Enchanting & Dark Fairy Tale Paintings by Elise Mahan

Artist and educator Elise Mahan creates exquisite and mysterious paintings inspired by her research in astronomy, natural history, art history, the environment and her work with children. Her magical illustrations contain an uncanny dark fairy tale and storytelling quality, which connects surreal landscapes with nature’s beauty.

With the use of gouache, watercolor, ink, pencil, graphite, metallic pigments, and collage elements, Mahan composes enchanting compositions, which combine transitional elements with spooky and uniquely abstract details.Deeply inspired by the moon and the sky, most of Mahan’s work connects with the symbolic meaning of mystery and intrigue find in everyday life and in nature. Find her work in her Etsy shop.

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I’m working on a minute long animation with the song “Alone Together” by Fall Out Boy. I finished the storyboard and I’m working on lining all the backgrounds, which there’s about 37 of them. Hopefully this weekend I can get started on officially animating scenes. 

If you want to see my progress on this animation and the complete storyboard,  Support My Patreon Thank you~

Finishing up the Kickstarter exclusive PDF tutorial where I outline my process for making the initial pin designs in Photoshop (though heck, parts may apply to other art programs too, and you can make some sweet tattoo designs n such with this!) It’s going to go over using the pen tool primarily, how I organize my layers, and little tips I’ve picked up in making sure my designs could be manufactured! Depending on the amount of time I have I might be putting the previous tutorial in the PDF as well so it’s all in one nice package. 

Like I said, this is exclusive to Kickstarter backers, so I won’t be releasing it on Gumroad or here after the Kickstarter wraps up. Pledged already? All $5+ pledges will receive the digital copy of this PDF! Haven’t pledged yet? Please check out the project and maybe grab yourself a cool pin while preorders are still available! 

Check out the project here!