much away (I want to save some of these spoilers for the actual story itself lol)

Here’s a diagram:

So, to explain–we all pretty much know about Lance already, he’s an AI, he’s powered by an AI cube that currently functions as the “heart” of his body. And he’s hopelessly in love with Keith. RIP

Katy and Hunk work together under a special organization dedicated to protecting the universe. That specific organization is dealing with a particularly stubborn Galra uprising that began after Team Voltron destroyed the Galra empire and defeated Zarkon. At first Katy and Hunk simply act as maintenance workers, but after they find Keith crashed in the simulator Keith sorta drags them with him everywhere he goes. Katy and Hunk do repairs on Lance whenever he needs it (which is…quite often actually lol). Katy specializes in coding and hacking, so she’s usually the one to update Lance’s systems and AI cube, while Hunk is best at wiring and machinery, so he actually goes in and fixes any internal problems Lance is having. And Lance himself is considered a “hacking weapon” because he has the ability to hack into systems by sending his consciousness in and destroying everything from the inside. Pretty neat, right?

Keith, Lance, Katy and Hunk all decide to help the organization stop the uprising. Directly under the leaders of the organization, there’s Allura and Coran, who are both human and therefore look a little different than their counterparts (Coran has a beard now and a different mustache, at first I thought of removing it completely but then I decided nah! Let’s just change it up lol). Allura and Coran are the leaders of the organization’s army, and basically the go-to commanders! Coran specializes in weaponry and knows all there is to know about swords, guns, and any other weapon in the universe…he’s very well-rounded there. And Allura? Don’t mess with her, she can kick your ass anytime, anywhere. She’s a lot more fierce than the original Allura and does not stand for any bullshit that goes down lol

Shiro is Altean in this AU–and I’m not going to share anymore information than that. He’s…having a difficult time right now. With where he is and what’s going on there. Yeah…

Under Hunk’s name, there’s a ??? sign! That’s indicating that he’s neither human nor any other alien species that we’ve seen so far. So…what is he? That is a secret as well! He’s basically humanoid in appearance, but he’s got some pretty wicked abilities that come into play later on!

Keith’s description says that he’s the last Paladin. (Not counting Lance, who is technically also one.) This is because, the rest of Team Voltron…

…are missing! Where are they? Where did they go? Why is Keith running into look-alikes of them? That’s a secret too! So yes, Keith is considered the only Paladin remaining since the rest have…mysteriously vanished. Dun dun dun!

I hope that helps clear things up a little! And yes, now that I’ve finally introduced…or re-introduced the rest of the team, I can actually draw them in future comics and artworks now…yes!!

Jakob Chychrun #1 - Anatomy

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A/N: I loved writing this! I kinda got carried away because I started to project a little but but oh well, anything to get you through biology right? anyways, we actually do this in my class and it has produced some funny conversations every time someone looks through my camera roll and sees random pictures of my classmates bodies or videos of someone doing exercises or asks me why I have marker all over my legs. Life of a kinesiology student amiright?

ANYWAYS, I combined two prompts for this because I have a lot of Chych requests so message me if you want a rewrite with a specific one but I think you will be happy with how this turned out :) 

Prompts:  Anon: Could I request a Jakob chychrun imagine where you’re trying to study and he keeps bugging you ?

anon: Hi!!! would you write a chychrun one where you guys just have a cute lazy day? Thx:p


You don’t know how long you have spent looking at a picture of the back of your classmate’s legs and that in and of itself should be concerning. To be fair, you are studying for your anatomy quiz tomorrow and you are currently comparing your textbook notes with the photo you took after your tutorial today where you had spent the whole class palpating and labelling and drawing the outlines of the muscles on your lab partner. You were in the middle of redrawing the vastas lateralis in your notebook when all of the sudden a hand plucked your pencil from your grasp from behind you.

“Hey!” you took took off your head phones and turned to look at the pencil-thief, “Jakob Chychrun! Give me back my pencil, I need to study.”

“You weren’t paying attention to me.” Chych pouted from where he sat opposite to your desk on your bed.

“Jakey, you know I’d love to spend time with you but I also really don’t want to have to take this course in the summer to graduate on time.”

“Should I be concerned that you are looking at a zoomed in picture of some other man’s ass in booty shorts with a whole bunch of lines drawn on him?” his eyebrows furrow as he looks at the reference picture pulled up on your laptop.

You giggle a little at how weird half of your camera roll would look like to non-health science major students. “It’s just from my tutorial today,” you explained, “See, we had to palpate and locate the muscles and then draw them on your partner.”

“Hm, I still don’t really like the fact that you have to feel up some other guy every day at school.”

