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I so often want to message you and just randomly chat about yoi and other nice things but I get so shy and worry you find it to be a bother or something ;~~; you seem like a huge sweetheart though legit im just so paranoid about that stuff

askdjfklj this is honestly the most relatable feeling though
you can talk to me about yoi!!! I’m always happy to talk about yoi. you can even send me memes tbh, I’m just happy that you’d like to talk to me at all ;v; 

‘Auditions open now for a fabulous new art competition with real cash money prizes! (we’re at $40!)

Ms Paints Art Race! If you like to draw characters and fashion come join us and audition

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Bird Art Competition Update

The competition is now closed and winners have been chosen.

Blind Bird Drawing Winner

Cockatiel, drawn by Kimifeathers.

Non-Dominant Bird Drawing Winner

Amazon, drawn by Butler-Atwood.

Bad Bird Drawing Winner

Cockatiel, by Tieltavern.

Thankyou to everyone who entered! I will be contacting the winners with further instructions and posting runners up at a later date.

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how long have you been drawing for about?? i'm just really curious because i think your art style is absolutely gorgeous!

let’s do a climb’s art thru the years bc everybody’s got to start somewhere

2008 - age 10 (ms paint + trackpad for days)

2009 - age 11 (i think i got my first tablet this year? very edgy)

2010 - age 12 (the birth of casey + finally using reference photos. did mainly traditional art)

2011 - age 13 (went thru a long period of doing traditional inks and then coloring digitally, not much art this year bc i actually had a social life 4 a change)

2012 - age 14 (edgy art bc of a lot of personal shit that happened. also believe it or not i won 1st place at a all-state hs art competition with this picture and i was the youngest kid to win wow)

2013 - age 15 (started getting into watercolors + skulls)

2014 - age 16 (more watercolors and skulls, finally started improving w digital painting)

2015 - age 17 (got back into warrior cats and did commissions out the butthole)

2016 - age 18 (started noodlers and started animating)

2017 - age 19 (more focus on stylized stuff and trying to improve my style)

“Awards are lovely and of course I’d much rather win them than not win them, but it’s not really what it’s all about. It’s not why you make films and why you become an actor. One of the reasons I like awards, in particular the smaller ones, is that they are celebrations of the art. It’s less about competition on who’s the best. The bigger they get, the more they become a self-fulfilling industry thing. So, yeah, they are important and they are not important. Of course they are important for your profile, but they are less important for me in terms of my own self-worth.”

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Werid question but how do you get your traditional artwork to look so smooth but also sketchy? If that makes sense.

My main things are (this turned out to be a lot longer than I thought! Srry!)

Loose lines: draw with your whole arm if you can! (drawing anchored to your wrist can lead to Carpal tunnel syndrome.. and no one wants that)

Full lines: try to keep your lines fluid, fast and long (as opposed to short and scratchy lines that make one big line) look for YouTube videos on gesture drawing! Get things down quick and flesh them out later, usually the first thing we mark down will be the most accurate when doing gestures!

Sketch lightly: use heavy lines sparingly! They can really define a sketch but be sparing, there can be too much of a good thing. I always start sketches almost invisibly light to map out the bare bones of my drawings! Then because they’re so light, you don’t have to erase them if you don’t want to!

Shapes: shapes r your friends!! 🌸 use shapes to get the (figurative or literal) skeleton down!! Almost anything can be boiled down to basic shapes!

REFERENCE: IT! IS! OK! TO! REFERENCE! I can’t stress this enough, free reference photo databases are just a google away! Learn that anatomy fam! Even if you’re doing cartoons, it will be so much easier with the anatomical knowledge! Also, I have no problem with learning artists referencing my art when starting out with drawing.. 2 RULES TO REFERENCING PRE-EXISTING ART: 1) don’t claim it’s your art. 2) ask the artist if it’s cool first! Some aren’t okay with it and ya gotta respect it! ❤Also try to get off the crutch of referencing pre-existing art quickly! Referencing art helps you practice, but nothing beats referencing from real, organic life, because that’s where your style will come out.

Simplify: esp. pertaining to expressions, the more you complicate things, the harder it will be for it to read. It will get lost among the busyness. Look at the drawing as a whole as opposed to only paying attention for details. Don’t be concerned with making a masterpiece!! Sketchbooks should be messy!

Get back to basics: anatomy, colour theory and the elements of design!!! they help a whole heck of a lot!!! Never be satisfied with your knowledge of these basic things bc you learned them in like kindergarten,, okay????

A(cting)RT: you can convey a LOT if you have the mindset of telling a story with your sketch!

