Originally posted to Facebook February 11 2018

Elves get a lot more variance than dwarves, but you see a lot patterened after Tolkiens anyway.

Tolkiens elves were pretty tragic figures, an elder race of great power and wisdom fading away from the world and losing their strength to time. Of course, most knockoffs get rid of the fading away and losing their strength bit, so you wind up with a bunch of elitist isolationist assholes who claim to have great culture but don’t seem to have made any advancements in 5000 years or however long ago the great Days of Yore ™ were.

this was supposed to be a printed version of the already finished but never uploaded drawing I made for @letrashprince series of honey & venom, but someone on my class decided it was sooo bad that he ruined all of them (the unknown person messed up worh all the paper that was recently printed so all the paints were smudge) soooo maybe one day I’ll try to do them again and send some of them to you China (hope Japan is treating you well) ✨