((all dressed up with nowhere to go (yet)))

You know… when you said you didn’t want to wear something like your prom dress I thought you were going to wear something LESS fancy.

I changed my mind.

Aren’t you cold?

I am always cold. Your jacket will suffice until we get to Muffet’s.

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#Hey, IB Sans, I have an art competition today and I have interact with people. Wish me luck?

sure! best of luck to ya, babe! in both the competition and the interaction!

i’m rootin’ for your art to do great, but even if ya don’t win, you’ll have made it through something that doesn’t come easy for ya. and that in itself’s a big accomplishment. so just do your best, okay? i’ll be right with ya the whole time.

The First Competition!

Hello! I’d like to say welcome to the palace, and thanks for checking it out! This competition is going to be going until the 30th of August. On the 31st I’ll announce the winner (which is chosen by the audience). Throughout September the winner of the First Competition will be featured on this blog; getting the limelight that they deserve.

The First Competition’s Challenge is.. a color palette! Using this color palette:


 (provided by ) You must create a picture involving only one character. Only these colors are allowed. You can do OC’s, characters from any show, game, comic, or book, and real people/things. Try to get your piece done early so you can get lots of votes! 

Read to get your art on? Our #DrawtheLove contest is about to start! The theme for our contest is kindness (of course!) - so start thinking about just how you would draw, paint, or photograph kindness itself.

We’ll be posting specs for your art work (acceptable sizes and mediums for entries, etc.) next week, as well as information on how you can submit your awesome creations for consideration.  

The winning entries will be used on our official Random Acts Kindness Cards.  So stay tuned and have your pencils and paintbrushes ready!  We can’t wait to see what you create.


Today’s critically acclaimed dramas and edgy comedies may have launched a new golden age of television, but when it comes to toons, everybody knows the '90s were all that!

Nickelodeon’s ‘90s lineup was chock-full of awesome and adorable characters. Squeaky voiced Rugrats, Arnold with his football-shaped head, real life toons come to life on The Adventures of Pete & Pete, and that rude duo, Ren & Stimpy. And we think any one of ‘em would look great on a t-shirt.

Just be sure to stick to the shows listed below, or you just might hear Ren exclaiming, “You eediot!”


Head on over to the challenge page to read up on the details. Plus, don’t forget to check out the amazing prizing, which includes original NIckelodeon animation cells!


Online art competition unites cultures
A new art competition is using social media platforms to provide exposure for artists to share their work with the world – and in the process, unifying cultures in the name of beauty. The Social Network Art Competition (SNAC) expo kicked off its first official contest, with a focus on Israeli artists. The results are stunning.


Enter the ominous, mystical world of Jen, Kira, and Fizzgig to create a t-shirt inspired by Gelflings, Garthim, or any of the puppet creatures in The Dark Crystal.

Just as the Mystic master sends Jen on an epic quest to retrieve the missing shard of the Dark Crystal and restore balance to a divided world, you too must embark on a journey. Your adventure begins with a visit to the land of Thra, where you will encounter the wise and aged Mystics, the villainous Skeksis, and even slimy Nebries. If you are triumphant, you will save your world from forever answering to the forces of evil—or at least see your design printed on a t-shirt!

Get started!

Yesterday, Dave Goyer (vice president of the National Duck Stamp Collectors Society) was kind enough to send me a few things in the mail– including a copy of the Federal Duck Stamp Contest program from this year! This is a really cool thing for me to have, since I was unable to attend in person. On page three, it lists some statistics about this year’s contest; namely, it gives a breakdown of where the entries are from, what medium they are painted in, age of artist, etc. I thought I’d share it here with you, for anyone else that did not attend and might be curious to see these statistics.

At the risk of sounding like an idealist, I’d love to see more entries overall, especially from lesser represented groups! Now, this is a bit counter-intuitive as a competing artist… less entries means less people to compete against, right? Well, yes. That is true. And it is also true that it can be overwhelming (as a judge) to try to select the ‘best’ when you are looking at a field of hundreds of paintings. But… I have a great deal of concern that the interest in the contest is waning. For whatever reason, less artists are “into it” than anytime in recent history that I am aware of. Did you know that in the past ( I am looking at the late 1980’s and early 90’s) that thousands of artists entered every year? In 1987, the year that Daniel Smith won with his beautiful painting of a snow goose, he was one of over a thousand entries. 

If you are an artist, maybe you will consider entering? It is a tough competition, but the excitement, enjoyment of painting, the finding of new friends… the comradery and feeling of being part of something big, is pretty amazing. I have made some really fantastic friends and met a lot of cool people through this, way before I managed to win this thing! 

Paint a duck, help a duck, make some friends, have fun, and keep the program going. If you need help, my time is thin this year, but I can try to assist!

A Ducky Schedule

I have received my tentative schedule of events for the coming year. Some of the dates and locations are To Be Determined, and I may attend additional events. To be sure, I will be doing some smaller events, talks, and programs so stay tuned for that.  I hope you might come see me if I end up at an event near you!

November 13-16, 2014: Easton, MD
Easton Wildfowl Festival
Look for me mostly at the Federal Duck Stamp Office booth!

