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so changed my url again, i used to be mor-iarty but ive moved away from the sherlock fandom so i changed it to nancyweelr but i always felt like this was a place holder until i found a more suitable url i can relate to so now ive changed it to indistoker after india stoker from the film stoker, this film is one of my all time favs and means a lot so im glad i got this url, i know some people might not like it but in the end of the day its my blog and ive i feel like ive changed a lot and im not the same person i was, this might mean losing some followers who followed me for what i used to post but its time for me to grow and move forward and i hope whoever sticks around can appreciate that
Aquaman Concept Art Teases Ancient King, Atlanteans On Sharks
The Warner Bros. panel at CinemaCon promised to be electrifying, and the studio hasn't disappointed...

After a the DC logo appeared on the screen, Jason Momoa took the stage and said, “I’m here for Justice League which is kind of the greatest movie in the world. I’m leaving literally tonight to go to Australia to shoot Aquaman. I have an amazing James Wan, who I’m excited to get down there be with him.”

Wan put together some concepts for the film to share with the crowd. The first shot showed underwater crafts, surrounded by fish.

“It’s not until the ships get so close to you that you realize they’re not ships at all. It’s a human riding a shark or some octopus creature,“ Wan said.

Atlanteans riding sharks are shown in concept art. Next, Atlantis is picutred with a huge bridge and gates with golden statues flashes by.

Wan stated, "In a lot of ways, this is an origin story, so I want the audience to experience Atlantis the first time Aquaman experiences it as well.”


csssa16 final film after 8 months of not being able to upload it lol