My portion of the art trade for: @gowithoutsleep who had requested for some fluffy honeymustard.

Stretch and Red had been chillin’ and watchin’ some Napstaton, but after a while of lying down… Stretch’s little grump decided to pass out within his boyfriend’s arms. Cuz why the hell not? ♡

My part of a design trade with @ask-doctor-dimension They wanted a survival outfit for a pony who was thought dead as well as some sort of weapon. I made them two, a crossbow (sorry for only drawing the bolts I’m terrible at weapons) and an old machete blade that they attached to a stick to make a longer weapon with more ability to block attacks. Then they have a heavy coat, foot wrappings bc they might have to walk a lot and even a horse would get sore feet eventually. Then a hood, goggles and scarf to protect their face from harsh weather. Hope you like it! Feel free to change whatever you like!

Art Trade | Joel and Fahren

My part of another art trade with my dear @noire73! I’m always happy that she lets me draw her cool characters and that she makes mine in her own amazing style!

So this is Joel, with Fahren the Pansear, characters for her Nuzlocke Challenge Comic :) it’s a really good read with awesome drawings! So you should all go check it out!

She’s gonna be making my Nytro for me and I’m really excited about it!! I still have a lot of YTGHC sheets pending, but I wanted to have this done by today because I’m probably gonna be absent all week starting tomorrow (or at least not as active). Anywho! I really hope you like it! I had a lot of fun making it. I kinda based it off the whole idea of “strike a pose!” from one of the pages, I totally pictured him making a very exaggerated pose with a smug look on his face! :b

Art Trade for @theponymod (mod of @asklittlebat ). She said she needed vamps, and a bit of a poseur at that, so boom!
Name: Magnus Von Meinster (he added the von himself)
Age: 392
Personality: Simply put, he’s an asshole. Snobbish, elitist, dandy-esque fellow who has no hesitation doling out the tough work to others. Narcissistic to a fault, has a penchant for velvet lined cloaks, capes, and bathtowels. Charming, but in a weaselly sort of way. Does well at white collar events, occasionally sticking on ‘Baron’ as a title.