Majestic Landscapes are Captured Reflected on South Korean Lakes by Jaewoon U

South Korean photographer Jaewoon U captures the magical and rich colors of the South Korean countryside. Reflected on the lakes of rural landscape, the photographer manages to capture the beauty of his artistry and the imagery of the scenery in his photography.

He intelligently exposes the artistic and organic tool of symmetry found in nature. He showcases the harmony of its rivers and injects a large dose of wanderlust into our bloodstream.

Above the Gokyo Lakes, Nepal

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Gold-Fused Sculptures Made From Remnants of Shattered Porcelain

According to Korean tradition, artisans have a habit of destroying and discarding imperfect pieces. Since 2001 Korean artist Yeesookyung has taken these porcelain fragments, creating beautiful, imperfect sculptures by fusing them with gold leaf in the Japanese tradition of kintsugi. #Love it!

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