Dont worry Angela, He’s ready to take your place for when you need to get a rest!!!


This is a set of sketches and a story I did senior year of College for a small book I wanted to make as a personal project. It never came to completion but I have adapted the themes into a concept for a 2 part anthology I plan making someday in the future. I called it dissociation, which essentially means a disconnect between two things because I’ve always felt that my thoughts, actions, and emotions function in a lot of different pieces rather than one whole working mechanism.

✨Fallen in love with Hawkins, or with Eleven and the gang?✨ This is a potential Stranger Things Zine, centered around the hit Netflix series. Before setting up applications, we’d like to see how many people would be interested in participating or purchasing! 

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me: don’t think about concept mercy

also me: angelo zielger would have been a black swiss man with romantic ties to genji shimada. concept mercy would get all the skins current mercy has now. concept mercy as a sexy wizard. concept mercy as a greek god with a Great Chest. concept mercy as a viking. 


i looooove concept mercyyy he’s gorgeous and amazing and i’m so disappointed he’s not the mercy we ended up getting!!!!

anyways I love the idea of Angela and him being adoptive siblings. They both developed the Valkyrie tech together and she went to work with Overwatch while he decided to be a doctor in crisis areas, so they don’t see each other a lot but they write 

Also I love when people call him Angelo but I thought it would be kinda awkward if Angela is still in the mix hdfjdkf