A message to all artists

If I were to start a sort of art competition, would this be of interest to you guys?

It would be based in the Hunter x Hunter fandom, I haven’t decided if I want specifically KilluGon or anything in general, but there would be a money prize! 

I would award the top three, based off of myself and maybe one or two other people’s votes, a money prize, with first place making somewhere between $200-$300. I might also do two categories, one for the most skill, and one for the most creative

I haven’t decided if I actually want to do this yet or not, but to all artists out there, would this be of interest to you?

If it is, or if you want to spread the word, please give this a reblog so I can see how many people would actually find this interesting. Or if you see it and know any artists, please shoot this their way. 

I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’ve always kind of wanted to? 


Hey guys, my name is Catherine. This is my portrait of Tyler Joseph “10.5 Pilots”. It’s made entirely of TOP lyrics written in ballpoint pen.
As a winning piece of the Congressional Art Competition, it is currently hanging in the United States Capitol building and will be for the next year.
Please please if you would maybe spread it around, I would love for him to know his face is hanging in the US Capitol.
Thank you!!

Alien Covenant poster competition entry by Darren Rattos

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anonymous asked:

If muscle mass has only a small impact on fight abilities, what's with the prevalence of weight classes? And why are martial arts and boxing champions generally men?

See, you were trying to sneak around it with that start on muscle mass but this is about the idea that women can fight and or fight as well as a man. We get these questions a lot, and the answer is always the same. However, the question itself always displays the asker’s ignorance on the subject matter and about combat in general. You aren’t the first to go, “but boxing!!!” as if it means something or is a winning point. Usually, “muscles” is a go to standard because that’s what so many have been led to believe makes men superior.

When I get these questions, I can always tell this person who asked has never been to a martial arts competition of any kind. If they had, they would know Women’s Divisions are a standard practice. They would also know that with an exception of major tournaments where there are enough participants to justify it, the girls and the boys spar each other at the ranks below black belt. Sometimes, the boys win. Sometimes, the girls win. The breakdown is by age (adults/kids) and belt rank, not by gender.

I’ll tell you though, none of the boy’s in the black belt division wanted to jump in with the girls. Those girls were vicious. Men’s sparring was much more laid back, and slower. Women’s TKD… yeesh.

Again, in most martial arts tournaments there are no weight classes. The breakdown is by age and rank, with gender as a secondary when there are enough participants to justify multiple divisions. Weight classes are a boxing tradition and other, similar bloodsports which rears it’s head when they have enough participants to justify one. In many Taekwondo tournaments, you can easily end up with a 150 pound black belt sparring one weighing in at 250. And you won’t know what they weigh anyway because there is no “weighing in”.

I’ve explained before why there are weight classes in boxing. The moment you stop and realize that it’s a sport with a purpose to make money, the reasoning behind the weight classes will become fairly clear. (Hint: it’s entertainment and aesthetics.)

That said, the “boxing champions are generally men” crap is, well, crap. They don’t let women box men professionally, or at the collegiate level. It’s hard to make a case for muscle mass when citing professional sports where women are barred from competing. Now, there was a time when there were women boxers who boxed with each other and against men. In the 1800s, it was called bareknuckle boxing. This is the granddaddy version of modern boxing, when it was all back alleys without gloves or handwraps.

That said, women’s boxing is making a comeback at the collegiate level. There’s a National Champion in Women’s Collegiate Boxing walking around somewhere in the US right now. There are multiple female martial arts champions from a variety of disciplines wandering around all over the world. The UFC has opened a division for female fighters. This is like asking why there aren’t female wrestlers (there are) or female quarterbacks (there are). One of the greatest snipers in history is a woman.

You just don’t hear about them or the women who did the hard work pushing back to fight for the categories to be re-added.

That said, comparing the restrictions applied in sports to a person’s “fighting ability” is a mistake. You’re not asking an honest question so much as floundering for a popular misconception. It’s essentially the same as saying, “it’s ridiculous for there to be female fighters in this historical fiction because there were no female warriors”.

1) That assertion is patently false.

2) When one gender is barred from participating by the established rules of a modern sport whose history you don’t understand, you can’t then turn around and ask why most of the champions are men.

History makes a case for a lot of female combatants throughout history, but you’re not going to know they’re there if you don’t go looking for them. Their accomplishments tend to get wiped out.


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Fell!Verse/Fell!Reset design contest

After much consideration I have decided to start a design competiton for two characters I can’t seem to get ahold of. Fell! NoVerse, and Fell! Reset. 