Cheap: don’t worry abt using fancy shmancy supplies! I get mine from the dollar store (sketchbook, erasers and mechanical pencils! Definitely get good paper if ur using copics or high quality markers but like I literally only sketch traditionally w pencil… ) I find I’m so scared to use expensive sketchbooks that I hardly draw in them and I hate everything I draw. I go through like 1 or more sketchbooks a month so… that would rack up quick if I was using like $20.00 sketchbooks instead of $2.00 ones.

Listen: Listen to music or podcasts or audio books or drawing tutorials if it helps!! It can sometimes even influence the mood of your drawing :0

Sketch often: every day if you can!! It’s a good habit if you want to get better!! And therapeutic!!!

Accept CONSTRUCTIVE criticism!!: It’s not an insult! It’s someone else’s view! Get critiqued often! And actually listen!! Know the difference between constructive and destructive!! Also join a community! Meet other artist! Collaborate! Art isn’t a competition! ❤

quick round!

Study art history: they’re famous for a reason!

Draw inspiration from everywhere!

When referencing, draw what you see, not what you know!

Think about drawing in 3D, more like it’s sculpting instead of drawing! Everything is made of flat plains and will cast shadows!!

If you’re up to it, challenge yourself! You’ll only get better if you step out of your comfort zone! Try to draw one new thing each sketching session!


Don’t stress!: most important drawing tip! Drawing is supposed to be fun and therapeutic because it doesn’t have to be anything! All art is art and everyone who makes art is an artist, it’s not some exclusive club, we all start somewhere! This is your art journey! Enjoy the ride!

I know you just wanted to know about how I sketch but I couldn’t help myself!!! Sorry! Hope this helps! 🌸
-hanna ❤

Ilvermorny House Headcanons

Horned Serpents: writing stories together; finding quiet hiding places around the school where they can go to just think; always coming up with off the wall ideas of things to do on the weekends; those weekends often spent just reading in the common room instead; heated arguments on theoretical things; morning birds drinking tea as the sun comes up; scented candles always burning; classical music; having the most wonderful ideas but never being able to properly express them

Wampus: laying down on the floor in the common room; knowing the coffee is hot, but drinking it anyway; burning their tongues; caffeinated drinks only; singing their favorite songs together out loud with no music, for no reason; hardcore pillow fights that get really intense and last hours; game night every Wednesday; coming up with new ways to make studying more bearable; being very connected to everything around them

Thunderbird: weekends spent outside; finding parts of class really interesting and researching them in the library just for fun; art competitions; made up games; secret parties; celebrating every holiday they can (flag day, national hat day, etc.); fighting over choosing the music; wacky foods, because they always want to try everything; exploring school grounds; always just wanting to do SOMETHING

Pukwudgie: plants everywhere; strange healing methods that oddly work; never going to the infirmary because they have their house-mates; always planning something; poetry readings; backstabbing not tolerated; equality; selling healing potions to classmates with colds; always smell good; the helping hand to anyone who needs it; study buddies; late night hair styling; compliment machines if you seem like you need one; always feeling obligated to help even if they can’t


Hi guys,

Minx here and I’m running another art competition. This time I’ve tweaked a few things due to things raised in the last one. So PLEASE read all this.

1/ This one will be for a slightly longer period from today April 1st. The final deadline is for May 10th 2017. Winners will be announced May 20th.

2/ First prize as before is a 13inch Cintiq. I will also be giving away 2 tablets similar to this

 3/ You must be over 18

4/ You MUST NOT submit under Anonymous SO many of you did last time so we had no way of contacting. You MUST link to your DeviantArt or Tumblr or your art web page with every submission. 

5/ You can’t use tracings.Or photo manipulations or CGI work.

6/ If you steal art, upload it here as your own and we catch you (this did happen last time) I may pursue legal action against you if it results in me getting in trouble. 

7/ You MUST tag the submission with the game it is for so, for example, Uno would be “#uno”. You must also use #contest on each submission. You must also include your country of residence.

8/ The thumbnail must feature the “Minx” character ideally taking up a large portion of the screen. 

9/ The games I am taking submissions for are as follows. You can submit multiple pieces of art. You submit at

Town Of Salem

Outlast 2

Little Nightmares

Cards Against Humanity

Transparent Scared Minx’s

Transparent Minx face looking “thirsty” (lol)

Throne Of Lies

Season 2 SOS Thumbnails - This would require a transparent Minx & Deaf looking angry or disgusted etc. For reference on what Deaf looks like check his channel


By submitting art to the artforminx blog you give me full legal permission to use it any way I see fit in any context however I wish. I will credit art used as long as details of what link to credit are given.