tavros week day 5: god tier :’’o

well, GCAT TIER… this is Very Furry but i always digged the idea of gcatav reaching the tigers…… he would be so powerful, green sun powers n all.. sorry not really giving off the Bad Ass first guardian vibes in this drawing i literally just scribbled down something and because i am that kinda person he ended up in this ridiculous desu uguu pose. and yeah also pink. and glittery. but thats just how i roll i guess u just gotta accept it

i like to imagine his allergies being cured upon reaching godhood like maybe that isnt realistic at all BUT… pls let me have this.. let a kid dream………


well!! since all my mutuals are amazing here is some gift art of 2 rly cool people!!

@ultimategamer @witchychihiro ur both rly cool and i admire u!! youre awesome and amazing and i rly hope this doesnt make u uncomfy in any way aaaahh just tell me if so and i can take this down if u want!