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Voltron circus Au anyone? I love old timey circus stuff so I got to thinking about it…

Shiro is a one armed juggler
Lance is, of course, an aerial dancer or trapeze artist
Keith is a trick knife thrower
Pidge is a rope, ribbon, and whip performer
Hunk is their strong man and regularly lifts all the others in each other’s acts
Non pictured, Allura is Lance’s trapeze partner, and also does stunts, including feats of strength and flexibility, and Keith’s knife target
Coran is the ringmaster.

Also a reminder that my commissions are OPEN. You can email me at for a quote :D

Sketch Dump, Klance Edition

I’m going to try to do more of these, and get past the feeling that I can’t post anything that isn’t finished art… and then I never finish anything… wish me luck! 

These are from the past month or so. I really like Keith and Lance, and their dynamic, I hope they become better friends in canon. In fanon, they should kiss, but I’m fine if it doesn’t happen for realz. 

Also, a trans!keith appears! I really like this headcanon.

Also bonus WIP :)

Shiny alternative 

I am playing the game at the moment and i am loving how unique this one is. its so much fun and its a super nice change to the usual recipe of the pokemon games.

I personally chose popplio as my pokemon starter. His name is capella.

✔️ Two New Members were added to your Party!

Thinking seriously about these guys means new ocs are gonna come out now and again - meet Isa (left) and Ana (right)! In fantasy clothing just because haha

🌼🌷🌼🏵️ 🌸 FAT CORGI AESTHETIC  🌸🏵️🌼🌷🌼

Commission for Naughtybutt of his very thicc corgi fursona chillin’ in a vaporwave dreamland~

Damn right I do. And I’m tired of all the Sasuke jokes for Noctis please. Yes, the same hairstyle but get over it already, they’re different.


#Pokedexxy Days 1-6
Bunch of pokemon from my sketchbook. I wanted to do this challenge for a while, but i didn’t have a lotta time!! Unfortunately this challenge overlaps finals and holidays, so I didn’t get to do one a day like I had hoped. But that’s ok!! I’m still gonna try and finish it anyways, even though december is looong over. 

what she says: i love freeze your brain

what she means: If you look at Freeze Your Brain at face value, you could easily interperet it as simply about JD’s fixation on 7/11 and his issues oversharing. But it’s really more about a place that feels normal and familiar and safe in a frightening and new situation. It’s easy to overlook this, as a lot of the song is made to be comedic. Take the lines “When mom was alive/we lived halfway normal./Now it’s just me and my dad,/we’re less formal” for example. During the musical, it’s easy to focus more on Veronica freaking out than on JD’s words and their meaning. This is done intentionally, as if to show that JD hides how hurt he is about his mother’s death with other emotions, as many people do. Towards the end, it is shown that JD uses slushies to control a possible self-harm habit and self-destructive thoughts, and that’s when the gravity of the song hits you. Despite sounding light-hearted, Freeze Your Brain is about a teenager trying to hold onto the one place that makes him feel safe and happy no matter where he is. If you consider the possibility that his mother introduced him to 7/11, it’s also about trying to recapture childhood emotions, despite the fact that so many things have changed.