Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (天元突破グレンラガン)

The elaborate and dynamic art illustrated by character designer Atsushi Nishigori (錦織敦史) exclusively for the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann COMPLETE Blu-ray BOX is generously displayed in the art book Telegenic! (Amazon US | JP).

Lost Avatar/Korra Art Books

During the Avatar the Last Airbender” Legend and Legacy Panel, two art books were given away as prizes by accident. They were both signed, and one of them had a folded poster (also signed) on the inside of the book.
These art books were my books. The Avatar the Last Airbender book has signatures from so many of the talents from the show, especially a signature by Ryu next to my favorite Smellerbee. The funny thing is, I know how they were given as prizes by mistake, and I have an idea of which cosplayers may have them, but I have no idea how to contact them.
I am sure it is extremely exciting to be gifted art books with dozens of drawings, sentiments, and signatures, I hate to ask this… but if you have these books, would you contact me? I would like to send you brand new books in exchange for the return of my books. They are not signed for “Avatar_Mom”, they are signed for “Star”. That is my name…
I believe that cosplayer 7 from the cosplay contest, or Kuvira number 8 may be the awesome fans caring for them now. But, any of the winners could have them now, so I would love if fans would check. If you were at the Avatar the Last Airbender: Legend and Legacy Fan Panel, and know these great fans, (or you are these fans), I will not only send you your own copies, but I will pay for the shipping costs, and I will send you a thank you gift for their return. I have years of memories in both the art books. The poster in one of the books is a poster I had signed for a fan who could not attend SDCC.
Thank you so much for your time and thoughts everyone! Most important, thank you for attending our wonderful panels.


The first time the Department of Teeny-weeny Wonders featured the tiny handmade creations of Denver, CO-based artist Evan Lorenzen we shared photos of his book entitled “The Mini Book of Major Events.” This time we’re paging through an equally tiny volume that explores a smaller, but no less delightful theme, “Life’s Lil Pleasures.” From the sounds of rain and chirping birds to eating cereal from your enemy’s skull, and balloons, this itty-bitty book is full miniature illustrations of things that make us glad to be alive, you know, the little things.

To check out more of Evan Lorenzen’s work, including tiny art, illustrations and animations, follow him right here on Tumblr at artandsuchevan or check out his website, Instagram feed and Facebook page.

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Yurikuma Arashi (ユリ熊嵐)

The Yurikuma Arashi Perfect Guide (Amazon US | JP) includes even more designs and costumes for Lulu Yurigasaki than the previous book, with art by anime character designer Etsuko Sumimoto (住本悦子). 


The Notion of Family Photographs by LaToya Ruby Frazier

In this, her first book, LaToya Ruby Frazier offers an incisive exploration of the legacy of racism and economic decline in America’s small towns, as embodied by her hometown of Braddock, Pennsylvania. The work also considers the impact of that decline on the community and on her family, creating a statement both personal and truly political—an intervention in the histories and narratives of the region. 

With The Notion of Family, Frazier knowingly acknowledges and expands upon the traditions of classic black-and-white documentary photography, enlisting the participation of her family—and her mother in particular. As Frazier says, her mother is “coauthor, artist, photographer, and subject. Our relationship primarily exists through a process of making images together. I see beauty in all her imperfections and abuse.” In the creation of these collaborative works, Frazier reinforces the idea of art and image-making as a transformative act, a means of resetting traditional power dynamics and narratives, both those of her family and those of the community at large.

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Mauve is the first modern synthetic dye, but its discovery in 1856 was not intentional. Given the assignment to find a cure for malaria using coal tar, 18-year-old William Henry Perkins, a student at the Royal College of Chemistry, did not succeed in finding a revolutionary medicine, but instead noticed that he was left with a beautifully-colored residue. Perkins would file his first patent for the color in 1857 and his coal tar dye would go on to become all the rage, even becoming a color of choice for Queen Victoria. 

Find out more about mauve and other early dyes and pigments in The Brilliant History of Color in Art!

Image caption & credit: Mauve sample from The American Practical Dyer’s Companion by E. J. Bird. 1882. Los Angeles, Getty Research Institute. 


In this episode of Cool Stuff in the Mail, we have Hugs and Misses: 30 Postcards of Awkward Romance. Hey, we’ve all been there – the bad blind date, the miscommunication, the bumbling idiot. Artist Wilhelm Staehle makes whimsical cutouts that bring these priceless moments to life, collected here as a series of postcards. As you can see, the animals are my favorite, because who doesn’t love personification? Check out more of the artist’s work here.

–Intern Bita


Atsushi Nishigori Animation Works Telegenic! (Amazon US | JP) features new art with characters from The Idolmaster, Gurren Lagann, and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt on the dust jacket, but underneath are two Goripon-style school girls!