Tumblr Monday 89

Margriet Smulders (b.1955, Netherlands) - Siren Ink / Siren Milk (2010)

“Endless garlands of flowers curled around the borders of my note pads when I was a school girl. And thousands of roses were cut out from my mother’s gardening books. At the Academy of Arts, flowers as large as life were painted on my canvasses. There were always flowers. They flourished in the self-portraits of the eighties and grew bigger in the flower wallpapers made in the nineties.” Margriet Smulders is a Dutch photographer of floral still lifes. She attended the Radboud University Nijmegen from 1974 to 1983 and the Academy of Arts in Arnhem from 1979 to 1985. Many thanks to arpeggia for introducing us Margriet Smulders on the first Monday of 2013 :)

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Sirius and Lupin had given Harry a set of excellent books entitled Practical Defensive Magic and its Use Against the Dark Arts, which had superb, moving color illustrations of all the counterjinxes and hexes it described. Harry flicked through the first volume eagerly; he could see it was going to be highly useful in his plans for the D.A.

this comes from my very staunch headcanon that remus broke sirius out of grimmauld place at least once

im a bit early but the absolute ball of CHEESE to the left actually bought himself and his girlfriend matching his/hers outfits for Christmas. dont they look wonderful


I did one of these of myself and then I thought, hey, I should do some of my faves. And so. 

I’m also going to be setting up a commissions thing soon, but I can start doing things like these now. If you want a drawing of you, your favorite character or celebrity, or whoever tbh, each portrait is $15. Add another character for an additional $5. You can get two items for them to hold or be in the drawing, and you can be as detailed or as vague as you like with what you want. Payable through PayPal only. 

Send me a message if you want one! 


Tatsuya Tanaka (b.1981, Japan) - Miniature Calendar

Since 2011, Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka has been engaged in his “Miniature Calendar” — a project which has seen the art director create a pocket-sized scene of everyday life, on a daily basis. What initially started as a means of photographing his collection of diorama dolls amongst familiar settings constructed to scale, has now unfolded into a long-term venture… one that he’s not likely to stop anytime soon. Find more about the artist on the full interview on Designboom.

© All images courtesy of the artist

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