DrawingDen’s Inktober Competition 2016!

Each year through October artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day for the entire month, this is a competition for those who participate in it!

The aim of this competition is to simply have fun with a little extra incentive to participate in Inktober over the course of the month. The competition will be open to any artists who are planning on participating in the Inktober challenge, what you draw is entirely up to you! Simply tag your work as #ddinktober2016 throughout the month as you post your art, and a winner will be chosen at the end of the month by the judges.  

The Prizes

The winner will receive an art supply bundle as seen above, prizes inside this bundle include:  

  • A pack of 2 Collins & Davison A5 sketchbooks
  • Two grey Promarkers in different shades
  • A handful of Uni-Pin black ink fineliners
  • Deleter manga/comic A4 manuscript paper 
  • A 0.7mm white Posca paint pen
  • A no.2 Daler Rowney rigger paintbrush
  • An A4 cutting mat for screentones
  • Deleter brand A5 screentones
  • A miniature art mannequin keyring 

I’ve also Included a few art prints and such of my own, and the winner will be featured on the DrawingDen blog with links to their social media pages. Other participants who have outstanding work will also be featured on the blog as honourable mentions, also with links to their blogs!

Further details and answered questions can be found here in the F.A.Q

The contest begins on the 1st of October and ends on the 31st, winners will be announced shortly after.

Inking Resource Post | Anatomy References | Ideas discussion | Artblock Help

Happy Drawing and Good Luck!


SOI 57 

Victo Ngai

I am extremely honored to have these pieces selected into this year’s Society of Illustrators NY annual competition. Being a judge (Uncomission category) for the first time, I got a back-stage glimpse of how selective the competition really is and am extra appreciative of being included. Only pieces with more than 6 votes (out of 8 judges) were chosen. The result was a less than 4% acceptance rate. Out of 1600 entries, only 60 were picked. 

Big thanks to SOI, the judges and all the amazing AD I worked with!

See you tonight at the Illustrators 57- Advertising, Institutional, Uncommissioned Categories Opening Reception.
Stardust - Competition – Draw Neil Gaiman's Stardust for Radio 4 - BBC Radio 4
Invitation to illustrate an image for Stardust

Ever wondered what a personal note from Neil Gaiman to you might say? 

That’s part of the prize for the Radio 4 competition. We’re inviting budding artists to draw the story. 

You could have your art featured as part of the new Radio 4 drama and be seen by thousands. Click the link for more info + Ts&Cs.


FINISHED. I’ve invented a ‘Daeydoim’ for The Dark Crystal competition. Basically humble cart pulling omnivores that reside on the edge of deserts. They disperse heat through their large dorsal scales and scrape vegetation off trees with their long incisors. Short fighting tusks also enable them to catch river creatures similar to fish and broad hooves make walking on sand easy. They’re commonly used within the Dark Crystal realm for long distance trade and agricultural farming.

What time is it? CONTEST TIME!

Hellooooooooo people of the internet!

Guess who’s finally back! If you guessed me, Dipper, and everyone else at TheMysteryShack, you’re totally correct!  If you guessed, uh, some other random guy, well…bonus points for trying!  Everyone wins!

And speaking of winning, we have a very super-mega-extra special announcement for all of you:


Trust me, everyone at the shack agrees that we’ve had that weirdo Bill Cipher circley thing as our cover image for way too long.  Plus, after everything that went down, it’s kinda…creeptastic, y’know?

Therefore, what would be a better replacement than some original art made by you super talented people? Nothing I can think of! Except maybe, like, a button that generates real-life cookies. But science still hasn’t invented that yet, so it looks like we’re going with the fan art!

So from May 1st to May 31st, we want you to overwhelm us with cover photos! Flood our submissions box! Bombard it! As Grunkle Stan would say, SMOTHER US WITH FUN!  The winner not only gets their art used as our cover photo for all to see, but you also get an individual promo post in front of over 15,000 followers!  That’s…that’s a whole lotta people.

Oh, whoops, uh, before you begin with the overwhelmingness, I forgot there are just a few rules first:

  1. Make sure the cover image is related to Gravity Falls! You can include as few or as many citizens as you want, but it’s gotta be related to our community.  Don’t be sending in drawings of Phil McSherman from Argentina or anything!  I’m sure he’s a really great guy, but he’s not too fitting for our cover photo.
  2. Speaking of fitting, try to make sure your picture fits properly in the cover space!  You could send in an epic drawing, but if it’s too tiny or too ginormous to fit, we won’t be able to use it!  These are some really good tips to make your submission look perfect in the cover space.
  3. Please keep your submissions appropriate and stuff! No NSFwhatever it’s called.  Bill may be a butt, but I don’t wanna see his butt!
  4. One submission per person, please!  We don’t wanna risk someone else’s art getting lost if you send us 42,000 drawings of Soos.  Though Soos said that would be super cool, but just not right now!
  5. Be sure to send your entries in through the submission button!  The inbox is closed, so even if you find some sneaky ninja way to get them in through there, we probably still can’t accept them. Submissions only!

Again, the deadline is May 31st at 11:59 EST, no exceptions!  Not even if you offer us buckets of sprinkles.  (I mean, we’ll still take the sprinkles, but we won’t make an exception!)

The winner will be notified soon after, and then your cover photo—and your promo—will be revealed to the entire world!  Or, like, at least an awesome chunk of it.

Good luck!



Aien and Miko Lavellan, dedicated students of archeology
Professor Solas somehow always knows the best places to dig - he says he’s just lucky
Dorian Pavus, anthropology specialist - give him a tooth and he will tell you how many times did that person take a shit in their life. Black sheep of a political family (who cares if he has ten PhDs and biggest book collection in Thedas)
SPOILER ALERT: they become best friends and do pokemon sleepovers

                                   LARRY WRITING CONTEST

                                     ~    masquerade ball   ~

Simple competition for writers - halloween is almost there and it was time for costumes. Not the mummy and ghost ones tho, but classy and mystery masquerade ball ones. Harry being the charming mystery man that visits every ball, searching for his beautiful “victims” or something like that.

I wanted to draw something more “in action”, like dancing, or harry taking louis somewhere, or passed out louis in harry’s arms, but i decided that if i do something neutral, it will be more up to the writer, what will they bring into the story.

  • the lenghth doesn’t matter
  • can be smut/ doesn’t have to be smut
  • don’t change the characters
  • victorian england/ modern
  • happy ending/open ending/sad,bad ending


I’m trying this for the first time so the prize won’t be big:

  • Drawing/s(promoting) for your, or your favourite, fanfiction

if this turns out to be interesting for you, I’ll make another competition with better prizes (like some of my stuff from soc6)
You need to:

TAG your fanfiction under the tag “karukara” where i’ll pick the fics and publish them on my blog for people to read/vote. :)

End is on 15th November :) hope you will join!