Hey, friends!

It’s Meg and I’m so happy to be back! Special thanks to Paul for giving us two wonderful tutorials!

Today we’re going to have a little conversation about the dreaded ‘art style’ everyone seems to be in search of! As I was writing this I realized much of it is what I wish I could tell younger me, so excuse me if it gets a lil’ sappy!

As always,if you have any recommendations for tutorials send them in to this blog or my personal blog. Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next Tuesday!


finding an art style isnt about finding a set of appealing symbols and never deviating, it’s about learning new symbols all the time! that’s not always easy, but it’s impossible to learn to draw without doing this. that’s why having an art style is nothing to worry about: focus on building your vocabulary of symbols, so that when you want to try something new, the information is there for you! your art style always exists, because it’s composed of everything you already know!

Style challenge of a few of my favorite artists! @sadfishkid@coconutmilkyway@upthehillart​ thank you so much for all the effort you put in keeping these characters alive (go follow them now! their art is 100000x better than what I did)

wip i think, i didn’t get enough time to try more styles but i really really want to


Long post of sketches from tonight’s stream. Felt like drawing a style guide in response to the positive response to my recent GOTG sketches. I am still developing my style, and it changes constantly, like month to month, but here are some elements that are consistent in my style. Enjoy!

guide belongs to http://sketchinfun.tumblr.com/