art with todd


Guess who watched Saloonatics for the twenty-millionth time?

My hand slipped

EDIT: I apologize for the misspelling of “descansco” (I wrote “descano”) in the 5th drawing! I was so tired when I drew these and careless mistakes were made. It’s too late to fix on the actual drawing, but I’ll do my best to fix my mistake here in the captions.

 Sorry, guys, and thank you for calling attention to my error! :P


Listen to the city on the other side of the walls. The cars racing to places people don’t want to go. The ambulances racing from horror to hope. Listen to the people shouting and laughing and loving and fighting and giving birth and taking lives. Listen for the heartbeat among the chaos of Gotham City… like I did when I was a kid and slept on the sidewalk on more than one night. There is a world out there in this one city. Can you hear it?