art supplies are 2 expensive

theeverlastingrandom-deactivate  asked:

I am going to begin my college journey this fall with a major in Intended Art-Graphic Design. I'm excited, but I'm freaking out a little for three reasons: (1) What should I do the summer before school starts? (2) Are the supplies for college art classes as expensive as I've heard some people say and (3) My tablet just decided to be stupid so now I have to make graphic art the long, boring, hard way. If you had any advice for a soon to be college student, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

If you’re looking for tips regarding art majors specifically, I cannot help you — I study mathematics and economics :P

I may have some more general tips that you may or may not find useful. People are different, and these are just the things I’ve found to work for me:

  • Getting up very early in the morning; for a couple of weeks I experimented with a sleep pattern that had me out of bed by 4:30 am, giving me plenty of time to get up, get ready, maybe even go for a run before uni — this not only geared me better for the 8 am lectures, it also made me feel better about myself in general (NB: going to bed early in the evening is required for this to work)
  • Separating your home and your workplace; when studying at home, I often found myself having a hard time concentrating, so whenever possible I’d be at the institute, and it’d net a higher level of productivity
  • Doing physical exercise regularly; go to the gym, go running, etc. I use running as an escape from stress build-up; a brief moment in which I focus only on my breath, pace, and cadence, and my study related problems are gone. It can help resetting your mind and help you tackle a problem with a fresh perspective (and it’s good for your physical health)
  • Studying together; find a group of people to review problems/homework/previous assignments with, because even if you can figure everything out on your own, just talking out loud about it can help tremenduously when it comes to anchoring your knowledge or pinpointing what you need to review more — especially when studying for exams
  • Get some sleep; you are not going to remember anything you read during an all-nighter, so you might as well just rest up instead