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Who are the characters in the Defenders you know?? If you don't mind talking about them some.

They didn’t have communicators, they didn’t have a team jet, they didn’t have a team leader, they didn’t even have a headquarters. They only fought evil because they were just hanging out together at the time. 

Defenders, the “non-team,” was one of my favorite comics, but it only REALLY got good when Steve Gerber started writing it after the Avengers/Defenders War. As a friend put it, Gerber realized that the reason the Defenders work is that they’re all somehow socially unacceptable, and despite the fact it’s a team assembled by what seems like a computer error, under Gerber, it actually worked for that reason. 

Valkyrie, a Norse goddess who came to life, was a woman without a past. She was that very Gerber Defenders combo of aggressive bravado on the outside but very, very broken vulnerability and fear on the inside. 

You know how teenagers like to “map” their high school cliques as the Sailor Scouts or the Buffy gang or something? As in, “I’m Sailor Moon, Janet is Sailor Mars because of her temper…” etc.? Well, Defenders lends itself to that activity more than anything else I’ve ever seen because they’re all outsiders banding together. Hulk is the angry big guy; Nighthawk the rich kid with pain on the inside; Doctor Strange is the cool, weird guy you know who likes old Italian horror movies and listens to awesome music; Valkyrie is like the one girl in your weekly D&D group who gets flak for being a softball player and not acting their gender. Patsy Walker, Hellcat is the normie, like the redhead from the Goonies: “I’m not a Goonie, Andy. I want to go home.”

Nighthawk, a “poor little rich kid,” who was kind of like Batman except he had a jetpack and gained superstrength when the moon was visible. He was actually more like Lego Batman, actually: he was “damaged goods” instead of a “cool badass,” and his arc was realizing that being a loner and cutting yourself off from others damages you. One of my favorite stories was one where the Defenders had to actually mentally travel and fight inside of Nighthawk’s psyche. That’s a great example of a way a scifi element can actually help characterization better than other genres can. 

Looking at what I wrote, then…I hope that didn’t come off as dismissive, as in “those aren’t MY Defenders!” or something like that, because I really, really, really like the Netflix shows (although I think they need to master a bit better the skill needed for any serial show in the streaming age, the art of telling “stories within stories”). I swore a solemn vow that I would never be THAT kind of old school fan, who hates everything new. I even found the approach of the much-maligned Iron Fist interesting. He has a far out background where he punches a dragon in the face, so why not introduce the Fantasy of Iron Fist via the “12 Monkeys” route, where he’s introduced as a homeless guy and we wonder if he’s nuts?




well i mean Felix became done with everything pretty quickly



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How does Ink fight off Artblocks in your opinion or idea?

To be honest, that’s the most difficult thing for me to wrap my head around in all of Ink’s decription. It was just stated in his bio and we’ve never seen him doing that, so I guess it’s all up on our own to fight an interpretation and maybe that’s the idea beind it.

You see, in my opinion art blocks can have different shapes and forms. So if either it’s simply a huge wall that blocks the flow of creativity or a a giant living black shadow attacking everything in sight or whatever comes to mind, Ink will fight it. Not to mention that you are being creative by giving that artblock a form, so you’re already kinda fighting it by thinking about it.

It’s a friendly reminder of no matter what you want to do and even if you are facing obstacles, there is always someone rooting and fighting for you in the background, even if you don’t see them doing it.

So yeah, it’s up to you to decide how an artblock looks like. Because there is more than just one interpretation.

To come back to your question: Personally, I am having this ‘you are not good enough, even after all these years of practice’ demons at the moment and uhm… It’s like that small thing in the back of your mind that is always there to strike you down whenever you are vulnerable. I will leave the rest to you guys though. Feel free to interpret. :D


EDIT: I forgot to add this one pic, holy fucking shit

Hiking AU trade with @pemprika  because who wouldnt like Mika and Yuu being losers carrying these huge ass bags, getting so lost in the woods, right? Thanks to this trade that’s so overdue by one and a half month, I’ve been great friends with one of the most popular, nicest, coolest ons artist!!!

