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I was wondering if you could share some thoughts on how to layer the colors of backgrounds and shadows? Idk if you already answered something like this but I'm very new to digital art and your art is gorgeous! And your blog has been very helpful! <3

ok let’s start with color!

first off. Colors in backgrounds are the same as colors you do a body with. it’s about decision making- not rules. I’m talking about color in general here because sometimes the rules you have for one piece’s colors won’t work for another. 

more importantly you have to learn that backgrounds are supposed to be the context for a figure or subject, it’s not a compliment to something but an interaction. If a background doesn’t add anything to a piece, why are you drawing it? you’re wasting your time if it doesn’t add something. If you’re gonna force yourself to add one (which is good! excellent practice) have an idea of what you want it to accomplish.

Color is a fundamental of art, it’s something you always consider in some way, even if you decide to have no color. Color is closely linked to value (how dark or light a specific… color? is) and you can’t master or get a grip on one without the other.

this drawing has super liberal colors (they aren’t adherent to ‘reality’) but they work because of 

  • value
  • color theory

so first, value is a whole other issue and I’ll address it with shadows, but keep in mind the VALUE of the color in relation to others, not just the change in hue/saturation.

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