Studio Dwelling

Studio Dwelling at Rajagiriya by Palinda Kannangara Architects is an office and residence of an architect, located by a marsh, in Rajagiriya Sri Lanka. Although located along urban fringe near a series of high-rise buildings, and close to the main road, the building is designed like a fortification. It is sealed from the Colombo heat (with specially designed double screens to limit western and southern exposure), traffic and noises of the road but once within reveals unexpected views of the adjoining marsh and is totally permeable to the natural setting. The building plays with volumes to create many areas for living, work and leisure, and also with materials and tectonic devices to create a cooler microclimate within the building, encouraging daylight, and views to the marsh, harvesting and regulating rain water, and creating gardens for biodiversity. The design also takes into account its location by the water, creating garden spaces that act as detention area during monsoons, thus preventing the living/ workspaces from flooding.

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Ted the Animator: “Here we go again.”

Carl the Animator: “Well.. which do you want to hear first?”

Ted the Animator: “Umm… the good news? Maybe?”

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