I really really wanted to do a comic about this but I guess the plan changed and like….everything fell apart ahahah. Their faces fucking change each time wtf.

YOU BETTER BE HAPPY ABOUT THIS SHARON MY HANDS ARE DYING BECAUSE OF THOSE BACKGROUNDS. But I guess this is good practice?? or smth. Click for larger pic I guess.

whoa look at that I cant draw bus stops lmao



Natalia has always loved being in front of the camera, and dreamed of having her face plastered on all the billboards of the Fashion District. She has lived and breathed everything to do with the fashion and photography industry as long as she could remember. Her life completely changed when she ran into a photographer in the Arts Quarter. She got her name out there and showed the sim world her beauty. Although she hardly has time to keep up with her high school career…her adult career has already taken off; she has her first billboard is going up today! (”billboard” shown above)

Background scenery cred goes to @magnolianfarewell, thank you again for letting me feature your beautiful shot in my edit <3

Hey guys!
I made this….you can call it poster of NITW.
I really want to do this,since it helped me get some stress out,since I’m going to be facing a lot of challenges on this year,and it’s gonna be super hard,but I hope everything goes OK.
And I may put this in my room,to remind me that no matter how hard and strange things might turn,I just need to keep moving on….
And I want to share this with you guys,in case someone’s having a hard time to remind you that just gonna keep living your life the happiest way you all can,ok?
Love y'all (hugs)
Bye bye


Organic Pixie
Voice I Envisioned:
Amy (Futurama) Mako (Kill la Kill dub)

Thought I should upload MoodyGurl13′s character art. A Loki IRL background character who did nothing and everyone loves. She’s full of school spirit and helps promote her over blown art college KelArts. She has a work study program at Bianca’s High School as a teachers assistant. Moody is overly perky and draws everything with the “CalArts” face.


UGH….Love is Strange…..
My opinion?
I really love most of the art in the game especially the characters during the conversations (Victoria and Kate are so perfect), backgrounds on fleek, music on fleek, STORIES HELLA LIT UGH, gameplay on fleek. EVERYTHING SO GOOOOOOOOOOD.
UGH VIC WHY U SO PERFECTUUUUUGHHHHHHHHH. For the stories, without spoilers, I have to say:
Victorias Route 10/ please step on my face queen
Rachels Route 10/ inspriring feels 
Kates Route 10/ holy cinnamon 
Chloes Route 10/ dorks

I can’t decide if I like Rachels ore Vics Route more…but these are my favorites.
(Probably Vic, but Rachel got the feelings tho.).i have to say ye I love every story by it’s own, but maybe the others a bit more than Chloes Route. Please don’t kill me. For me personally it’s a bit too cheesy at the end, and a bit too…”Oh run away with me”-lovedramamovieclishee but still sooo kyut UUUGH.)

First Rec Day of 2017

You know, Rec Day’s supposed to be about artists as well as fic writers! So I figured I’d dedicate this first rec day to giving some shoutouts to some of the best damn artists in fandom! Incomplete list of course, but I’ll try to get better about putting them in my normal fic rec posts as well!


Like oh god do I adore gyptym’s art. it’s always just so freaking striking; I love the style and the colors and the subject matter pretty much always manages to cater exactly to what I want to see and I adore it. 

  • tfw you find out you are just a memory of your boss’s dead wife (I LOVE THEIR TEX OKAY AND THIS COMIC IS JUST A PUNCH TO THE FUCKING GUT BECAUSE TEEEEEEX.)
  • roses are red n violets are blu (Red Team and Blue Team all together! It’s so perfect and the colors are gorgeous and the lighting is freaking amazing so just join me in staring at this forever) 


if you like suffering and pretty things, then Saro’s art is for you. And since I love both of these, I can safely call myself a fan.

