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5 things you’ll find in my bag
-lip balm
-old movie tickets
-a notebook

5 things in my bedroom
-large piles of books that don’t fit on my shelf
-lots of toy animals
-kitten and fairy statues
-a weird amount of mirrors
-my secret lollipop stash in my TARDIS container

5 things I’ve always wanted to do with my life
-be good at art
-publish a book
-be happy and not terrified of other people
-make an album
-travel across Europe

5 things I’m currently into
-the flash
-neil gaiman books

5 things on my to-do list
-study for my exams
-finish reading american gods
-actually start writing that story i planned last year
-do something about my crush it’s getting out of hand i’m having emotions it’s horrible i love it
-start playing guitar again

5 things people may not know about me
-i have a ridiculous oral fixation that’s going to kill my teeth bc lollipops
-i probably have some form of ptsd
-i want to be a teacher because i hated so many of my teachers growing up
-i used to want to be a doctor
-the first character i had a crush on was remus lupin judge 7 year old me idc

I tag anyone who wants to do this


Adekan Washi Tape (アオ)

They are very unique looking and specially designed for the tape! The art is 38cm long before it starts repeating again. They are pretty thin so I don’t think the art and design will show well on anything other than a white/light coloured surface. They are 900yen for a packet. There is an アカ(Red) version and its also 900yen, this is the アオ(Blue) version! I will upload some photos of the red version sometime later~

I have collected some of Nao Tsukiji’s old art that wasn’t published in any of her artbooks and I will upload them next! Hope you enjoyed this post!

i need new cover art so that i can publish in print before 2017. “i thought about asking you but i didn’t think your art would really fit,” i said to him yesterday. he didn’t like that. got offended a little bit. so i explained a bit more clearly what i had in mind, and he offered to do it. “i have a lot of friends who are artists and i wasn’t really sure to ask. maybe i could ask each one to do a cover and compare?” he thought that was a good idea. so i extended a few invitations, although if any of my mutuals are interested that’d be good, too. 

i’d like to purchase my isbn# this november. and i’ll work towards reformatting the interior again. a headache but…not the worst. 

yesterday he facetiously asked me about my plans for the rest of the year but i had real answers. workshop next month…i wanna host a moodboard one in december for new years… 

Plate 67 from Ernst Haeckel’s visually dazzling Kunstformen der Natur, (Art Forms of Nature), published in 1904. With the assistance of Jena artist-lithographer Adolf Giltsch, Haeckel produced one hundred plates depicting the forms of animal life. With this book Haeckel wanted to create an “aesthetics of nature” and to show how the incessant struggle for existence he had learnt from Darwin was in fact producing an endless beauty and variety of forms – Darwin and Humboldt combined together. Focusing mainly on marine animals, the bat is one of the only mammals featured in the book, but the page of surprisingly cute “chiroptera” is certainly one of the book’s most striking offerings.

The full line up is:

1-2: Brown Long-eared Bat
3: Lesser Long-eared Bat
4: Lesser False Vampire Bat
5: Big-eared Woolly Bat
6-7: Tomes’s Sword-nosed Bat
8: Mexican Funnel-eared Bat
9: Antillean Ghost-faced Bat
10: Flower-faced Bat
11: Greater Spear-nosed Bat
12: Thumbless Bat
13: Greater Horseshoe Bat
14: Wrinkle-faced Bat
15: Spectral Bat

In my first two years I have fully explored one of my favorite genres of photography, portraiture. People being the main subject of the majority of my past projects.

This year I want to carry on experimenting within the genre of portraiture but I want to expand upon it, explore it in a way I haven’t, incorporating techniques and ideas I have yet to test. I want to explore imagery through still life AND portraiture, perhaps linking them through concept, exploring uses of lightning, colors and textures. I want my imagery to be experimental in style.

Thinking of initial ideas: 

(eg art, editorial, publishing, advertising, illustration etc)


(Large/medium/SLR, Analogue/Digital, Video, Studio/Location, photomontage, microscopy, stereoscopy etc)

Film: Large or medium format? Digital? Photomontage? Studio shoots

> i want to experiment more with 5x4, through the use of lighting and colors I feel like this medium could be beneficial for me.

(photographers, artists, filmmakers, writers, movements you are interested in or that inform your practice)

Recent photographic projects and artist I have found interest in:

Olivia Locher - I Fought The Law
Maciek Jasik
Spencer Murphy  (Art fund)
Dominic d’Alessandro & Maria Palmieri - Boundary as a Frame