Alternative movie poster for Kong: Skull Island, submitted to Poster Spy Design Contest.
Digitally painted with Wacom Intuos pro. Promotional pictures used as reference and stock images for textures.
Because Kong’s always been the real hero of the story.


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lena is gonna get an earful when everyone gets back to base

edit: vous –> te (thank you for the help once again :) )

His name is Silver and I love him. He always looks so proud whenever I give him pets in refresh. So I had to attempt to draw it obviously

Heeello everyone, eeeeliah here! I have a new YouTube video coming soon. So yet again, I am having another fan art competition!! If you want your fan art to appear at the end of my next video, post your work and tag it: “look eeliah look” I will also be looking at any fan art that was submitted AFTER my last competition, along with any new submissions!  Good luck everyone! I cant wait to see what you all come up with!!