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Uuuuuh! Where do I start from? I have a lot to say about this update.

Ok, first of all: who are the two Blackwatch Agents who attend the mission next to Gabriel and Jesse? Their name are Statilio Riva and Caveira (dog is Barrage), and they are Overwatch Original Characters of two dear friends and talented artists, @replica-004 and @berunov. Why I put them here? Because I thought it was a cute idea, since they actually are Blackwatch agents, and I didn’t want Gabe and Jesse going all alone! I didn’t asked their permission… so I really hope you liked it, girlz! And you too, guys! Definitely check them out on their blogs!!! They’re pretty amazing OCs.

Ok. Looks like the sound in Reaper Gabriel’s head turned into a voice. If you look carefully you should be able to read the words “kill them” in red, from a certain point on. DON’T WORRY, THO!!! What you’re thinking it’s not gonna happen!!! Gabriel won’t kill his agents!!! Also, I’ve decided to cut off the mission in general, so no action, violence or gore at all, here. Sorry.

What’s happening to Gabriel, then? I don’t know, I just thought it was a pretty cool idea put some red in his eyes.
Joking, he’s not… I’m still considering a few options, also thanks to the help of some of you who are sending me thoughts, analysis and suggestions about this comic and Overwatch lore. Really, guys! I would have never expected such an interest for this! I started this comic because I wanted to draw Soldier naked in bed and Gabriel’s mustache, and look where we are now!!! I’m shocked.

Sorry guys, I kinda lied to you. This is not the hurting part I anticipated in the previous update. IT’S THE NEXT ONE. OUGH.

There is something that I wanted to ask you, if you can answer.
If Morrison is “Strike Commander”, what’s actually Gabriel’s grade? Is it correct that Statilio calls him “Captain”?  In PART 2 Athena refers to him as “Commander Reyes”, so basically I can’t figure it out which is the right one to use. I’m ignorant about military things. Mind to help? (write below)

to be continued