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Opened up Critical Role-based art prompts on twitter and got “Gilmore gets a pet” and “Gilmore has a baby dragon” so I combined the two! I wasn’t sure which colour I preferred so here are both! 

I love you.
I love you.

When you say something too many times, it begins to lose its meaning.
I know this because I read it somewhere.
I know this because I felt this somewhere.
I love you.
Do you still love me?

How could we turn into strangers when you held my hand and gently promised me that this comfort with last for as long as we’re alive?
Now even a look at you has become so unfamiliar that I’d rather just look away.
Maybe this is what you meant by “As long as we’re alive.”
How could I still be alive with so many pieces of me missing, so many holes I’m trying to fill in with alcohol and spilled ink, so many lines on my palms that you claimed with your kisses?

All my life, I’ve been an actor.
I contort my emotions and make everyone believe I am someone other than myself.
Yet, the toughest role I’ve ever been forced to play is to act like we never knew each other. To choke back my tears, and rub my eyes and say I’m just tired every time they start welling up, to act like there’s nothing constantly missing from my arms.
I think maybe I’ve gotten so good at this that I can’t believe I’m myself anymore.
And the worst part is, I can’t hold this facade up for too long.
It keeps melting and have to keep building it up and I don’t know if I have the energy to keep doing this.

I still love you.
I still love you.
I’m afraid my words have lost all meaning,
And I’m afraid I will never be sorry to say that I’ll never stop loving you.
Even when I’m constantly falling apart.

—  Tamarind Fall; Writing prompt: Now we act like strangers but I’m not sorry to say I’m still in love with you.

anonymous asked:

For the prompt thing maybe like super tipsy dex? Thank you your like wonderful and amazing I love you

(ft. tipsy-but-less-noticeably-so Lardo!)

I’ve been thinking more about Dex and Lardo’s friendship after this sketch and it occurred to me that Lardo loves ducklings and Dex, as a CS major, probably owns a rubber duck.

Also Dex is a soft and sleepy drunk thanks bye

(come prompt me!)

Okay, i understand you all probably want some Voltron: Season 2 stuff, but in my defense i finished this days before then and just forgot it existed until just now XD So yeah, have some out of the blue Chibi!Laurent as i work on some Klance and maybe oTHer sTuFF if you guys have any requests XD

ragilbysenpai14  asked:

youriko c1

{Send me two characters and a pose}

Here you are!! YouRiko is such a precious ship… the more I see it around and think about it, the cuter it seems. So it’s nice to have an excuse to draw some lol. I’m fairly happy with how this turned out, yay!!

Artwork © 2017 Siobhan (
Riko, (Watanabe) You, Love Live! Sunshine!! © Ascii Media Works’ Dengeki G Magazine, Lantis, and Sunrise
Do not use without permission, and please don’t repost/remove credits; thank you!

illuminest  asked:

Timmelith: ♕ – White Queen — What makes you feel powerful?

The Scryer threw back his luminescent cape in a haughty flourish. “Undoubtedly one would assume that a proficient magister such as I would be drunk on the power which permeates throughout his entire being!” His smile, albeit strained, beamed while he pointed his thumb at himself. “Alas, it is not a vice that whets my appetite. I am a servant to my teachings and students, first and foremost. Knowing that eventually my instruction will help shape their future as well as the imprint they will assuredly leave behind is a feeling that is truly… euphoric for me.”

He exhaled a breath, the plaster of his proud features crumbling by degrees and leaving behind a distant look in his eyes. Gradually the weight of his unspoken thoughts caused his shoulders to sag.

Outfit Prompts!

Reblog this and have followers send you asks/requests on what number outfit they’d like to see a character drawn in! You can also just do these whenever you want as a day-by-day challenge. Just remember to enjoy yourselves!

