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Listen if you’re having a sad day treat yourself to some Pirce Is Right the excitement, and pure joy the contestants have on that show is infectious. Also, that game show is pure America soooo I had to draw some Public AU where America guest stars as one of the showroom guys and loves picking up and spinning the contestants around when they win. 

Studies made while on the train(camera is shit) for Lucida serif and Wingdings Gaster from my CarRaceAU.

I might draw more of them because i like how Lucida came out.

Wingdings Gaster is a well known pro car racer and famous for his signature move, the “flying drift”(a drift so perfect that the car looks like its flying).

Lucida is his mechanic, excelent at what she does and a genious at machines. Her biggest feat(and also test) was the succes at making a car from the 1800’s to move.

At first Gaster didnt believe that a woman could be the head-chief of his team of mechanics, but he quickly changed his mind when he meet “Lulu” and of course, fell in love with her.

CarRaceAU, lucida serif © mine
Undertale, wingdings gaster © toby fox


Pillar Week Day 4 - Childhood

A very young Wham tends to overthink himself. His asshole dads tend to undershare their enthusiasm. But once he grew aware of that, he became much, much stronger.

I’m late, sorry, I didn’t have a lot of time to work on this! I just want Kars and ACDC to be proud dads and Wham to know it :’)