Science Fact Friday - Tapetum lucidum!

So why don’t all vertebrates have this adaptation? It’s an advantage to animals that are active in the dark - cats, dogs, owls, raccoons, crocodiles, and so on - but it makes everything slightly blurry. Many daytime vertebrates (including humans and most other primates) do not have one and instead have better day vision.


Hilma af Klint (Swedish, 1862-1944. b. Karlberg Palace, Solna Municipality, Sweden) - 1: The Dove No. 2, 1915, Oil on Canvas  2: Altarpiece, No. 1, Group X, 1915, Oil Tempera, Gold Metal Leaf on Canvas  3: Tree Of Knowledge Series W, No 5, 1913-1915, Watercolors  


You probably think fannibals are spoiling me too much and you’re right. But if you think that should stop, well… I have bad news for you. XD
Look at what Sarah @edtco sent me!!! It’s a replica of the Pet Wendigo statue she made last year and offered to Hugh Dancy. Mr Dancy and I are the only ones in the world to have this incredible fan-statue of the Wendigo. And it’s not only my design: she added the little red bird the Wendigo made in this story with Abigail’s blood. She added a miniature Hannibal plushie because the Wendigo has one in this story. And only with mine (sorry Hugh) (I can stop being jealous of you now), she added the shredded shirt from The Suit ™.
Sorry for the bad pictures, I didn’t dare to take it out of the box yet, I just wanted to share my joy and complete amazement, the care for the details, the professional look of it, everything is totally badass and I’m so proud my comics inspired her. Thank you so much Sarah.


How to do drag king makeup
1. Use a dark color to create shadows
2. Careful not to over highlight
3. Make sure its smooth! And clean
4. Guys have longer eyelashes, but don’t give yourself long girly eyelashes. Light, light eyeliner… Use feather strokes for your eye brows and get a color close to your color (or darker)
5. This is how i did it, different men have different facial hair. To get a more realistic look use fake hair over the shading… Also, if you are only using color use a thin brush and use feather strokes to give a beater texture

- i am a new drag king, i watched a lot of tutorials and saw a few diagrams and then combined them into this


10,000 BC - paragraph 33b 

Not only is the hand a deterritorialized front paw; the hand thus freed is itself deterritorialized in relation to the grasping and locomotive hand of the monkey. The synergistic deterritorializations of other organs (for example, the foot) must be taken into account. So must correlative deterritorializations of the milieu: the steppe as an associated milieu more deterritorialized than the forest, exerting a selective pressure of deterritorialization upon the body and technology (it was on the steppe, not in the forest, that the hand was able to appear as a free form, and fire as a technologically formable matter).

from paragraph 33 of 10,000 BC. Translated by Brian Massumi.