art with todd


Copic doodles of some ideas for my potential Batfam otome fangame I wanna create some times in the future. 

There would be three routes (Dick’s, Jason’s, and Tim’s) and a bonus yuri route with Batwoman/Kate Kane if the player completed all the endings (Happy End, Normal End, Bad End) for each of the Robins, and maybe some friendship routes with Cass and Damian, but who knows. 
Once I graduate from college, I may consider making this fangame, but I could use some help with the story, script, beta, etc if anyone’s interested.   

Would you wanna play an otome game featuring the boys (and woman) of the Bat Family?


Todd: I don’t know how we’re gonna catch this guy. Like, not without one of us going undercover as a prostitute.

Dirk and Jake: Fiiiiiiiine, I’ll do it.

Todd: nO.

Dirk and Jake: Why, what’s wrong with my body?

Ink/Dirktober day 18- yes, I AM working on writing this crossover at the moment. But the plot ran away from me and I’ve been procrastinating on more bitesized things. For now, have this- and apologies for my inability to draw mah boy Jake Peralta right <3