“Is someone jealous?” you smirked at him, “Don’t worry babe, it’s just practical application of my anatomy class.”

“Y’know, we could do your anatomy classes right here, at home.” Jakob said suggestively while faking a stretch with his arms above his head which pulled his shirt up a bit to expose his abs.

“Ok mister, you don’t need to flash your rectus abdominis muscles at me” you rolled your eyes at him, “Can you please hand me back my pencil so that I can return back to by work?”

“See, you know all of this stuff! I think that your time would be much better spent having a lazy day with me on the couch.” Jakob argued.

You thought about it for a second before an idea popped into your head, “If I spend the rest of the afternoon doing whatever you want,” you started to bargain, “then you have to help me study for my quiz and practical exam later.”

“I feel like I should ask more about what this ‘helping’ entails but right now all I can think of is the newest episode of Billions and you cuddling with me.” Jakob reasoned.

“So do we have a deal?” you cocked an eyebrow at him

“Deal.” he sighed

You giggled in delight. “Perfect, you get the living room set up while I change out of these leggings and into something more comfortable.”

Chych nodded and left your room while you rifled through your messy drawers trying to find the pair of Jakob’s sweatpants that you stole the last time he had slept over at your apartment. They were massive on you with the Arizona logo printed below the right hip and the number 6 below that. You knew how much Chych loved when you wore his Arizona stuff so you switched your University of Arizona sweatshirt for a v-neck Chychrun shirsey. When you walked into your living room you could see that he had collected all the pillows and fuzzy blankets in your apartment and made something that looked similar to a nest on your couch in front of the TV. Beside this contraption he placed a bowl of seemingly random snacks that he threw together consisting of whatever he could find in your kitchen. He was sitting with his back against the arm rest and legs splayed in a way that showed he was waiting for you to come cuddle with him.

“You are so lazy and tactile today Chych.” you laughed at him

“I can’t help it! This is my first day off in a week and it’s gross and raining outside.” he said gesturing to the windows that showed a grey afternoon outside,”plus I am always in a mood to cuddle, especially if it’s with my beautiful girlfriend who is wearing my number.”

You smiled but rolled your eyes at his cheesiness. You padded over to him and sat down between his legs, resting your back against his chest and tucking your head under his chin. His arms came around you and he sighed,

“Perfect.” he placed a kiss to the top of your head while you pressed play on the T.V. You stayed like that for a while, with Jakob mindlessly running his hands up and down your arms, tangling your fingers together occasionally while you both would make periodic off-hand comments about what was happening on screen. Halfway through your marathon, you both got hungry so you got up to go to the kitchen and made two smoothies that were apart of Jakob’s NHL diet. You came back and gave Chych a quick kiss when he pouted at you before returning back to your previous position. By the time it started turning dark outside, you had lost track of how many episodes that two of you had watched and the part of your mind that was constantly thinking over what you need to review for all of your classes and quietened significantly.

“Alright mister,” you sat up and stretched, “It’s time for me to get back to my work.”

“Ok…” he pouted at you

“Cheer up muffin!” you teased and gave him a peck on the nose, “You are helping me study now.”

“Fine. I’m nothing if not a man of honour. What do you need help with: flashcards, quizzes?”

“Not quite,” you giggled and raced off to your room to find the box of markers that you kept in your bag for anatomy tutorials. “My quiz is practical, not written.”

“Oh, I can tell I’m not going to like the outcome of this.” Chych groaned.


Jakob walked into practice the next morning dreading the chirping he was about to endure from his teammates. Helping you study last night had started out fun and with lots of giggles as you had labelled and drawn the muscles on Jakob. By the end, you managed to label all of the major muscles on his body and you took plenty of pictures to document it. When you were finished Jakob looked like an art project and textbook diagram rolled into one. The study session had ended in Jakob trying to draw on you and a messy colour fight. But you had accidentally left the marker on for too long and as hard as Jakob tried, he still couldn’t get some of the marker off, especially on his back.

Which is why Jakob was really dreading the locker room. He got there early enough that no one was around in the locker room before practice. However, after practice Jakob had completely forgotten about last night and was talking animatedly with Max Domi while taking off his equipment. He took his shoulder pads off and started hearing snickers from behind him.

“Dude, why do you look like a biology textbook?” Dvorak said from behind him. This caused the whole team to start laughing.

Jakob just blushed lightly, “I had to help (Y/N) study last night.” he mumbled which only produced more laughs and teasing from the boys.

He grabbed his phone and texted you: Kinda hate u right now. boys will never let me live this down. good luck today <3

You chuckled when you received his message and sent back: it worked! 100% baby ;)


There we go! Cute right? As always, thanks for the support everyone! Up next: Brady Skjei!