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Fishy Dreams Art Booklet

Is my very first self-published art booklet and I have a limited edition of them for sale in my shop!

  • Saddle Stitch binding
  • Softcover
  • 32 pages (26 full color illustrations, 2 pages of sketches)
  • Premium Matte cover with UV spot coat, matte interior
  • Size 22 x 15.5 cm
  • 20 euros + shipping

If these run out, I still have some copies waiting in US, but I won’t be able to get them till later next year when I can travel overseas again. If these sell well enough, I’m planning to make a second booklet with a new collection. :3


Save Freedom of Panorama in Europe !! #savefop

Sign here ! ->Petition for Saving Freedom of Panorama in Europe

Act Fast ,Act Now !!

This is not an art project!  Freedom of Panorama is under attack !

On 9 July 2015, the European Parliament will vote on whether to abolish our right to freely take and share photographs, videos and drawings of buildings and works of public art. 

What is Freedom of Panorama?

Freedom of Panorama is a provision in the copyright laws that permits taking photographs or video footage, or creating other images (such as paintings), of buildings and sometimes sculptures and other art which are permanently located in a public place, without infringing any copyright that may otherwise subsist in such works, and to publish such images. more here

Act fast !! Act now !! :

Contact the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from your country — by email, by phone or visit them in Brussels, Strasbourg or their constituency if you can. (wikipedia list of meps) & Printout

What can I read to get more information?

“Freedom of Panorama is under attack” by OwenBlacker from the English Wikipedia on Medium
Freedom of panorama, article in the English Wikipedia on Medium
Three weeks to save freedom of panorama in Europe, article in The Signpost 

This is going to happen unless you take action now !!

Sign here ! ->Petition for Saving Freedom of Panorama in Europe

Please share this information far and wide !! Thanks

photos: London Eye in London,UK- CC-BY-SA Kham Tran, New Station Building in Rotterdam, The Netherlands- Spoorjan & Romaine, Atomium in Brussel, Belgium- Nro92 + Romaine, L'Hemisfèric in Valencia,Spain- CC-BY-SA 3.0. Panorama from Tower Bridge in London.UK- Colin. CC BY-SA 4.0


The Roots Project was established in 2009 by Anyieth D'Awol as an independent, female-driven NGO in Juba, South Sudan. ROOTS Project offers opportunities for social and economic empowerment to its members from all walks of life. With its mission, “women crafting a new nation together,” the centre provides a shared workspace where the women create unique handmade beaded jewelry. In the process, personal relationships are created, fostering understanding and tolerance.

Meet the founders of the Roots Project in Los Angeles on September 30th at the Marymount Institute center. Click here for the details.  


On the Shelves in Oxford this week we have two new books and two very different subjects.

Picturing the Apocalypse shows the different meanings and significance the themes of the Book of Revelation have had for believers, and non-believers, through the ages.These explanations are augmented and developed via a carefully selected sample of the ways in which the concepts have been treated by artists through the centuries.

The Locus Effect addresses a massive international problem that millions around the world care about severe poverty. It sets the stage for the next great paradigm shift in fighting poverty: the struggle to make common poor people safe from violence.

Photos by Yasmin Coonjah for Oxford University Press