Three pieces:

  • “we’re the good guys, right?” (I LOOOVE Saro’s York so much and haha, my favorite York line, hello my name is Steph and I love to CRY)
  • lighter, heavier (it’s so painful but in such a quiet way and it’s like a stab right in the heart. Yoooork.)


I realize everyone and their grandmother in this fandom probably is aware of papanorth and her amazing art but I could happily scream about papanorth all freaking day so why not. 


This shocks absolutely no one, but damn it I’m going to shove even more of Becky’s art at everyone forever. The lines! The colors! The faces! The lighting! 


  • Talking about their S.O.s in a dive bar while Connie and Delta do the nerd-work. (From Becky’s fantastic Law vs Order AU, it’s an obligatory rec for me because YORK!! AND TEX!! BEING DOOFY FRIENDS! Also the background here is freaking gorgeous and the expressions are absolutely perfect I adore it.) 
  • Facetious Zeus official art (Everything about this is painful but perfect, from the colors to the text to Tucker’s expression. Becky’s Tucker is just a gift and there were like five pictures of him open in my browser before I decided to go with this one.) 
  • Proud of Tucker (this one is like a fucking movie. the lighting is so striking and Wash looks so oddly but perfectly relaxed and proud and everything about it is so perfect. I can stare at this one all day.) 

@shooshopath​ (art blog @adobewanphotobi​)

AILEEN WAS THE LIGHT OF LAST SEMESTER FOR ME, AND HER ART IS A FREAKING GIFT TO THIS FANDOM. Her facecanons are great and her concepts are always so freaking beautiful that it makes me grin so much everytime I see her stuff.


@ueeyasu (art blog @artofuee

Holy shit I always love seeing Uee’s art? I love her take on armor and the colors and lines are always so great! 

Three pieces: 

Did I tell you guys that I got an art set for Xmas, that was about 4 months ago? I don’t think so, mainly because I’m a forgetful piece of shit.

Alternate Title: Blank Background and No attempt was made

I drew this a long while back, hence why their faces are so fucked up. And the fact that everything looks like shit, but what’re ya gonna do. I just wanted to focus on my favorites.

Hopefully when I go home next, I’ll be able to paint with that art set, as it has a great purple for Crusader.

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Imagine about niall taking his daughter to school? 😀

The day had come way too soon. It seemed like Niall had just been holding his daughter in his arms as a newborn, blinked, and now he was going to take her to her first day of school tomorrow. He didn’t get how time could fly so quickly.

Niall was awake most of the night, tossing and turning, thinking about the good things and the bad things that could possibly happen on the first day of kindergarten. The best case being she had a wonderful time, made lots of friends and likes her teachers, and can’t wait to go back tomorrow. The worst case being the world decides to end the exact same day. You told him he was being dramatic, and that there was nothing to worry about. Niall wished he was as optimistic as you sometimes.

Morning had finally rolled around and instead of Niall waking up early to get his daughter ready for the big day, quite the opposite happened. Niall felt the bed dip from her light weight, sit on his back, and start bouncing up and down.

“Wake up, wake up, wake up!” She laughed with each bounce. “Time for school!”

“No, I don’t wanna go to school.” Niall whined, burying his face in his pillow.

“Not you, me!” She beamed. Then she rolled over to your side where you lay, shaking your shoulders.

You cracked open an eye to look at the clock, which was six in the morning. You sighed.

“Baby, you don’t have to start getting ready until seven.” You complained. Niall put a hand on your back.

“No, it’s alright.” Niall mumbled, sitting up in bed. 

He rubbed his hands over his face to wake himself up a little bit. When he looked up to see his daughter sitting inches away from him, he wanted to turn back time to when she was just an itty bitty baby that fit in the palm of his hand. He smiled a sleepy smile at her, getting a toothy one back in return from her.

“Let’s get ready for school, then.” Niall stated.


After having a big breakfast, spending perhaps twenty minutes picking out the perfect outfit, and trying to convince her that she could not take her doll to school with her, she was ready to go off and get an education. You held her hand on her left while Niall held her hand on her right, while she skipped between the two of you.