November 21-23, 2014: Redlands, CA
Duck Stamp Art at the San Bernardino County Museum

April 17, 2015: Shepherdstown, WV
Judging of the Jr. Duck Stamp Competition

June 26, 2015: Location TBD
First Day of Sale Event

July, 2015: Olean, NY
Hometown Celebration

September 25 & 26, 2015, Location TBD
Judging of the Federal Duck Stamp

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Last time I hinted at people filling in a blank variant cover I was ignored.Now I’m going to shout!

There is a blank Hit Girl variant cover & I want YOU to fill it in!As you can see,3 other artists have already given their versions to Marvel(whoever they are)but I want you to give me your version of the blank one(Um,it’s the one in the middle).

You will get published on my blog & also on the site I edit & you’ll get big shout outs & links to your work.

The other artists to um,have a stab at it,are John Romita Jnr(top)Leandro Fernandez(bottom right)& Phil Noto/tumblr,I can’t promise you’ll be as “famous” as these people but we can bloody well try & make you!Put them in my submissions box or whatever-Just GO!

Hit Girl #1 By Mark Millar & John Romita Jnr is on sale now.

Suikoden Day Pre-Competition

Gather once again, Stars! The Suikoden Day 2015 Team is proud to present to you our first competition for the year. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Suikoden series, we would like you to create an art piece that best encapsulates the “essence” of the Suikoden series and why it transcends through time and generations.

• Entrants are to create an artwork to work as a cover/header image for Suikoden Day 2015, fitting with this year’s 20th Anniversary theme.

• The winning entry will occupy the banner space at the top of Suikoden Day social media pages (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter), though it must fit in the Facebook cover photo dimensions of 851x315 pixels.

• One entry per person.

• Each entry MUST be sent to

• The winner will be the entry that the judges feel best conveys the “20 years of Suikoden” theme. Entrants are encouraged to tell us about their design and why they feel it conveys this theme.

• The winning entry will be used by Suikoden Day, but also by fans across multiple websites. However, the creator will always be credited, and the image remains their property.

• The competition is open until 1 August 2015. The winner will be announced on August 10.


In celebration of its 20th anniversary, THIS IS OUR BIGGEST PRIZE PACKAGE YET! Again, all thanks to the wonderful Marina Paez who has sponsored all of the main Suikoden Day prizes since 2011.

Prizes include:

1. Suikoden 1 (Japanese Version)
2. Suikoden 2 (Japanese Version)
3. Suikoden 3 (Japanese Version)
4. Suikoden 4 (Japanese Version)
5. Suikoden 5 (Japanese Version)
6. Riou Figurine
7. Suikoden Marugoto Encyclopedia

Any questions? Feel free to contact us on here, our Facebook or through our e-mail address (

Get working, stars! Looking forward to seeing your entries!



It’s a dilemma faced by every adolescent: follow the path laid out by your parents or be true to your heart. In Kung Fu Panda, Po pursues his dream of becoming a martial arts master when he is unexpectedly chosen as the Dragon Warrior. With the help of Master Shifu and the Furious Five, Po gets in fighting shape and prepares to defend the Valley of Peace from threatening forces, such as the evil snow leopard Tai Lung.

Look to your own inner kung fu master for guidance and create a design inspired by Po, the Furious Five, or any other aspect of Kung Fu Panda. And just remember: to make something special, you just have to believe it’s special. 

So start believing—and start drawing!

autistic worlds competition!

I want a new icon for the blog, and after thinking for some time I realized - why not ask autistic artists for help? So I’m starting a competition for tumblr users, followers or not. 


  • you must be autistic to take part (self-diagnosed is fine) 
  • it must be an original art drawn just for the competition 

Come up with an idea and draw an icon that will suit the blog and contain themes of creativity and imagination on the autism spectrum. Then submit it or post in your blog and tag @autisticworlds

The deadline is February 1st, and I will choose the winner myself. The image will be used as our icon, and the name of the winner with a link to their blog will be in the about section. I will also give a shout out to the winner in the blog. I’m looking forward to your creations! Good luck in all your endeavors and travel on.

Artists Wanted Announces 2nd Annual YEAR IN REVIEW Competition
Awarding a Feature Booth at SCOPE New York March 2012 + One Month in a New York City Apartment

Artists Wanted has partnered with SCOPE Art Fair to present the 2nd annual Year in Review Competition, a juried, international, all-medium-encompassing open call for art that will present one visionary with a $15,000 grant and an exclusive Featured Booth at SCOPE Art Show in New York City this March 2012.

Submissions received by December 31, 2011 11:59pm EST will be considered for the $1,000 Early Entry Award in addition to the Grand Prize and Category Awards.

General entries accepted through January 31, 2012 11:59pm EST

More details:


Classic Works of Art Re-Imagined

One of the most creative competitions we’ve seen in a while involves imitating an established piece of artwork. Adobe had originally created an art competition that was open only to UK students for a grand prize of £10,000. Canadian art blog Booooooom! joined forces with Adobe to accommodate those outside of the UK, creating an opportunity to compete for a copy of the entire Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection ($899). The competition called for entries in the form of photographs.

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