1. I want Reset to be more self-centered and egotistical, and have some iteration of the original design in his. Keep the color palette similar. Mention these to me.

2. NoVerse needs to be more anxious and awkward. I want his scarf to be red and still mobile, but otherwise feel free to explore with his design.

3. You may enter for both, but post them seperately.

4. I do not want recolors of art, bases drawn over, and I don’t want anything gory. I want you to draw it and I want the drawing to focus on the character.

5. I am not doing this based on level of experience in the person, but moreso on the design and reasoning behind it. That would be biased. Not everyone is experienced.

6. I am going to include this here: I KNOW NOT EVERYONE WILL WIN SOMETHING AND I AM SORRY. This is my first contest! However, I will have a list of special mentions for good design work, but lackluster in something I saw necessary.

—-note - Tag your design #Fell Raven Contest and tag me in it when it’s done!

Now I cannot give out money as prizes, however I will have 5 placings to get a piece of artwork! I will start at the lowest prize, and go to the highest.

5th place

5th place will recieve a sketch of one character

4th place

4th place will receive either a colored sketch of one character or a normal sketch of up to three

3rd place

A basic lineart of any character of their choosing

2nd place 

A colored lineart piece of up to two characters and a shout-out from me, possibly a basic background

1st place

A fully colored and shaded lineart of up to two characters, with either a simple or complex background depending.

And, of course, the designs become canon in the Versefell and Inspire (fallen) Justice universes!


So here’s the third place prize for the random draw competition I’ll be holding next week. Stay tuned Monday when I announced the date and time of the competition! 

Based this sketch off of the Gorillaz lens app commercial. Murdoc is sexy as fuck in leather…


Okay so over the weekend this blog reached 100 followers (and it’s not even 6 months old wh o a) but even so!! this is a cause for celebration!

Earlier on I set up a little poll and the results of the poll wasssss…


Alrightttt, here’s how things are gonna go;

1) You MUST be following me, it’s okay to follow during this, it means you get a chance for it, but don’t unfollow right after, that’s a bit mean.

2) Like AND reblog this so that I know you’re taking part.

3) For the ‘competition’ part, you can simply draw any one of my kids (Click here to look at them), just be sure to submit them and I’ll put them in a folder where me and a few of my friends will judge!

There will be three winners;

1st place will receive: Two detailed pieces, and a detailed headshot of any character.

2nd place will receive: One flat coloured piece, and a detailed headshot of any character.

And 3rd place will receive: Two headshot pieces, one detailed and one flat colour, of any character.

Contest ends on October 15!

Honestly, thank you all, so, so much for this. - The Mun


I had to redo this darn thing because I got bumped up by three followers over the week.

Here’s an appreciation shout out to you guys.

I’m not stopping at a GIF though. I want to do another thing.

Some of you may know that my greatest skill/passion is creative writing. I also love art. I’m not that good at it, but there it is.

How to mix this?

Well, I know there’s a lot of creative people out there. You sketch, you draw, you paint, you edit, etc.

I want to do an art competition!

The prize will be a piece written for the winner! It will be based on the content of the piece as well.

I would like to point out that we are not solely judging based on how “good” the art is. Rather, the content is what the judging will be based off of. You don’t have to be a fantastic artist, you just have to be the most inspiring in one of the four categories. Please read all of the rules and guidelines below. (general rules, prize and submission guidelines included)

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Can I Cry

I’m a relatively new DM I’ve only run three sessions before this one with a separate group. I ran this group at college so for the summer break I got a new group together with some childhood friends I haven’t seen in a while. I decided to try a weird campaign setting to improve my skills as a DM a bit so I had this campaign take place in the 1980’s and thus I had all of the players create characters centered around it. A lot of them kind of just winged it but my favorite overall was my friend who created Michael Vick. He only wanted three things in his inventory, a football uniform, a football, and a D1 scholarship (since he was a senior in high school)

After some campy 80’s movie type shenanigans I have them facing off in a room with some kobolds. Michael Vick recently lost an art competition that all the players decided to take part in for some reason and was redrawing his failed clown drawing all over the table in front of him. The other players then picked up the table and threw it at some kobolds effectively ruining his work. When we get to Michael’s turn he just looks at me and I’m thinking he’s gonna go into a rage and start attacking everyone he just simply says “Can I cry?”

I reply with a “Sure”

Michael then adds “Ok I do, then I look at my D1 scholarship and wonder if I really deserve it”