There were a bunch of children running around, ranging from kindergarten to maybe the fifth grade. You and Niall had came here for Meet The Teacher Night a few weeks ago, and you walked through the very same hall, but this time it seemed a little different, like it was all too real to be happening. 

“Here it is, darling!” You said, stopping in front of a classroom with the door wide open. 

You had let her hand go, encouraging her to take her first step into her new classroom, but she stood still. There were other children inside, children she didn’t know or have never seen before. You thought for a second maybe she was going to throw a fit, that she didn’t want to be left alone here with random people. 

“You nervous?” Niall asked. She nodded her little head. 

“Don’t be. Mommy & I are gonna walk right in with you, okay?” Niall promised, giving her small hand a light squeeze.

You all walked through the door and into the classroom together, Niall leading the way. The classroom was brighter and more vibrant than it was when you and Niall were last here. There were a couple of kids sitting on the rug and playing with the toys in the back of the class, and the teacher sitting at the desk.

She looked about the room, looking at the children and the colors and the toys. A little smile spread on her face, thinking that it wasn’t so scary. 

“Okay now, remember what we’ve talked about? Be on your best behavior, play nice with the other kids, and be nice to your teacher, okay?” You told her, bending down to straighten up her clothes just a little bit.

“Okay.” She nodded.

“And don’t forget, I’m going to be right here to pick you up in a few hours. Alright?” Niall quizzed her, getting another nod. 

You pulled her in, giving her a big enough hug to last through the day. Niall embraced her after you, rubbing her back to help bring her nerves down. 

“I hope you have a great first day.” Niall wished out loud. “Okay, now, go play!”

Niall gave her a little push towards the play area on the carpet. After it seemd as if she was comfortable, you and Niall slipped out before she could notice you were gone.


After half a day of school, Niall was waiting for his daughter right there outside of the classroom. When the bell ran to dismiss the kids, children came pouring out of the classroom, including his girl. She spotted Niall and ran straight for him, wrapping her skinny arms around his legs.

“So, tell me everything, how was it?” Niall asked, taking a look at her. Her face was a little flushed, her braids he had worked on this morning coming undone, and her shoes untied. Niall reached down to retie them for her.

“It was fun. I made this.” She showed him her art that she did that day. 

It appeared to be a family portrait, including herself and her parents, and a tree in the background. Niall admired it, telling her it was the best picture he’s ever seen.

“Did you learn anything?” He asked.

“Nope. The teacher was telling alphabet. I already know my alphabet.” She bragged, which she did.

“Right, you do. You’ll learn a bunch of stuff later, I’m sure of it.” Niall promised.

There was a pause of silence between them as Niall helped her get in the car and head home. Halfway there, she spoke again.


“Yes, petal?”

“Am I allowed to have a boyfriend now?” 

Niall had to stop himself from stomping on the breaks, and possibly having a heart attack. He had just conquered seeing his baby off to the first day of school, he couldn’t possibly handle boys today. Niall laughed awkwardly, glancing at her in her car seat through the rear view mirror.

“Baby steps, darlin’,” Niall chuckled, more to himself than to her. “Baby steps.”

