he lost the game but he won something better (❁´▽`❁)

happy birthday @kisecchinosedai!!!!!! i hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of happiness and loveeee ♥ ♥ ♥


@rookie009 omg lena you’re so gay

lena is gonna get an earful when everyone gets back to base

edit: vous –> te (thank you for the help once again :) )

I feel like today is a special day!

Today marks the day I have my first attempt at a contest that doesn’t have to do with visual art specifically. Today starts the SoftTale Music/Video Competition!

Yes, I’m honestly wanting to try this, because I feel like this might work for both musical and visual artists! The competition is as follows:

  • Each participant(s) must submit either a piece of music or a short video or both!
  • Nothing NSFW please, since I will be posting all entries that I get unless asked not to. 

  • People may work on a project together, because I would love to see amazing teamwork from everyone!

  • Music must be based off of the original Undertale Soundtrack and videos can be any length, must incorporate at least 1 character already released (including Little Bell)
  • Have fun!

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Okay my dudes, Imma do a competition.

Winners get: 

1st place gets a full coloured picture as a gif of their chosen oc 

2nd place gets a full body coloured transparent picture 

3rd place gets a simple sketch

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Alternative movie poster for Kong: Skull Island, submitted to Poster Spy Design Contest.
Digitally painted with Wacom Intuos pro. Promotional pictures used as reference and stock images for textures.
Because Kong’s always been the real hero of the story.