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Wow- Allison Schulnik is amazing. Love the interview, love the work. Stop motion beautifully decaying away. Whew!


These pics don’t really do the opening night for Pantlers and Pelts justice ‘cuz I was only able to crack shots off between running out for more beer- Rosslanders love a party, and we didn’t disappoint. These shots are from when the crowd started to ebb around 11:30, but prior to the place was jam-packed. Sold 4 of my smaller pieces,while everyone else with work up saw a steady stream of cashola, too.

Equation for the evening: 1 sweet venue (Rossland Art Gallery) two kegs, 150 cans of beer, 23 bottles of wine, and sushi by The Mountain Chef equals a helluva night and some great exposure for local and further-afield art-friends!