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new genre concept: soft apocalypse

the world as we know it has ended and mother nature starts taking back what’s hers. there are no zombies or cannibals or murderous bandits. the most valued members of the community are those who know how to garden and farm, sew and weave, treat wounds, work wood or build with bricks, cook from scratch. 

people bond together to begin rebuilding instead of killing each other. everyone teaches each other whatever they do know and works together to figure out the stuff none of them know. books become incredibly valued resources because they’re often the only way to learn critical information. if someone is elderly, disabled, or otherwise unable to work at the same level as most of the community, they’re taken care of by the others, not told any sort of “survival of the fittest” bs.

as the generations ware on, communities begin expanding into small cities. some of the settlements even find ways to repurpose solar or wind power on a small scale and have electricity in some of their buildings. storytellers wander the countryside telling tales of the old world in return for some hot stew or a place to rest for the night, and the mythos of the new world start to incorporate elements of the past. the only thing that remains constant is that humans survive, and they do it by working together.


Day 5: Last Match

This week would not be complete without some angst~ ( u w u ) Takes place after Fukurodani loses their final game of the season.

(Disclaimer: I have not read / am not currently reading the manga.)



heeey i’m really glad ya’ll like the fantasy au so here’s more solid designs

i’ve been thinking about the story (if you have any cool ideas let me know)
The all live in a gigantic kingdom, Michael and Jack are Lords (lord of the lads and lord of the gents) Michael’s a rowdy boi while Jack is loved by all. Jeremy is a hunter/mercenary and sometimes teams up with Ryan (also a mercenary) and is also a friend of Michael. While Ryan is known by Jack he’s not really close to anyone and thereby not entirely trusted (like a cryptic legend w his precise murders). Geoff’s like a bard/traveler who’s just out around making friends telling stories and always welcome in Jack’s home and also familiar with the lads (his weapon is the blowgun) Gavin is Michael’s personal loyal archer with an incredible sight (slow-mo sniper) and also a friend of the other lads and Geoff.

i haven’t figured out their adventure (the plot) yet other than 1 person will know of the legend and have to convince the others to join them on the quest and then during it their teamwork is gonna be tested for better or worse