Anti with kagune 👀💚. This is what I made for an art trade with @maria_skeet on Instagram.

Hello!! I’ve revived 😤💕.

Here’s the result of me being confused about a kagune when @/maria_skeet asked me to make one with Anti. I think if he was a ghoul, he would be an Ukaku. Don’t @ me, I searched for the types on the wiki, the description was cool so I wanted to mention it lol.

I am finally learning how to manage colours 😭💞💞.

Hope you like it! 😤♥️

My half of an art trade with @haveyouheardofthathairshow! She asked for a Teenage Adira, and I’d like to think I nailed making Adira look like a baby-faced teenager while still making her look like… well. Her.

SO BEHOLD, Sassy Teenager Adira, looking less than impressed with… Someone.

This was fun! Thanks, Beth!