the-lil-potato  asked:

Can you do Chat Noir with 5A and Marinette with 5C?(p.s. I LOVE your art, you are very talented)

“Mari.. is that.. is that… yoUR NEW DOG OH MAN MARI Y DIDNT U TELL ME U GOT A PET”

(awww thank you~~ Im happy you like my art!! (even tho they can be quite messy sometimes ^^;;))

The thumbnail for this has been on my noteboard for about a month, and the recent episodes w/ these two made me want to draw it out. 

youcanbrilieveinme  asked:

I just love how genuinely hype you are for other people's art! You make my day with your tags!

aaaa oh my god thank you so much???? im so so so happy to hear that!! art makes me so fucking hype and im glad even just a little bit of that hype can transfer to other people :’DD