Let’s talk about Im Jaebum as a dad

Mark / JB / Jackson / Junior / Youngjae / Bambam / Yugyeom

  • JB would be such a proud father.
  • When his s/o told him that they wanted to have a baby, he would just be so full of pride over the fact that it’s HIM she wants to have a kid with– It’s him she wants to make that commitment with.
  • He’s probably going to play it off like he’s not as excited as he actually is, and he’s just glad to be getting laid, but when it’s official you can bet he’s going to pick his s/o up and kiss her because he’s just too happy to handle it.
  • He absolutely panics because he’s terrified he won’t be a good dad, even though he’s practically a father of six already.
  • When his baby is born, he absolutely stares because he just doesn’t understand how he could’ve helped create something so pure, and so perfect. If he didn’t know any better he’d poke the damn thing because he just doesn’t seem to think this is real.
  • 10/10 does not want anyone touching his child.
  • It takes months before he lets anyone in GOT7 hold his baby, and even then the boys probably have to pry the poor thing out of his arms.
  • He’s going to stare the entire time someone is holding his child, there’s no way around it.
  • He’s so fucking protective it’s genuinely scary. God have mercy on the soul of anyone who hurts his baby, even if it’s an accident.
  • Visits to the doctor are the worst because the have to pry his child from him. Even though they work with babies for a living, he just doesn’t trust anyone.
  • They have to assure him 20x that it’s going to be alright, and they won’t hurt his child and he VERY reluctantly agrees only to stare intently the entire time and snatch his child back the second they’re done.
  • If his baby has to get shots, and starts crying, he is considering murder. 
  • He probably goes home and tells his s/o they need to find a new doctor because this one isn’t good enough. But he says that about every doctor, so it’s hard to take him seriously.
  • He always wants to hold his baby. Literally always. It doesn’t matter if his arms are asleep and he’s uncomfortable, he wants to hold the baby.
  • He’s fallen asleep with the baby in his arms so much there’s probably an hour long compilation of photos.
  • He just wants to be close to his child.
  • He would probably take the thing to dance practice if he could.
  • He is constantly questioning how this thing is fucking real??
  • He tries to play it off like he’s all cool, and he’s not as invested as he is but 9/10 times the members catch him smiling at a picture of his baby on his phone.
  • He scrolls through his photo album of his child at least 15 times a day. It’s taken up so much space he’s had to delete other things from his phone.
  • He has a photo of him and his kid as his background, and his s/o and their kid as his lock screen or vice versa. 
  • He’d never ask, but he’s secretly hoping his s/o spams him with photos and videos of their baby, even if he’s only away for like 20 minutes. 
  • He’s literally so proud of everything that baby does?? 
  • He honestly had a photo of a red line his baby drew in crayon as his phone background for a solid few days. 
  • He hangs up literally every single picture his kid paints or draws, and the fridge is just covered. The boys come over and they’re like “The fuck is this, JB?” and he’s just like “IT’S ART.”
  • JB is the type of dad to make faces when he’s feeding his kid and he doesn’t even realize it. If anyone calls him out he’s so defensive, but he was absolutely making faces.
  • He lowkey gets offended if people think their child is better than his, because how could they possibly think that?? His baby is absolutely the best baby to exist on this earth.
  • If JB found out he and his s/o were going to have another baby he’d have another panic attack about whether or not he’d be a good dad until she tells him he’s already successfully raising one child.

The first puzzle of Zoombinis was also the first background I designed. We were trying to pin down exactly what we were going for- if this game was just going to be a faithful recreation of the art, painted everything as it was but bigger; a completely new take with perhaps new mechanics; or something in the middle. In the end we decided something in the middle, respectful of nostalgia but able to strike out and become whatever it needed to be in the new format was what we were going for.

I had a lot of fun with Allergic Cliffs especially because it was the first puzzle in development I also got to do some animation for. The sneezing cliff faces were each painted out like the rest of the background, frame by frame.

And I’ll be showing off easter eggs and other Zoombinis trivia while I talk about these backgrounds. Like the butterflies perched on the trees- see them down in the corners? They have nose-shaped wings. Ahchoo!

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For your 1k celebration, can I ask a Steve/Reader on that's not on your choice of prompts? I was thinking of giving one myself: 'It was only when he lost her that he realized that he loved her' and 'It's when the heart waits, when it refuses to let go, that it knows it has found something real.' Angsty then fluffy? I hope it's okay. But I understand if it isn't. Congratulations on your 1k! 😊

Word Count: 1, 743 (IT’S SO LONG SORRY)

Pairing: Skinny!Steve x Reader

Genre: Angst/Romance

A/N: This got real angsty real quick. I hope you enjoy, I know you wanted fluff (hopefully there was enough) but I really wanted to take it in this direction. P.S. HOPE YOU DON’T MIND SKINNY STEVE BECAUSE I’M ADDICTED.

