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“My granddaughter, Tally, she’s not like girls her age. She’s…well, let’s just say this is the only place she could find help for her ‘special condition’.”

My Teen Titan OC, Tally’s first meeting with the Titans. Her grandmother, Gloria, notices her powers manifesting to the point where she can’t control them so not wanting higher ups to treat Tal as a science experiment, She goes to the Titans, asking them if they could train her to control her powers. 

juuzous13donuts  asked:

Congrats on 300!!! You've come so far, and there are so many more of us now. I'm glad your art is getting a little of the recognition it deserves! 😘Could you draw a Bokuto and Yachi hug?? I feel like they would be the cutest friends and I would love to see them together in your style!

i dont even know what to say. you’re just, far too sweet. much more than i deserve. ily so much. 

anyway, this request has cleansed my soul

Day 10. cuddling on a cold day

Alrighty but Kirie’s such a huge cuddly cat even when it’s not cold, can you imagine how she gets when it IS?
She just loves to curl around people for warmth (or to get them warm tbh, she’s really fluffy like a huge birb/furry kitty) and Bucky’s the closest target, he doesn’t complain about it though, his doppelganger girlfriend IS comfortable to lay on when it’s freezing outside