  1. Work clothes
  2. Colorful clothes
  3. Blue jeans
  4. Torn-up jeans
  5. Cold weather pajamas
  6. Warm weather pajamas
  7. A tank top
  8. Short shorts
  9. Thigh-high socks
  10. Victorian era clothing
  11. A sunhat
  12. A floral shirt
  13. Khaki pants/shorts
  14. Space-patterned clothing (shirt, pants, shoes, socks, whatever!)
  15. Suspenders
  16. Bow tie
  17. Finger-less gloves
  18. Paint-stained clothes
  19. Dangling earrings
  20. Feminine school uniform
  21. Masculine school uniform
  22. Tap shoes
  23. Pastel sweater
  24. Leg warmers
  25. Swimwear
  26. Ice cream person uniform
  27. Just a towel and nothing else
  28. Tennis outfit
30 Days NSFW Challenge

NSFW November!

  1. Cuddles (naked)
  2. Kiss (naked)
  3. First time
  4. Masturbation
  5. Blow job
  6. Clothed getting off
  7. Dressed/naked (half dressed)
  8. Skype sex
  9. Against the wall
  10. Doggy style
  11. Dom/sub
  12. Fingering
  13. Rimming
  14. 69
  15. Sweet and passionate
  16. In public place
  17. On the floor
  18. Morning lazy sex
  19. Outdoors, woods, parks, gardens
  20. Your own kink
  21. Shower sex
  22. On the desk
  23. Trying new position
  24. Shy
  25. With toys
  26. Boring sex
  27. Rough, biting, scratch
  28. Role playing
  29. With food
  30. Whatever pleases you
Poly Ship Meme

Because most ship memes are for pairings, and those ships with 3+ people need more love and attention!

Can either send a poly ship to fill out every question or send a poly ship + a number, and can be used as prompts rather than as a questionnaire for either drawing or writing

(YES I am doing this so send me a poly ship + number!!!)

1. A large spider has gotten into the house/apartment. How does each person react?

2. What are their sleeping arrangements? Do they get multiple mattresses, several rooms? Line a floor with mattresses and then make the entire room a bed? Who are the blanket hoggers? The ones who flail?

3. How do they celebrate the holidays? What are the favorite holidays in the household for each person? Are there ever any disagreements about which holiday is the best? Do any of them go all out with decorations and participation in events? Does anyone ever suffer in silent agony that they’re being forced into holiday sweaters or fed too many holiday foods, but out of love they keep their mouth shut?

4. How do they all keep house? Do they assign chores, and if so, does anyone ever slack? Does anyone ever say, “let’s clean” and (most?) everyone suddenly hops off the furniture and pitches in?

5. Something contagious is going around! How will each of them handle being sick? Who are the ones who insist on working even when they’re not well? Who are the ones who stay away when they’re healthy? The ones who play nurse?

6. The mess that is deciding where to eat out and what to order.

7. One or more of them comes across a stray animal. How do the family members each react? Who tries to find the previous owner? Does anyone want the others to mind their own business? Do they end up keeping it?

8. They take a trip to the zoo. What is each person’s favorite animal, and who gets excited about seeing theirs? Who downplays it? Who is willing to wait while the other drags everyone off to their favorite animals, and who tries to tell everyone they’re going to stick to the set path from beginning to end, and everyone will get to see their favorites soon so calm down?

9. Describe everyone going on a camping trip. Who enjoys it? Which one(s) set up the tent? Who would get lost in the woods but is only a few feet away from a gas station?

10. Who tells the ghost stories or watches the ghost stories, and who are the ones who need a cuddle sandwich to get through the night every time they encounter anything the least bit spooky?

11. Who steals everyone else’s clothing? Who can’t tell their own clothing from other people’s anymore?

12. One of them starts singing. Who joins in? Who absolutely refuses to join in? If any of them can’t sing, does everyone roll with it, or do they stop and beg that person to stop as well?

13. Who is the warmest to cuddle with? Who is always cold? Who wants the heater up, who wants the heater down, who wants to save money but is cold as fuck and piles under layers of clothing and blankets in the house? Who dies in summer? Who wants to turn up the AC and wait out until winter?

14. When grocery shopping, who budgets and makes lists? Who happily throws things into the cart and figures it’ll work out? Who estimates their general spending as they pick up items, but they throw in a couple of splurges? Who oversees that the splurges don’t go too far and tells the other(s) to put some or all of the items back on the shelf?

15. Something broke down! Are any of them handy around the house with fixing things? Who thinks they can do it on their own and what level of success do they have? Who breaks down and calls a professional out?