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I just want to tell you how much I adore your art. Facial expressions, fluidity, fashion, everything. Literally did not just glance at a single one of your drawings, I always take the time to look at them thoroughly. You make me feel bad for studying French for nine years and learning absolutely nothing. Never stop drawing, Kisu, you're amazingly talented. Cheers.

I wish you could have seen my reaction when I read your message because I looked absolutely ridiculous and happy. Your words go straight to my heart. 

This is lovely. 

You’re lovely and I love this message.

You know, sometimes I feel a little down but these kind of messages never fail to put a smile on my face. So thank you.

About the french part, the only reason why I can communicate in french is because I’m french and believe me, we all weep over our language now and then because of how stupid and complicated it is HAHAHA 

Come spend some time with us! There’s nothing better if you want to learn a language (I promise we don’t bite. Unless you want us to.)

current wishes:

1. wish I brought a stylus on this trip
2. wish i had more time to make a better drawing
3. wish the wifi was working last night so i could’ve gotten this up earlier
4. wish i could express how grateful i am to be one of the 15 million whose lives were changed by @therealjacksepticeye

whether it was by keeping me company, teaching me something new, or reminding me to be selfless, loving, hard working, and positive, jack has done so many things for me and for millions of other people, and i thank you so, so much

Please for God’s sake draw more chubby girls. Draw chubby girls being epic. Draw chubby girls being queens. Draw romantic chubby girls. Draw chubby girls having fun. Draw chubby girls exercising and looking damn good. Romanticize chubby girls. Cast chubby girls more often. Give chubby girls romantic lead roles. Let chubby girls look strong af. Let chubby girls look soft af. Draw chubby girls. Sing about chubby girls. Dance with chubby girls. Give us more powerful and strong lead females that are also chubby. Draw chubby girls being super hot. Draw chubby girls being super nice. Draw chubby girls being seen as the most beautiful people to any protagonist. Draw different body types of chubby girls. Make them look as beautiful as possible. And one more thing

Stop. Giving. Chubby girls. Thigh gaps. In art. In stories. In anything.

Some chubby girls do. Most don’t.

Just give me so much more beautiful chubby girl art. Because as a chubby girl, I wish I could feel like all the things written above more often.


This is the story of two wizards who get high AF and then make out.

Ok, ok, the backstory behind this scene is this: Snape made the youth potion for Dumbledore for the first time, and young Albus of course dragged him to Hogsmeade where they spent the day doing whatever young adult wizards do in their spare time. When they get back to Hogwarts rain catches up on them (because Hollywood) and this happens.

I had too little time to draw the whole thing. Also drawing comics makes me nervous. I wish I could spend 5 hours and a half in each panel. I CAN SEE ALL THE MISTAKES *shivers*


I did this before my exams started so I could upload it today. And about not making anything for you. I lied. Sorry. I wanted to make a surprise. I hope you like it!

You mean so much to me, and I’m sooo glad I met you. You were the first friend I ever made here, and I’m happy that we still are. You’re more than a friend to me. You’re part of my family. My lovely and adorable Big Sister!

I hope you have a lovely day sweetie!

Love you ~


I need to post art more often….but school has been keeping me busy lately, fuwah \(;´□`)/

Aaaaah, BOTW has me full of feels and by feels I mean Zelink feels. I wish there was more pretty illustrations I could look at of them  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) but I guess everyone is busy playing the game. (●´艸`) Oh well, if I want to see more Zelink fanart, guess I gatta push myself to make some.

Art by me ( @wondyworld )

**Please do not repost. Reblogs and Likes are appreciated~!

Don’t know how much I can draw right now

For the past few days my grandmother has been in huge amounts of pain and I’ve been helping her get out of bed, moving around the house, etc.

We’re trying to get doctors appointments and hospital visits arranged. I could go into more detail, but I don’t think a public blog is the most appropriate place to share these details. She’s just in a lot of pain, and even sitting down in a chair was a huge ten minute long ordeal for her.

I’m gonna be paying a lot of attention to her today, and maybe even for longer after today. 

I just wanted to tell you guys that I might not be able to draw much because of the amount of attention I’m gonna be paying to my grandmother. Not to mention I’m just… incredibly worried for her myself. I wish I could just make her pain go away, I can’t even imagine how horrible this must be for her.

So yeah, again. Mainly saying this for people that are looking forward to me streaming: I probably won’t be able to stream for a few days now. I hope everyone can understand that I won’t be streaming or posting art very much for a while. Not that I’ve been particularly productive lately anyway. I’ve been in a pretty bad slump for a month or two now, so I apologize for that as well.

I just… yeah, there you go, there’s an update. I’m gonna trying my hardest to help everyone with everything and I’ll probably have to open up commissions soon to help pay for medical bills. Just a heads up of what’s going on in my life right now, since it’s kinda’ relevent to my art output and when commissions might be open. Sorry to bother everyone.

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I'm just urged to see Sam with a sunflower crown made by the farmer, because Sam is our little sunshine <3

Did you guys miss me? I know I wouldn’t have. I’m not even going to make excuses. I’ve been in an art slump, and I have been trying to find the drive to draw again. I’ve been a bit unhappy with the art that I have been producing and I’ve been mulling over why that could be. But, I can’t fix the problem if I don’t draw so I’m slowly going to start sketching again. I’ve pinpointed part of my problem with my line art. I can’t seem to get the quality of lines that I wish to have. So I’ll be messing with my pens for the next while. 

