“…you stare at the void…”
“…you hear laughter”

A b-day gift for @disgruntledgoop! HAPP BIRF BRUH! Have a Gaster this fine evening, haha, looks like a doodle but it took so many hours in my life how can u draw with so many details what the flyin heck seriously

U GUYS GO CHECK ‘EM OUT, THEY MAKE SICK ARTS: @sometimes-i-drawthings


Long ago, I started this as a piece of promo art before abandoning it in a folder titled “New Folder 3″.  

I actually “got my start” in video games, having scored a few jobs doing bitmap art in high school.  I remember one of the games ended up getting published.  A dull side-scrolling shooter called “Gort”.  I can find no evidence that it ever existed.   In college, I worked on a series of groundbreaking never-to-be-released adventure games.  Looking back, it was years of work for little-to-no pay, but I learned a lot.

Once I started this bitmap Heck and Dead Meat poster, I was flooded with pleasant memories of placing pixels.  And I soon realized that if I was really going to to a good bitmap poster, I’d basically have to create a whole tileset and some poses from animated character turns and… I ain’t got time for that!

Plus, Dead Meat’s got nothing to do with video games.  Or at least very little.  So what was the point?

Still, there’s something soothing about making pixel art.  It probably has to do with the grid and limited palette forcing me to contend with the sort of rules I usually prefer to ignore; knocking my brain into a different drive.  Maybe after Dead Meat I’ll still be game for some game art.  But in between, I plan on getting really into Mai Tais.

~ Hiatus Update! ~

I was kinda emotional when I started the hiatus about a week ago - but I’m gonna continue to be on it. 

While I have completed several bits of homework, I finally know what I have to do for the exit exam, so I’ll have to study up on that. Plus there is a ‘mystery exam’ in one class which has yet to be explained. 

so that’s fun =_=

Anyway! The hiatus will continue on for sure until May. Sorry about that guys! ^^;

But I am planning to do a small comic (hopefully small) and I am in the mist of figuring out the story for that (but of course, school comes first). 

I also want to mention since I just checked:




Like gosh dang people!!!! Over 5000 followers?!?!?!? I seriously wasn’t even thinking this would happen this soon!!! (or any time for that matter 0-0)

But I seriously want to say thank you and I will certainly have to do something special for this. I was planning to do a giveaway when I reached it but… I’ll hold it off until I am out of school - so look forward to that! ^^

Anyway - Thank you all for sticking with me through this! I am within my last month of school (for good) and I can’t wait to come back here with a diploma in one hand, and my pen in the other! (gosh that probably sounded cheesy)

Thank you all! And now back to the scheduled Hiatus! ^^

-7goodangel (Skie)

anonymous asked:

hi! could I maybe request a drawing of Saeran hugging MC out of comfort? I had a pretty rough time earlier so I thoughtI could use some comfort maybe ;;

I hope you feel better after a big hug from Saeran, anon ❤ I think you both could need big hugs from each other~ 

~Keep sending in those requests guys~