December 1941,

Paint covered the lemon material of your dress as you elegantly moved the brushes bristles against the canvas. Steve and Bucky were either side of you and all three of you were quietly painting the vase of flowers placed for the whole art class to see. The old radio crackled in the background as if trying to drown out the dull voice of your teacher. Though, Steve completely adored the ageing man that ran the class, you and Bucky, however, found him irritating.


“What was that?” Steve snapped his head up, his brush dropping in his murky brown water pot. “Can you please turn that up, sir?”

The teacher whose name you never bothered to learn smiled graciously at his favourite student and increased the volume. You knew Steve heard this time. His jaw was hanging open and he was staring at Bucky. Steve started wiping his hands on his slacks and Bucky was slamming shut the watercolour palette in front of him. You followed suit, cleaning your brush and drying your paint covered hands.

“Where are you going?” You called to the two men who were already at the door and bidding their goodbyes to the class.

Steve’s scrawny body hurried over to you, his knees knocking together and his face a grinning mess, “I’ll meet you back at our place doll, I can finally do what I was made for.”

You sighed at the blonde man that was now inching himself up to kiss your cheek. He always spoke about how he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps- fight for his country and all that business. You loved Steve, but you weren’t sure if being on the front lines was the right place for him. After all, he was tiny, underweight and had more medical problems than anyone you knew.

But nobody could stop Steve. That’s why when Bucky had gone to bed, Steve finally went to your shared room, peeled the covers back and sobbed quietly into your chest. They had rejected him. You knew he was hiding it, and he fooled Bucky, but he knew he didn’t have to hide it with you.

“At least I’ve got you, Y/N,” Steve whispered once the sobbing had ceased.

February 1942,

You stood next to the train that was overflowing with the 107th. Steve’s bony hand was clinging to yours as Bucky stood checking through his case for the sixth time. Your eyes were brimming with tears as you stared at the brunette that was ready to be shipped off in uniform- he had always looked out for you, and he was, surprisingly, the first person you went to for advice.

Bucky dropped the pack in his hand and marched over to Steve who was staring at your shoes. “Come here, Rogers.” Bucky mumbled as he grabbed Steve in an embrace. You walked over to the other side of the platform and stared at the intricate map, to distract yourself from the thought that your best friend was leaving. After a few minutes a large hand grabbed your shoulder and pressed you into their chest.

“Don’t let that punk do anything stupid while I’m gone,” He laughed into your hair. You inhaled his scent and replied,

“Nobody is going to stop Steve, not even me.”

April 1942,

Tears poured down your face as you found yourself back at the same train station you were at two months prior. But this time, you were saying goodbye to the man who had stolen your heart all those years ago at your Art School. Back then everything felt so simple. The tiny boy would bring you flowers every afternoon after you had finished class and you’d spend hours on end sitting in your car with Glenn Miller playing in the background. Of course, you knew things weren’t always going to stay the same, but you didn’t expect him to ship himself off as soon as he could.

His case was in your right hand and his body engulfed yours as you stood next to the train- again. You knew Steve was crying because his chest was rising and falling quicker than it usually did, and his tiny hands were sweating extreme amounts. You lifted your tear stained face to meet his bloodshot eyes, he offered you a small smile before you leaned your face towards his and joined your lips for what would be the last time in a long while. The kiss was shorter than either of you wanted and full of tears and short sobs- meaningful nonetheless.

A brown haired woman walked over to where you were standing and pressed a hand to your arm, “Hi ma’am, I’m Agent Margaret Carter. I’m just letting you know that all recruits must start boarding now.” And she entered the train, leaving you and a few other couples standing on the platform.

“Steven Grant Rogers, I swear to you, if you do not come back here alive I’m going to kill you myself,” You sniffled, wiping away the few stray tears that clung to your face.

