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What about you, Connor? You look human, you sound human. But what are you really?


Dragon AU: Medic

Medic is a Southern German dragon, a species sporting curved claws for the mountainous terrain and a highly valued breath of healing. With this uber, which is produced by an organ, Medic can heal his fellow teammates. Medic attacks with vicious claw swipes and a bone-saw like tail, which can indeed slice straight through dragon bone. He also uses it for surgery.

So I’m pretty happy with medic dragon and hope to complete the whole team! Look out for them!

This is the ultimate figure skating power couple with their kids after their last world championship as competive figure skaters, one last time they stand side by side on the podium, and for the picture they take their kids with them.

The oldest girl is called Irinia and the baby is called Emi. Irinia is 3 years and Emi is 3 months old.
Victor is 33 and Yuuri’s 29.

Part 3 of my child AU

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