art trade fail

Besides the whole thing of “CUPHEAD IS RACIST BECAUSE SOME CARTOONS IN THE 1920S WERE RACIST!!!!!” being such an insanely disrespectful reach and swipe towards people that were very careful and went through great pains to avoid having racist caricatures in their game….

It’s so obviously, painfully, transparently motivated by envy and rage.

They’re envious and frustrated that Cuphead, a passion project by a team of over 20 people and the brainchild of two brothers with a lot of love for an art form, expressed in another artform, was a success. While awful and pretentious walking sims, awful games about falling in love in MMOs or about the travails of a lesbian potato farmer in Chile or some shit flounder. The Art ™ games failed, but Cuphead was a success. It broke Platinum! Over a million copies! Thus it must not be Real Art ™ according to these types.

It’s also a reflection of game journalists rage of them being absolutely stompingly mad that this said success of the game contradicts their claims that Cuphead Is Too Hard. It contradicts this specific narrative they tried to spin, like previously happened with them regarding Mass Effect 3′s ending being nothing to complain about, Bioshock Infinite Being A Smart Game For Smart Gamers, or DmC Being Good/Fans Complaining Too Much. This is them being mad that they’re not the gaming Tastemakers they think so highly of themselves as. So they’re trying to change the discourse of a great game into something else that’s complete bullshit.

Cuphead being “too hard” is absolute total bunk.

Cuphead being racist is also absolute false bullshit. Don’t fall for it.

Lost Photographs - Lily & James’ Wedding

“Remus, you and sirius look like the real happy couple here. All my love, Lily x”

An art trade between albinpenguins in which I was requested to draw some wolfstar (which I must admit I had to look up), so here they are at the wedding of Lily and James. 

//SO I finally got this done. This is my part of the art trade with @ask-the-failed-american and their huge dork of a muse. I love him so much it was an honor to draw for you ahhhhhhh

Also I’m really proud with how this turned out. I’m normally pretty bad with human figures but I managed not to make his entire upper half a giant box and for the first time I actually shades the clothes and it looks nice??? And ye

Sorry this is so late ^^’

Pretty sure that person I art traded with isn’t planning on ever finishing their side of it. 

I’m not going to ask for it either because really, who wants to hear lame excuses? 

In other news, I watched Hunger Games: Catching Fire tonight. This being Malaysia, innocent kisses were shoddily censored out (some were apparently deemed fine by the censor board while others during dramatic moments were not?) However, I greatly enjoyed it. Can’t wait for Mockingjay Part 1 and 2. I was too caught up in uni to read the novels when everyone else had, but I sort of sorely wish I had now.