(had to make a new giveaway post because I wanted to add new prizes and photos of them all! don’t worry anyone who reblogged the old post, i’ll still count those entries!)

doing a giveaway of some nice stuff to celebrate 1k followers!! thankyou all <3

the winner will receive:

- a drawing by me- could be anything you want! (you get to keep the original piece, i will mail it to you)

-a free copy of my #savdrawme zine!

- a piece of custom shrinkie jewellery (could be earrings, necklace, choker etc) examples 1 | 2 

- a hand-bound sketchbook/journal made by me! examples: 1 | 2

- other stuff! (see first photo) - pack of 20 staedtler triplus fineliners, selection of cute badges, turquoise A6 leuchtturm journal, gold ink pad, cute ruler, 2 x copics, 4 x promarkers, 2 x faber castell pens, edding blue textile marker, 2 x eraser ‘pens’, pack of lined journalling cards, butterfly scissors, aubergine/eggplant pen, reeves A5 spiral bound sketchbook, derwent academy watercolour pencils.

- a cute little letter from me and probably a few other nice things that i’ll add when i mail the prizes out c:


-must be following me! (i post lots of art and nice stuff!!)

- reblog this post, likes don’t count

- don’t tag it ‘giveaway’ (cos tumblr deletes it!!)

- no giveaway blogs! if you delete caption from pics you’ll be disqualified!!

- reblog as many times as u want!

- have your ask box open so i can contact u if u win!!

winner will chosen randomly, and will be announced on 21st August (my birthday!!) good luck<3

ENDED NOW! Thanks to everyone who entered :)



SO I signed up for Artsnacks a while ago because fuck it, I got some money now, and this was the August box. I only just got around do scanning in my first attempt at using the materials within. The scan and the photo don’t really capture how shiny/pearly the acrylic ink is, but I still like the result.

And the brushpen, OH MAN THE BRUSHPEN. It is lovely, it is everything that every other brushpen I’ve had has utterly failed to be. We’re gonna be friends for a long time, I think.

I cheated in two tiny ways–I used a pencil(not provided) to do a basic sketch first, and I used my own canvas paper pad rather than the tiny sketchbook provided, because on testing, the sketchbook’s paper does not stand up to the acrylic ink very well.

Oh well!

Looking forward to the September box. :3


Everyone knows that Unicorns make rainbows, but it’s not always easy to find a unicorn on short notice. Instructables user Antzy Carmasaic created an awesome paint roller that can paint vibrant 10-color rainbows, which is a huge timesaver when unicorns are scarce. It’s called the Rainbow Roller and Carmasaic created a handy Instructables tutorial to enable anyone else to assemble their very own rainbow-maker.

“One day while just surfing around on the internet, I came across the nyan cat GIF leaving a trail of rainbow in its wake. That got me thinking about how to do the same in the real world. After a bit of trial and experimentation with different types of sponges and paints, I managed to create the rainbow roller as I had imagined it.”

[via Incredible Things and Bored Panda]

Ah. THAT’s a big question. I use a lot of things, BUT I am going to assume you are referring to the things I’ve been using in my most recent posts. So below is sort of all the things I’ve been using the most recently:

I super like a dark and thin pencil line when I sketch (not a big fan of inking over my penciling), so I use the 2B grade 0.3 pencil lead in combo with an Pilot AirBlanc 0.3 Mechanical Pencil

For erasing I use my grand eraser trio!  A Uni Boxy Eraser, the best eraser EVER I buys these in bulk I definitely recommend getting one. And two Tombow Mono Zero Erasers, one in a 2.3 mm circle and one in 2.5x5 mm rectangle. I use these for the nitty gritty deets and erasing guidelines without ruining the pencilling.

I love coloring with watercolors and my fave set which has lasted me a good 2 years is the 24 Color Palette Sakura Koi Watercolor Field Box Set. I’ve tried Winsor and Newton’s but they’re so expensive for such a limited palette. W&N’s Cotman Sketcher’s pocket box set of 12 colors doesnt even come with black, BLACK. what. hell. On Amazon it’s like $17, while the Sakura Koi 24 set is about $21. TWICE the colors for $4 more, and the Koi comes with a removable palette and two sponges. >:l ‘Course if you like W&N, that’s cool, I just prefer Koi a milllion times better.

As for what I use to color, I have quite a bit. I have my Kuretake Waterbrush Arsenal! and my most recent purchase, the Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brushes

Kuretake is great because it comes in a lot of sizes. I have the Small (green cap), Medium (*blue cap), Large (*red cap), Flat (purple cap), Zig H2O Broad (indigo cap) and Zig H2O Detailer (yellow cap) (??? this one is a recent buy it seems just like the reg Small brush to me tho).

*quick not though I switched the medium and large caps. the colors just make more sense this way to me lol

Then we have my Pentel brushes, which just come (from what I know) in Small, Medium, and Large. I’ve been using these the most. I bought these like three months ago so I could try them out, and honestly, they’re AWESOME. They all have fine points that have kept really well so far, so they are great for deets yo. 

Finally, the sketchbook. It’s not a drawing utensil, yea, but I’m really picky when it comes to paper to draw on, so I consider it just as important! I have a lot of sketchbooks but very few with paper that take watercolor very well. But when I came to San Francisco I finally got to go to a Blick’s! (they don’t have them where I’m from sad face :( ) and I took a chance with this little thing I saw that’s actually meant to be a travel diary or journal or something. It’s Semikolon’s Petite Voyage Linen Travel Diary and it is honestly, thee. THEE. BEST SKETCHBOOK IVE EVER HAD. and here’s why;

  1. It has a light tint on the paper that is easy on the eyes.
  2. It comes with a wittle pencil; easy access drawing utensil, and when that’s finished just put in another pencil or pen in the pencil loop!
  3. Has a pocket within the back cover
  4. Has an elastic band to keep closed
  5. Has a sturdy linen bound book cover
  6. Comes with two bookmark ribbons
  7. Has 304 pages to rawr on! (152 sheets)
  8. Comes in a small size (that’s easy to carry around and put in your purse or a big pocket, really great for observation rawring!
  9. Comes in, literally, all the colors of the friggin Rainbow! I bought another Ciel blue along with four others to make a nice CMYK color scheme. 
  10. and best part; the thin paper takes watercolor EXTREMELY WELL. like so well it should be illegal. it-it’s so beautiful Q^Q

But some people may find them kind of kind of pricey (like $16 at Blick’s) but it’s WORTH it. I can’t find them on Blick’s online store at all! And they’re a little more expensive on Amazon cuz it’s a European brand. If I like something, I buy it in BULK. Too many times my favorite brands of art stuffs they stop producing :( so i went all out with these, especially since they’re imported. 

(and just a quick peek into my pencil cases for things I use on and off)

SO yea, these are all the things I’ve been using in my most recent posts. Sorry this was so loonnngggg it turned into more of a review and personal recomendations post, more so than I had intended lol but im giving my honest opinion in case anybody is looking into trying some new art stuffsz! hope it kind of helps!

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