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What are your favorite supplies to use? Like brand wise too

Traditional - Prismcolour coloured pencils; Copic or Touch or Prismacolour markers; Van Gogh Watercolour; all on Canson Mixed Media (90lb) or Watercolour (140lb) sketchbooks. For just pencil sketching, I usually use Staedtler or Faber Castell. 

Digital: Adobe Photoshop or Medibang Paint Pro; Wacom Cintiq Pro 16″ on a Macbook Pro. 


cheaper suggestions for inktober

1. refillable brush pens

you can get packs like these for pretty cheap on Amazon. You can fill them with whatever kind of ink you want. I like them because they’re portable, clean, and really versatile. If you get a 3 pack, I’d suggest filling one with waterproof ink, one with water soluble ink, and one with water. Or you try filling them up with various colors! I find it way more cost efficient than getting one of the pentel brush pens because their refill cartidges can be kind of expensive.

2. Sharpies

Again, Amazon is your friend here. You can chisel an edge off with an x-acto knife to get more dynamic lines.

3. literally any pen you already have.

Ballpoint pens. Gel pens. Crayolas. Anything. It’s free and you really don’t need expensive art materials to participate in inktober.

Have fun and get spooky