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Been wanting to do some fanart for this guy ever since I met him in Nuka World. Finally got around to it.

I remember I was pissed at him for mocking me as I ran around the Kiddie kingdom, but when I finally saw him I was like “Oh no, he’s cooool!” Also, he’s really sad. So I gave him some slack.


aesthetic attraction is not the same as romantic attraction or sexual attraction. it’s like seeing an art piece in an art gallery that you are just blown away by. you think it is absolutely beautiful. you don’t want to marry the painting or kiss the painting, you don’t want to have sex with the painting. you just think the painting is really nice to look at. that is aesthetic attraction.

jxckspxcer submitted:

I drew a thing in class & I decided to just slap some color on it & give it to u since u seem to rly like art of this beautiful murderbaby.


Liking her is like liking an art piece at a gallery and wanting no one else to see it.

I get jealous sometimes, I hope you don’t mind.

Liking her is like having a good hair day and wanting no one to touch it.

I get jealous sometimes, I hope you don’t mind.

I’m not trying to be selfish, I just get so scared that they might too get attached to you.

Baby, I hope you understand.

I get jealous , I get jealous , I get jealous

I hope you don’t mind.

—  For her.

Series Photo Credit: Curtisbryant instagram > @curtisbryant

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If you believe all power is in you…you will forever Reign

on your throne as a Queen or King in all of your journeys.