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it always makes me laugh when an artist/entertainer takes a stance on a political issue and there’s an immediate influx of people telling them to stick to their art form and stay away from politics like…y’all realize that the point of a democracy is everyone getting a say regardless of their background right? like the career path someone chooses doesn’t negate their right to political input 

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen will serve as co-chairs for this year’s Met Gala.
The Met Gala will take place May 1st, Katy Perry and Pharrell will co-host alongside Anna Wintour. According to People magazine, the gala will honor Comme des Garçons designer Rei Kawakubo’s work. The exhibit will examine the “Art of the In-Between” and show how her work challenged norms on beauty, taste and fashion.


Beyoncé Full 2017 Grammy Awards Performance.

Hello Kitty Theme Park” 2011

Sanrio’s delightfully adorable feline friend, Hello Kitty, is an international kawaii icon who has been part of their character lineup since 1974. She is a multi-billion dollar brand, so, a theme park presence was a no-brainer. In addition to appearing at both Japan’s Sanrio Puroland and Sanrio Harmonyland, Hello Kitty now has her very own theme park in China. Shown here is a concept for the entrance plaza done by The Hettema Group. Although never built as such, the colorful art captures the fun, lovable style that has made Hello Kitty the cutest cat in town.

Art ©️ The Hettema Group
Here's A Fact-Check On Milo Yiannopoulos' Incendiary Claims About Trans People
In short: He's wrong, wrong, wrong. Absolutely wrong.

This piece of shit is a waste of oxygen!