Happy International Artist’s Day to all the artsy people out there!
Let’s take a moment to appreciate their hard work and amazing talent, and hope that they will continue to make us happy with their art in the future.
Art is super important.
Also, have some daddy!Cullen in honor of this special day! <3
Because. Cullen + kids? Always a winner.
Might repost it later because I’m still not satisfied with how it looks, idk.


AND DONE. I’m going to have a fuckin cup of tea. 

Anyways, here’s Naga!N and DL having a moment. Well, as much as a moment as can be between them. 

This was based on the awesome Naga AU that @tinybalt came up with a short while ago and I took it upon myself to make some self-indulgent nonsense (because I’m self-insert trash and all kinds of monster folk are my jam!). I hope you like it, I had a lot of fun doodling this up. :)

The pose reference was from here:


🌹 Billie Piper - Rare Pipers Collection 🌹

Billie Piper Appreciation Week - Baby!Billie before Doctor Who

Canterbury Tales | Bella and the Boys | The Calcium Kid 

Things to Do Before You’re 30 | Spirit Trap

#Copenhagen mom started , an incredible #Instagram account that features kids engaging with #art all over the world, to show people that kids can appreciate art as much as adults do: “I love art, and if I wanted to see any while on maternity leave, I had to bring my girls - so I did,” she said. “Other moms always told me that they admired my courage, but that they would never bring young kids into a museum. They were afraid that their kids would be bored, break something, cry, make a mess or something worse.” “Well, I’ve tried most of those things, and I still think that museums and kids are a great combo. Museums and art make people relax and think about life from a different perspective - and kids benefit too. Kids are great with art. Their imagination is wonderful, and they see and notice all sorts of things that grownups miss.”


I FINALLY COLOURED Naga!N. It took me a lot of time to do so I’ll be colouring in DL after a little break. I’ve never actually like drawn or coloured a Naga before so erm aye hope you all like it so far ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ)

( @tinybalt and @missmisdreavus have been getting spammed with the WIP stuff I do apologise lol)

Peas and luv 💕


Though Emilio appreciates everyone wanting to beat up Trent, he doesn’t want Rocco involved :O Emilio is a closed book omfg making’ shit harder.


He kinda already knew Trent anyway :OOOOO


Commissions are OPEN!

Due to a mess up at the student loans company i am going to be without a lot money for a while and I have too pay rent on the 13th so I’m opening these commissions up in the hope I can at least gain enough money that I won’t get charged by the bank when i go overdrawn.

Email me at and tell me what you want me to do and I will give you an estimate of time that it will take me to complete the commission, I will prioritise by the quickest first but if they are all on the same level I will do first to last. Also if you want me to make the drawing at a specific size don’t forget to mention it, for example i cant resize pixel art once its drawn!

I prefer to be paid first so I know I won’t waste time on something that I’m not even going to get paid for when I could be doing one I will be, if for some reason you need the money back I will refund you but if I have already started doing your commission I will only give a partial refund to compensate my time. I will try not to take any longer than 3 weeks.

The method of payment is via paypal but I am using the email invoice payment method as I don’t wish to have my real name visible, so I will send you an invoice to your email address and there should be a button to make your payment, I will leave it on the span of 10 days to pay the invoice so if you don’t pay it during that time I will assume you changed your mind but if you just missed my email don’t be afraid to message me about it!

If there is anything else you wish to discuss or inquire about I’m all ears and thank you for taking your time to commission me! <3

they did it, they’re free :’)

happy late 4/13, thanks for the lovely hectic tearjerking memorable sporadicly updating comic hussie