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In the Gleam of Diya’s ….The Indian Festive mood !! Deepavali :The festival of lighting up the dark and a symbolic win of good over evil..
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Why can’t I reach up and simply touch the sky? Tell me, why can’t I spread my arms and fly and fly and fly?


On one side, Epic Sans fans are crying and making sad montages to their memelord and one true saiyan.

On the other side, fans continue on in self denial that he’s not gone, nope nu uh, he’s still there, see that speck of dust, he’s right thereeeeeee.

And then there’s me going “dude what if he like, used his spoopy ghost powers to like possess cute girls and run around and stuff.”

… All in all, I’m very sorry @yugogeer12, but I ain’t sorry for this.