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Hi friends! Guess what. Commissions are finally open!

I’m a currently unemployed recent college graduate who is in major need of some money. I’m not gonna go into detail about my full financial situation (though tbh it’s not great and probably won’t improve for a while), but the job market sucks and any help/support/purchases would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at if you’re interested in commissioning me!

Prices (all in USD):

  • Bust/Head & Shoulders:
    • Sketch w/ Flat Colors: $10
    • Colored Sketch & Shading: $15
    • Full Render (lineart + color+ shading): $20
      • Additional characters: +$5
  • Waist/Thighs & Up:
    • Sketch w/ Flat Colors: $20
    • Lineart w/ Flat Colors: $25
    • Lineart w/ Colors & Shading: $30
      • Additional characters: +$10
  • Fullbody (sketch):
    • B&W: $25 
    • w/ Flat Colors: $30
    • Colored w/ Shading: $40
  • Fullbody (lineart):
    • B&W: $40
    • w/ Flat Colors: $50
    • Colored w/ Shading: $60
      • Additional characters: +$10 each (for both sketch & lineart)

I will have 8 slots open to start, and I will only be accepting payment upfront through PayPal via an invoice that I will create after the commissioner’s approval of a thumbnail sketch.

Please check under the readmore for additional info, or email me if you have specific questions not answered in this post! Otherwise, please visit my art-only sideblog or my DeviantArt if you would like to see more examples of my work. Thanks!

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Ok so here is my first image of my process work! It’s a back hug, as requested;) sasuke is back/right and naruto is front/left. I think I finally started to capture some of sasuke’s face how I want to. I think it’s the nose. Naruto was a lot easier than sasuke at first but then I got annoyed at how bad sasuke was, started him over, and now see that naruto doesn’t look like naruto and needs a lot of work still to even vaguely resemble himself.
I spent half an hour on this bs

You know what really made me start questioning my sexuality?

Having the hardest time understanding the appeal of every male celebrity “hunk” in the world.

Like seriously, though. George Clooney? Meh. Chris Evans/Hemsworth/Pratt/Pine? Meh. Brad Pitt? Meh. 

I mean, the list goes on and on. I’d see all these girls cooing over pictures of these dudes and I just… thought they were pretty plain.

But, oh God. Actresses. Actresses were literal goddesses. 

Lupita Nyong’o. Ming-Na Wen. Rosario Dawson. Katie McGrath. Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Alison Sudol.

They’re all just… the most gorgeous works of art. Leagues ahead of any male hunk.

So. Yeah. Gay? Probably.

Miraculous Ladybug: Episode 25 Origins 


Jethro as a Companion

Ever since his first encounter with the Doctor, Jethro Cane has struggled to make amends with his conscience, too horrified at nearly being an accomplice to murder. As luck would have it, he manages to run into the Doctor a few years later. The Doctor is still grieving from the loss of Amy and Rory however, and wants nothing to do with him. Yet the universe has other plans, and the two find themselves traveling through time and space. Jethro views it as a chance to atone for his sin, making keeping the Doctor safe his only concern. 

It soon proves to be a far more difficult undertaking than imagined when Jethro catches the eye of one of the Doctor’s enemies. They see Jethro’s potential for what it’s worth and plan to exploit it, whether Jethro is aware of it or not. 

Had this idea bouncing around in my head for a while now, and I’ve finally worked out the kinks and a majority of the series! Yes this will be a fanfiction, so stay tuned! 

None of the photos are mine, I’ve only altered them. Mainly the first photo and then the top left which I must say I’m immensely proud of. Click on the photos to get a peek into the “episode” names and little hints!


  • answer inbox   (priority!)
  • i think the newest trend is soundtrack/wordless music for your ap so i’m gonna update that lmao
  • finish mun icons
  • begin to process of adding FRISK from undertale to my muses
  • do at least 5 replies.

Refs for Grant and Hecktor, my new boys!! Sorry for my bad handwtiting btw.

Also sorry I’ve been kinda busy, hoping to make a lot of progress on shit though!

Everything he says is wrong


Actually Varrick is mostly not wrong but I’m reading Progmanx’s work Repairs, Retrofits and Upgrades and this happened. So I drew it