Thanks for sticking around, and I hope to start producing art on a regular basis again!

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shape of you (daddy issues ch. 4)

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naomi and isaac get cozy in his bed. naomi asks isaac to draw her like one of his french girls.

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hi julia i really love your artwork and animatics!! your animatics are so funny and beautifully made and they always make me laugh ;u; thank you so so so much for existing jdjsjjsjjdjsjsjjsjdjsj ilysm!! I wish i had your art skills, you're a huge inspiration to me and i hope to be like you one day! also i was hoping you could draw a quick sketch of john laurens and his turtle ^^' ily again! [hello from Massachusetts :)]

aaa thank u sm for this lovely ask!

this was suprisingly relaxing to draw

Funko Mystery Minis are super cute and I decided I’d draw a bunch of art in that style. Here’s Robin and Regina from Once Upon a Time and now I really wish Funko could do OUAT couples Mystery Minis like this, Regina/Robin, Emma/Hook, Snow/Charming, Rumple/Belle, can you imagine ? So cute.

Of course Regina and Robin are touching foreheads because they make me melt when they do that <3


🎉2015 re-draws + A thank you for 6000 followers!🎉

Someone wanted me to re-draw an artwork from 2015 so that they can see the improvements!Thought I decided to draw 2 of them instead!

I also thought it would be a good opportunity to make it a thank you project for 6000 followers!So again,thank you so much for the great support and I wish I could hug you all!I freaking love you guys!
I am also planning a bigger re-draw from 2015 but that’s for when I’ll be able to hit 10K hahah (One can only dream such as I)

1.) Your art is so cute *^*. I really like it. And about requests. Could you draw Tom and Tord with switched hoodies?
Asked by; @lostcreatorwhatneverawake
2.) TomTord napping please?
Asked by; @findingwhattosay
1.) Thank you so much ^_^ And yes, here you go.
2.) Your wish is my command.
So I decided to mix these two because I saw the perfect opportunity to make something… I donno. Like this.

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If you have time, do you think you can make a tutorial on how you color non-chibi art? (e.g comics, full-body) Your style is so beautiful the drawings stuck in my heart for days and I wish I could draw just a little as wonderfully as you too ;;;w;;;

Aw anon, thank you so much for your kind words - I’m honored to hear such praise /// I’m terrible with tutorials, but I can try my hand at a little walkthrough on my art process! (Comic coloring is a whole other ordeal so you might want to ask me that again at a later time - I do those differently from my regular art :’D)

Say hi to my HP OC Gina… ↓

5) eyes!

(let’s also get rid of that grey BG now!)

Sorry it’s a bit crude, but hope it helps somewhat!! Thank you again, and don’t worry about your art - just keep on drawing what you love and try out new things, and you’ll find yourself where you want to be in no time! <3

Hello! My name is Robin, and I draw a lot. I’ve been drawing Touhou illustrations and comics for over a year now, and I’ve gotten a lot of support for what I’ve done. I decided to make a ko-fi account if you wish to kick me a few dollars!

By no means are you required to donate to me. All of my art will still be posted here without any sort of fee. This isn’t Patreon or anything. This is just an option if you want to throw me a few bucks to show your support! It also gives me more of an incentive to draw specific things if I know people enjoy them, which is why I ask you to specify what drives you to donate if you so choose!

If you could do me a solid and reblog this post, I would be much appreciated. Thank you so much for your support!


I finally got my proper art signed by Graham, Adam and Dean *cries* Last time I met Adam and Graham I only had my sketchbook for getting signed, but I was able to get a print for myself and a little copy for them too. And I keep going back for Jed each year because I just like showing him what I’ve drawn since I last saw him tbh XD

-Adam is such a sweet little bean, every time anyone shows him fan art of Ori he looks so happy. We chatted about his dog and the upcoming marathon for a bit. And he filmed me and @heartoferebor​ in our Dwarf cosplays! I exist on his phone now and it’s like !!!!!??!! 

-Graham is just lovely, I’m always slightly intimidated by his status as an actor but he’s so kind and gentle around fans, and seemed really happy at Tufty-Dwalin. Dean wandered over to Graham’s table while the print was being signed and asked me in his relaxed Dean manner “oh that’s cool, did you do this?” and Graham said something about it being really lovely and his face lit up when he got his own copy (I think he called me darling but the general emotions of the day made my memory fuzzy).

-Dean is so chill, I sort of panicked and ran off after giving him his copy of Fíli because I didn’t know how to start a conversation (*cue regrets that will keep me awake at night*), but he seemed really happy when he got his own print. He recognised that I’d drawn it in Photoshop and said he was glad I found Fíli so inspiring.

-I wish I could have a small pocket!Jed for general encouragement because he’s just so kind and full of energy. He remembered my art from last year and said I have a very distinctive way of drawing Nori; hearing that was so uplifting for me. And he asked if I was doing illustration professionally and that I should make an art shop, sweet man.

Agh such nice people, I still can’t believe it.