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Commissions are OPEN!

Due to a mess up at the student loans company i am going to be without a lot money for a while and I have too pay rent on the 13th so I’m opening these commissions up in the hope I can at least gain enough money that I won’t get charged by the bank when i go overdrawn.

Email me at and tell me what you want me to do and I will give you an estimate of time that it will take me to complete the commission, I will prioritise by the quickest first but if they are all on the same level I will do first to last. Also if you want me to make the drawing at a specific size don’t forget to mention it, for example i cant resize pixel art once its drawn!

I prefer to be paid first so I know I won’t waste time on something that I’m not even going to get paid for when I could be doing one I will be, if for some reason you need the money back I will refund you but if I have already started doing your commission I will only give a partial refund to compensate my time. I will try not to take any longer than 3 weeks.

The method of payment is via paypal but I am using the email invoice payment method as I don’t wish to have my real name visible, so I will send you an invoice to your email address and there should be a button to make your payment, I will leave it on the span of 10 days to pay the invoice so if you don’t pay it during that time I will assume you changed your mind but if you just missed my email don’t be afraid to message me about it!

If there is anything else you wish to discuss or inquire about I’m all ears and thank you for taking your time to commission me! <3

The child is the first artist. Out of the material around him he creates a world of his own.
—  Carleton Noyes, The Gate of Appreciation, 1907 (He continues: “His play is his expression. He creates; and he is able to merge himself in the thing created. In his play he loses all consciousness of self… Then comes a change…. Imagination surrenders to the intellect; emotion gives place to knowledge. Gradually the material world shuts in about us until it becomes for us a hard, inert thing, and no longer a living, changing presence, instinct with infinite possibilities of experience and feeling… It happens, unfortunately for our enjoyment of life, that we get used to things. Little by little we come to accept them, to take them for granted, and they cease to mean anything to us… Unless the world is new-created every day… unless each new day is a gift and new opportunity, then we cannot interpret the meaning of life nor read the riddle of art. For we cannot truly appreciate art except as we learn to appreciate life.”)

Happy International Artist’s Day to all the artsy people out there!
Let’s take a moment to appreciate their hard work and amazing talent, and hope that they will continue to make us happy with their art in the future.
Art is super important.
Also, have some daddy!Cullen in honor of this special day! <3
Because. Cullen + kids? Always a winner.
Might repost it later because I’m still not satisfied with how it looks, idk.

they did it, they’re free :’)

happy late 4/13, thanks for the lovely hectic tearjerking memorable sporadicly updating comic hussie


🌹 Billie Piper - Rare Pipers Collection 🌹

Billie Piper Appreciation Week - Baby!Billie before Doctor Who

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Things to Do Before You’re 30 | Spirit Trap

Posted my new painting “Song of our Ancestors” and it’s getting a lot of love. I truly appreciate all the likes and shares and stuff.
When I was a kid despising school, art was my one refuge. It seemed to be the one thing I didn’t suck at in school. It makes me so happy to have folks appreciate my art today. Thank you from that little curly haired kid who use to drawing in the corner of the classroom.

The binary brush, more like the artblock remover. Here’s a bunch of rough doodles of random things that i felt like drawing, to get myself back to work ~