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Rejected from society due to a relapse in alcoholism, Lieutenant Killian Jones wants nothing more than to be worthy of his brother and captain’s approval. After falling into his shameful darkness, he gains a companion who too lives without a home and approval of others, and finds the light his life was denied.

I live in a continuous bubble of Killian Jones being a dog person, and when Colin confirmed it a few weeks ago, I had to paint something. The inspiration for the dog was Buckley. He’s the pirate dog Colin said he was xD 

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Concepts of Umio. Belongs to Mairi.  

Here some concepts I’ve made for Umio, the main character of my short-movie. It’s a friend of mine, svndvn, who found the name for him (in japanese, the word 海 pronounced umi, means sea). I wanted him to be an adventurous and independent kid, having to adapt in a dangerous world where lands keep disappearing under water. But as I worked on the storyboard, a melancholic aspect of the character, reflecting on what he had lost, showed up. He’s more like a child who had to grow too fast for his own good. I wish I had more time to design his bandana-fish but I was alone on that project, so I had to make choices more quickly. <3

Alrighty!! As prompted in this post I got these started on the 3.5-4 hour drive to Vegas from the Grand Canyon uhhhhh Monday? Worked on them a bit at the airport and now I’m home!

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While I was visiting @mercurialmind, we cooked up this funny little headcanon about Shae, Dorian and some failed shapeshifting.

Short version: Shapeshifting is not a school of magic Shae is familiar with, but he’s ever so curious and wants to learn basically everything he can about magic. So he tracks down some knowledge on this said type of magic and tries it out. Problem is, he tries it out way too soon and can’t turn back. So then Dorian is tasked with helping him find out how to get back into his own form. 

(Spoilers: He will eventually turn back.)