art working


*heart eyes* uh oh.

so Giancarlo, who works on svtfoe also worked on green lantern. And THIS character’s design caught my attention for some obvious reasons..(I wonder what lol).

amami’s real talent is actually the shsl tearista 

The one good thing about going through old art is finding old facecannon ideas that I abandoned for some reason??? So here’s an updated Tucker.


I didn’t have internet for a while, but I did draw a fair amount! Here’s a warmup I did before working on sweet elite stuff ( i can’t work too much on the current sweet elite stuff, as it’s really detail heavy and I have a tendency to rush that shit) in honor of the new eldarya ep and ep 7 finally coming out on english servers.

I will say this tho, I have never understood why mermaids are depicted with mammary glands (ie boobs) so I draw mermaids without them. That being said, I quite like the new eldarya mermaid and the skin we get in ep 7