“So you’ll wait for me?” He asked, his tiny body rocking back and forth on his tiptoes.

“As long as you want me, I’m yours.”

February 1943,

Your heels clacked against the brown tiled floor of a bar in the centre of France. The dark skinned man named Gabe led you through, rather quietly, to the back room, purposely missing out the main floor where all the soldiers were.

A letter had come in the post a few weeks prior. Of course it was a shock to see Bucky’s messy handwriting sprawled across the cream parchment addressed to you. It’s contents was a plane ticket for the 4th and exact instructions- you even had your own little ‘servant’ that would follow you around because Bucky had ordered them to. And under no circumstances was Steve allowed to know. Speaking of Steve, Bucky had written that you were in for the thrill of your life- something along the lines of ‘huge and pure muscle’ which you struggled to believe.

Gabe led you into a narrow room that had clippings covering the faded orange paint. Though you weren’t interested in the clippings or the bottles of liquor stacked in perfect rows. The only thing you could see was Bucky. He was there and he was real. With the biggest smile you’ve ever seen and a crooked military hat was placed over his messy hair.

He ran over to you, pushing a large bearded man out of the way in the process, and grabbed your dainty hand so that he could twirl you around. “My, my, Y/N, Steve is one lucky fella,”

“Oh please, you flatter me!” You giggled into his chest as he wrapped his broad arms around your body. “But, I must say, you look very handsome in your uniform, I really have missed you.”

He grabbed your hand as soon as you left his embrace only to wrap his arm around your shoulder, “Well, you’ve got all week to see me, I suppose I better take you to your prince charmin’. I haven’t seen him tonight though, doll, so we might wait around a bit.”

You lifted your head slightly and smiled in return as Bucky began escorting you out of the room and into the brightly lit bar. He ushered you into a booth straight away and was shortly followed by a huge clan of men. You recognised one of them as Dum Dum from a picture Bucky had mailed you- Steve had stopped sending letters after he started travelling more with the Howling Commandos.

“Gentlemen, this is Y/N Y/L/N, one day will be Mrs. Rogers,” Bucky said coolly, his arm still wrapped around your shoulder, “And the best friend a guy could ask for.”

“I didn’t know Rogers had a lady waiting for him,” A man with a strong French accent uttered, looking you up and down.

“Well he definitely does and you’re looking at her. I wasn’t going’t let go of that gem,” You replied as you took the cup from Bucky’s hand and took a swig.

“Speaking of ol’ Stevey boy, here he comes now!” The man who you thought was named Jim said.

You craned your neck around, the blood rushing through your veins in excitement. Bucky hoisted both of you up from the cracked leather chair so that you could get a better look at him. If they hadn’t told you it was Steve, you never would have guessed- he was no longer the short and scrawny boy, he was tall and muscular with perfectly chiselled features, and you were transfixed. He was what your Steve wanted to be but never could.  

“Uh, Y/N, why don’t we go someplace else to get a drink, huh? Steve looks tired, let’s do this tomorrow,” Bucky rushed, grabbing onto your wrist and yanking your body in the opposite direction.

“Why would we d-” You began, your words falling short as you witnessed what Bucky was trying so hard to protect you from.

The woman that had escorted Steve onto the train that day long ago was now strolling into the bar, wearing a beautiful red dress that you could never pull off,  Steve’s brown leather jacket hanging loosely on her shoulders and Steve’s hand encased in her palm. She looked beautiful. Every part of her was polished to perfection and Steve was looking at her with the same eyes he once had only for you.

Steve turned towards the rest of the bar with the proudest look on his face and began moving him and Margaret- if you remembered correctly- through the bodies. Although, his body seemed to stop moving completely as his dancing blue eyes locked with yours. You could see the complete shock on his face as he stared at you- the girl he had left at home.

Years spent together all for the sight you were seeing. You didn’t know if you were more upset or angry but all you knew was that you didn’t want to be anywhere near Steve or his new found love.

“Bucky would you please just get me outta here.”